12 ways to know if a guy likes you after a one-night stand

I’ve had my fair share of one-night stands.

Some led to dating. Others led to nothing. But every single one was confusing.

“Did he genuinely like me? Or did he just want to have a one-night stand?”

I asked that exact question nearly every single time. I kid you not (unless they were a creep and I didn’t want to see them again!)

While early on, I struggled to figure out which men were only in it for a one-night stand and which men were serious, I eventually got a lot better at it.

Because the truth is this:

While most guys won’t verbally express their emotions and feelings, they will show you how they feel through their actions and body language.

So to help you determine whether it was more than just a one-night stand to him too, here are 12 ways he might show you that he’s caught feelings.

Follow these signs, and you’ll avoid a lot of embarrassment.

1. He Calls You the Next Day

Let’s be clear:

One-night stands have a clear end-point; they only last for one night.

While it might still be a little disappointing when the guy doesn’t contact you in the morning, it can almost be expected at this point.

What is unexpected, however, is when he does contact you the next day.

While a simple “Last night was fun” text might have been enough, if he goes out of his way to call you, that might already be a sign that he sees you as more than just a random person.

This is the most important sign I’ve encountered. Every guy I’ve slept with that called or texted me the next day wanted to go on a date with me later in the week.

It’s not rocket science.

After all:

Guys don’t usually call the people they had one-night stands with unless they’re interested in something more.

So if he calls you the next day, that’s almost guaranteed he’s attracted to you and wants to see you again.

2. He Surprises You with Breakfast

Most guys won’t do this, so I wouldn’t expect it, but if he surprises you with breakfast, then this guy for sure has the genuine hots for you.

I ended up having a one-year-long relationship with the last guy that did this for me.

It’s not hard to see why.

Usually, the person you had slept with the previous night might excuse themselves and leave before you wake up.

That way, you don’t have to have those slightly awkward morning chats where you’re both sober and realize what you had just done.

But if you wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs, that’s a completely different story.

It might not just be in the movies.

If some guy wakes you up with breakfast in bed, that’s already a big sign that he likes you more than you expected.

If you still doubt that he likes you, ask yourself this:

What kind of guy would go out of his way to stay, go through your kitchen, and cook the both of you some breakfast?

Trust me when I say:

There are not many like that out there.

3. He Takes You to His Place

I’ve found this to be a pretty reliable sign that a guy is serious.

After all, when you’re out drinking and he says, “Let’s get out of here”, you expect him to take you to some hotel room or he might even ask if you want to go to your place.

Doing this allows him to sneak away in the morning without a trace.

But if this guy took you to his place, that’s definitely a positive sign that he is more serious about you.


Because it might mean that he wants to see you in the morning.

He might want to give you a goodbye kiss before you leave or even prepare some food for himself and you before you go.

4. He Adds You on Social Media

If he didn’t want to see you again, there’s probably little chance he would add you on social media.

Guys usually want to limit or even avoid communication with the people they’ve had one-night stands with.

They weren’t looking for anything other than some passionate company anyway, so why would they bother keeping in touch with them?

But if this guy has asked for your social media details, then this one might be different.

He might even add you as a friend or follow you later on.

Even if it is a few days later, I still see it as a good sign that you stood out to him enough, and he wants you part of his life – albeit digitally.

If he weren’t interested in you, he wouldn’t be bothered finding and interacting with you on social media.

5. He Asks You Out on a Date

Well, this is a pretty clear sign, isn’t it?

But the truth is, not many guys will ask you out directly, but they might do it subtly.

What do I mean?

He could say something about how he’d like to let you try out the food at his favorite restaurant because he thinks you might like it.

That might have just been his subtle way of asking you on a date.

He wouldn’t ask you out for lunch or dinner if he didn’t want to get to know you more; there’s something about you that made him want to see you again.

While he might not directly come out and say it, if he mentions something in passing, and then adds on your social media or messages you, then you can bet that he is probably going to ask you in a message later on.

