19 reasons to trust your gut feeling you’re meant to be with someone

You have this strong strong intuitive feeling about someone and you’re wondering if your gut feeling is correct.

So is it rational to trust your gut when your intuition is rarely wrong?

It’s time to discover whether you can trust your gut instincts especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

What you’ll know might even surprise you!

19 reasons to trust your gut feeling when it comes to relationships

We’ve all experienced meeting someone – and our gut tells us that this is the person we’re destined to be with.

This is true in the early stages of a relationship as we rely on our intuition to see the signs whether we’ve found “The One” or not.

Our intuition is making us feel or think a certain way about someone. For when we’re unsure about something, our gut feeling works to guide us.

1) You have this sense of knowing that feels different

What you feel is too different from what you normally feel about others.

If your gut feeling has worked for you and has proven true most of the time, then you may as well keep trusting it again.

Our gut feelings are real – and can help us navigate through relationships. It’s the one guiding us from wrong partners and towards real love.

If you feel good being with someone for no clear reason, there’s a good chance it’s intuition.

But if you can feel that their intentions aren’t what they claim or appear to be, it could be that your emotion is ruling over you.

2) Signs and synchronicities are everywhere

While seeing signs and experiencing synchronicities aren’t gut feelings, their presence can confirm whether what you’ve been feeling is intuition or not.

For instance, you came across someone and you can sense that you’re meant to be with this person. It gives you a feeling of deja vu.

Even without asking, the Universe is sending signs your way. For instance, you keep seeing repeated digits everywhere or you unexpectedly keep bumping into each other.

This chance encounter leaves you with an inner sense of recognition.

And these signify love moments and breakthroughs – which can confirm your intuition.

3) You can feel that this person fancies you

Even when something doesn’t seem to add up, you can sense that this person likes you.

While this person could be hiding his feelings for you or doesn’t show any signs that they like you, there’s this sense of knowing that they do.

Trust what your intuition is telling you.

And you can prove that it’s true when you pay attention to their body language:

  • His smile doesn’t go away when talking to you
  • He glances away with a smile when you try to make direct eye contact
  • He’s mirroring your body language and slang
  • He’s fixing his clothes and hair when you’re around
  • He’s leaning in when talking to you

4) Trusting your gut feelings lead you in a clear direction

Your intuition is that little voice in your head telling you what’s going on or what you should be doing. As it’s often based on your experience, it’s one that you can rely on.

As your gut feeling is part of this, it becomes an important part of the decision-making process.

So if you have this strong feeling you’re meant to be with this person, then listen to your gut instinct as it could be giving you clues already.

Your gut feelings are a reliable way to help you make and back up the decisions about your relationships.

5) It’s the ultimate act of trusting yourself

Your gut feeling is so personal that no one else can control it or weigh in to tell you what to do with it.

You alone have to make the call to get in touch with and trust your gut instinct.

This gut instinct gives you an immediate understanding of something that’s happening in your life. You never have to get another opinion or think it over.

Your gut feeling arises within you. It’s like a trusted friend and a gift that you can give yourself. Believe that your gut will help you avoid toxic people and unhealthy relationships.

And trusting your gut feeling means staying true and believing in yourself. It’s about acknowledging that it will direct you towards the best path.

6) Your instincts haven’t let you down

Think back to all the times that your instinct has told you something, but you choose to ignore it.

The little voice inside you seems to scream, “that’s what I’m telling you,” as you watch things unravel right before your eyes.

If you’ve experienced a couple of those “Aha” moments in the past, then it’s a clear sign that your gut instinct is right. And it’s giving you deep clarity on most situations you’re into.

It’s time that you pay attention and listen to that voice inside you. Bring it upfront to guide you through this important situation.

If you have this gut feeling that someone likes you, that’s probably spot on! Trust yourself for it won’t fail you.

7) You have a deep knowing

You know what feels right for you and you know it right from the beginning.

Sometimes, you don’t need to search for answers to completely understand the situation. In most instances, your gut feeling will give us a pretty good idea about what to do.

