10 habits every mature man should’ve outgrown by now

Are you dating a guy and wondering if he’s truly mature? 

It’s often tough to spot maturity, especially when attraction and emotions cloud your judgment! 

Don’t worry, in this article, I’ll be uncovering 10 habits every mature man should’ve long abandoned. If your guy checks off most of these, you may have found yourself a responsible adult to start a life with…

Let’s delve in:

1) Irresponsible spending 

One of the first habits that every mature man should leave in the past is spending above his means. 

Let’s face it – adulting is hard, and building a life isn’t cheap

That’s why mature men make sure they:

  • Budget properly 
  • Avoid getting into debt 
  • Buy only what they can afford 

Ultimately, if you’re considering whether a guy is mature or not, look at his financial habits. 

This will tell you a lot about whether he’s ready to settle down and start building his future, or if he’s still in party mode and living paycheck to paycheck! 

2) Poor time management 

And just as a mature man knows the importance of keeping his money, he also knows that being on time and punctual is essential.

He respects his time and therefore he respects the time of others! 

But it’s not just at work that he shows up on time – in his personal life when dating or hanging out with friends, he never leaves anyone waiting around for him.

3) Neglecting health 

Many men sacrifice their health early on when partying and playing play station for 10 hours straight takes priority…but a mature man knows it’s all about balance

That’s why he makes sure to:

  • Eat healthy, get enough sleep, and keep hydrated 
  • Exercise and stretch regularly 
  • Invest in his emotional and mental well-being 

Let’s be honest, when you’re dating someone, you want them to be able to look after themselves. 

This shows they know what’s important in life and that they value themselves and their health, as well as yours! 

4) Impulsive decision making 

An immature man makes decisions on a whim. He might buy things because they look good, without thinking about the practicality (or whether he can actually afford it). 

He might end a relationship as quickly as he started it, just because he’s not thinking his decisions through. 

A mature man, on the other hand, will think carefully before committing to anything. 


Because he has goals. He has a vision for his future. 

He is serious about making intentional choices that’ll benefit his life. If you’ve found someone who falls into this category, you’ve found a mature man who’s outgrown the bad habit of impulsive decision-making!  

5) Poor communication

I remember meeting a guy in my mid-20s – he was a few years older. 

Although he seemed like a great guy, he was incredibly defensive. It became impossible to hold a normal adult conversation, let alone deal with conflict. 

Unfortunately, I had to resign him to the immature box. 

You see, a mature man will at some point realize that his communication techniques are harming his relationships. 

As they grow and progress through life, they’ll stop blaming everyone else and start reflecting on their own behavior and actions. 

That’s why dating a mature man is so much easier – no more stonewalling, gaslighting, defensiveness, or abusive language! 

6) Unresolved anger and resentment 

And following on from the previous point, when a mature man does start his inner work, he takes the time to resolve his past wounds. 

He outgrows the habit of using his history to excuse his bad behavior today. 

Whereas an immature man will constantly play the victim. He won’t hold himself accountable. He’ll refuse to acknowledge how his actions harm others. 

Now, I’m not saying this is an easy habit to leave in the past. My own partner (who I consider to be mature) is still working through his childhood traumas. 

But that’s the key – he’s working through it. 

So, if your man is trying, that’s a great start. Maturity isn’t a final destination, it’s a journey. 

7) Disrespecting boundaries 

Now, another habit every mature man should’ve outgrown by now is constantly crossing people’s personal boundaries. 

Let’s say you’ve asked your date to avoid calling you while you work as it’s a distraction and you prefer to speak during your break or after work. 

If he keeps calling and texting, despite your polite requests, it’s a sign he’s not respecting your boundaries. In other words, he’s immature. 

He may react defensively or even mock you for it. 

But a mature man will understand without being told twice. In fact, he’ll probably have his own healthy boundaries in place too! 

8) Avoiding responsibility 

 A major part of growing up and maturing is about taking responsibility for yourself. Your car breaks down? Don’t call daddy, go to the mechanics and get it fixed!

You lost your job because you were constantly late? Learn from it and do better in your next place of employment. 

But a mature guy wouldn’t need to be told this. 

He’s already well aware of his responsibilities, whether it’s at work, in his personal life, or in his relationships. 

And what’s more so is that he’s ready to step up to the plate, no matter how difficult it might be. 

This is how you know you’ve met a mature man who’s outgrown his bad habits! 

9) Excessive partying 

Hey, I’m not saying that mature men can’t get down and party hard. Everyone has the right to have fun. 

But the difference is a mature man knows when to stop and get back to real life. He won’t let partying affect his work or relationships. 

And he respects his body enough to avoid excessive binge drinking and taking drugs. 

An immature man, in comparison, still won’t know his own limits. He’ll be the type that you’ll have to carry home in a hot mess. 

It’s not attractive, and it’s not fun! 

And it’s certainly not a promising sign of someone you’d consider buying a house with or starting a family…

10) Wasting time on social media 

And finally, a mature man will have grown out of being obsessed with his phone. 

He won’t be scrolling on social media while you’re trying to have a romantic dinner. 

He won’t be up at 3 am DMing other girls while you’re asleep. 

The truth is, a mature guy knows that while social media can be useful for something, it doesn’t replace real life! 

He wants to build something real and concrete. That’s why he invests in himself and his relationships. You’ll never have to glare at him while he’s distracted by his phone. 

You’ll never have to question who he’s speaking to or why he’s being so shady about his Instagram account. 

That, ladies, is a sign of a man who has outgrown his bad habits and is ready to take on adult life

Kiran Athar

Kiran is a freelance writer with a degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys exploring spirituality, psychology, and love in her writing. As she continues blazing ahead on her journey of self-discovery, she hopes to help her readers do the same. She thrives on building a sense of community and bridging the gaps between people. You can reach out to Kiran on Twitter: @KiranAthar1

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