6. He Wants to Get to Know You

I’ve had my fair share of guys who barely asked me a single question about myself the morning after.

Those guys never contacted me again, too.

But if this guy wants to know what you do, why you chose that job, what your biggest dreams are, what you like, and what you dislike, then he’s definitely into you.

This isn’t the kind of banter between people who may not see each other again.

7. The Conversation is Easy

While the both of you might have been a little tipsy to have a coherent conversation, your sober morning selves can.

And if you both get along well, there is probably something.

If I have a rapport with a guy the following day, I will likely see him again.


Because rapport doesn’t happen often.

It doesn’t mean he wants a relationship, but he will probably ask me out on a casual date or hang out.

8. He Cuddles You

While you’re both waking up in bed, he might surprise you: he snuggles up close to you.

This is a great sign!

This kind of wholesome intimacy isn’t usually something that guys looking for just sex do.

Why would he want to hold you close to him if he plans on leaving you anyway?

It’s almost romantic how he does it, too, combing your hair with his fingers, caressing you.

He may not say it, but his actions may be saying that, “Hey, I think I like this person.”

9. He Becomes a Gentleman

While he might have played the chivalry card to get you in bed with him the previous night, in the morning, if you see that it’s actually the way he acts, that’s a good sign.

Gentlemen don’t usually have one-night stands.

What are signs that this guy is a gentleman?

When you get up in the morning, he prepares food and fixes all your clothes and items.

When you walk into his kitchen, he stands up to welcome you.

Then he pulls out the chair for you to sit. Then he opens the door for you before you go.

Seeing him so chivalrous might have caught you off-guard, but it could mean he really does respect you.

10. He’s Suddenly Clumsy Around You

If a guy genuinely likes you (and he’s not a smooth talker), then he will probably be nervous around you.

So in the morning, when you wake up, if he suddenly seems frazzled, that’s a good sign he likes you.

For instance:

You might see him as shy and reserved. He drops his phone and laughs awkwardly when you both talk.

Then he looks panicky and begins to clean up the things that might seem embarrassing.

You think this is an odd change in behavior but it just might be his sober self realizing that he doesn’t want to mess it up with the attractive person that he had just slept with.

While some guys want to keep their cool and appear confident, he can’t help it.

If he didn’t care for you, he wouldn’t mind if you saw his pile of dirty laundry or how messy his work desk was.

11. He Makes Time to See You

This is a great sign, especially if he does it surprisingly!

For instance:

You might be going about your routines a few days after your encounter until suddenly something surprises you.

He shows up at your office surprising you with a gift of your favorite snack that you mentioned to him in passing.

You didn’t think he caught it, nor did you think that it was important info he needed to know.

It might even shock you.

He actually went out of his way to: make a mental note of your favorite snack, go out and find it, buy it, then go all the way to your office to give it to you in person?

He wouldn’t put this kind of effort if he weren’t at least interested in you.

This can be more subtle as well.

For example, he might message you and invite you to meet at your favorite bar, or even ask you on a date.

He might even invite you for dinner, or at least be willing to see you again without a direct invitation.

I’m no Einstein, but a guy that wants to see you after a one-night stand wants something more than just a one-night stand.

He wants to know the real woman behind the person he slept with one night.

12. He Tells You

If he asking you out on a date, talking to you, and listening to what you have to say isn’t clear enough for you, this might be the kicker.

You might be on your second or even third date at this point, with your suspicion already high.

Then he tells you point-blank that he does have feelings for you.

Can’t get any clearer than that.

What to Do Next

Once you’ve told each other that you have mutual feelings, there is also the concern of where to take your new “relationship”, if you’re even ready to call it that.

So what are you now?

Do you plan on being friends with benefits?

Or giving it a real shot at something more serious?

These are all important things that shouldn’t be left to hints.

Now is your chance to talk to him about it as openly and honestly as you can.

I highly recommend you check out our article on 12 ways to make a man chase you after you slept with him. 

If you really want to see this guy again and you want to take action now, that article will have lots of practical tips for you.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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