You must learn to acknowledge and understand the messages your gut feelings are sending your way.

Here are key signs:

  • You don’t have to question because you trust and have faith in your inner voice
  • You get that instinctive hit about the person or the situation

Most couples who knew that their partners are “The One” they’re meant to be with tend to say:

  • “I just knew he’s the person I’m destined to be with”
  • “Everything feels right on the first date.”
  • “I never question anything or seek answers.”

So when you have this feeling, “I’m sure this is the one,” then trust that it’s true.

8) It lets you experience life deeply

When you use your gut instincts to make important decisions in your life and relationships, it can give you the fulfillment you desire.

You won’t worry about making the wrong choice. And it can lead to fully satisfying decisions.

If everything feels good and healthy – and it doesn’t feel like you’re forcing it, then trusting your intuition is one of the best things you can do.

Judith Orloff, Ph.D., a Los-Angeles based intuitive psychiatrist shares,

“It allows you to connect with people on a heart level, it allows you to deeply experience life instead of just letting it wash over you, and it allows you to be really smart about how you make your decisions.”

9) It’s signaling you the good stuff

When your gut instinct feels something’s not right, your body gives you signs as well. You just have to take time to know what your body is trying to tell you.

Watch how your body reacts. Your body will experience these when it’s sending good stuff your way:

  • You’ll feel as if you’ve already met and known that person before
  • You can relax and breathe easily – you’re free from anxiety or panic attack
  • You allow the person to enter your personal space
  • Your mind is calm as you feel comfortable around him
  • There’s a warmth feeling spreads around your chest and heart area

Listening to your instinct saves you from a lot of heartaches.

You’ll be able to make better, smarter choices when it comes to who you will date and who you choose to spend your life with.

10) It guides you on what is truly best for you

Throughout your life, people around you keep on giving you advice and ideas about what’s best for you. While most come with their good intentions, some contain deceitful, harmful, selfish intent.

This time, set aside all those external opinions no matter how good they seem to be.

It’s best to listen to what your gut feeling is telling you.

So if you have this gut feeling for someone, you’re probably right. Take the leap of faith as it knows what’s best for you.

11) You keep dreaming about this person

You find yourself having vivid dreams about this person every night.

Dreaming about someone repeatedly means several things. These dreams represent the deep emotions and energies in our minds and hearts.

It can bear one of these meanings:

  • You have a deep affection towards this person
  • You’re avoiding deciding to develop a relationship
  • There’s something you desire, hope, or fear

It’s your subconscious way of telling you which path to take and what to pursue. It’s letting you know that you have to decide what to do with your situation.

Take this as a definite sign that this person is feeling something for you – and your intuition is spot on.

12) It brings peace, calmness, and true happiness

Your gut feeling knows that when you’re with “The One,” everything becomes fairly easy.

You’re comfortable being with this person. You feel at home and can be yourself.

When in a relationship, one must understand and respect each other’s viewpoints and perceptions.

If this person brings you a sense of calmness, peace, comfort, safety, and genuine happiness, that’s a great reason to trust your gut instinct.

13) It’s hard to shake the feelings off

No matter what you do and even if you tend to ignore it, you can’t shake off your gut feelings.

You even tried to find reasons that those gut instincts are something else.

But, it remains that way.

Feelings and emotions change, however, intuition remains the same and doesn’t change even after a long period.

You can try to check if what you feel is gut feeling by asking yourself these questions:

  • What has this person done to give me this gut instinct?
  • Why do I feel this way about this person?
  • Are there past beliefs or experiences I’m basing these feelings with?

If your intuition stays put, it’s one of the biggest signs that you should put trust in it. And if your gut feelings are correct, you won’t be able to get rid of them.

14) This person mirrors you

Pay attention to how this person acts when around you as it will tell a lot about what’s thinking and feeling.

If he unconsciously imitates your actions or voice tone, then it’s safe to say your intuition is correct. It’s a sign that the feelings are there and he’s interested in you.

For instance, try to check your watch, touch your knees, or scratch your arms – and if the other person does the same thing then he’s trying to get in sync with you.

It’s amazing how your gut feeling can notice these small things without you even realizing it.

15) This person is making you laugh

Someone who likes you is going to make an effort to see you smile and make you happy.

He may not be a comedian, but he wants to make you laugh all the time. And when you share a light joke, he even laughs his heart out.

See, he’s going out of his way so you’ll feel good spending time with him and about yourself.

He cares too much about you and he desires to make you feel special.

It’s in the lightest situation that you can trust your intuition as it’s leading your heart in the right direction. It’s spot on that this guy doesn’t just like you – but he’s also worth holding onto.

16) Everyone in your life wants to meet this person

What our family and friends think of our partner has a huge influence on how our relationships will turn on.

As our family and friends have this huge impact on our life, it’s normal to want to have their support in this budding romance.

If most of your loved ones approve of and are rooting for this special someone before you even formally introduce him, then your gut feeling is spot on.

Social compatibility is vital in a relationship. No matter how much you love each other, if you don’t get along with each other’s family members and friends – problems could arise down the line.

But when everyone around you is giving the thumbs up, it’s an indicator that you should trust your gut feeling.

The sign is clear that you’re highly likely you’ve met the love of your life – and you’re meant to spend your life together.

17) You deserve to feel great

Getting nervous to start a relationship is completely normal and normal.

You deserve someone who won’t make you feel like you have to question, “Is this love?” or “Are we destined to be together?”

Here’s the thing.

No matter how many times you’ve been hurt in the past, the right person won’t make you question. It’s because you know you can trust this person – and he’s showing you that you can trust him too.

Your gut won’t make you overthink, worry, or doubt things that could potentially work out. It’s just giving you a warning of some sort. Just be careful and don’t invest too easily.

And if you have a gut feeling about someone, it’s pretty spot-on – as you deserve to feel amazing.

18) You feel connected in most ways

When you feel in sync with someone, you’re fully safe and present with that person.

There seems to be a special connection that you’re not sharing with anybody else. And when you feel connected, that’s where you’ll feel respected, heard, valued, and cherished.

Even without any effort, you can sense that both your hearts and minds share this beautiful bond.

Being in sync looks like this:

  • You click right off the bat
  • You can almost finish each other’s sentences
  • You feel good together – and even silence is golden
  • You mirror each other’s postures and gestures

Trust is the cornerstone of every healthy and successful relationship. And with this person, you know that you have each other’s back.

19) You find yourself smiling all the time

It could be that your heart can feel that something beautiful is about to happen. Even if you have no clue about what will happen, you never worry at all.

There’s this profound sense of calmness, anticipation, and excitement.

Take this as a clear sign that your gut feeling and the universe is guiding you towards this person.

Just thinking about this person and being with him feels so addictive. There are no doubts or questions whatsoever.

And this person soothes your soul and ignites that love within you.

Most of all, there’s mutual understanding between you. Even if you haven’t confessed your love for each other, you can feel that this one is true.

Is it best to trust your gut feeling?

Trusting your instincts is just the first step of the process – and what you will choose to do next will be entirely up to you.

Even if you’re not aware of it, your gut feeling is based on your experiences. While it’s not always a good idea to trust it blindly, ignoring or distrusting your gut feeling is irrational either.

Your gut feeling deserves consideration – and it’s an option to choose from.

As you pay attention, you can get a clear idea of how it’s panning out in the changing circumstances.

Here’s the thing.

It’s best to trust your instinct before taking any drastic measures, especially when you aren’t sure of what to do.

By listening to your gut and intuition, you’ll be able to distinguish what’s real and what isn’t.

And you can tell when your gut feeling should be trusted – and that’s when you’ll feel best equipped to act on them.

Though baffling and mysterious, your intuitions are your north star and guiding light – one that will lead you in the right direction.

It reveals uncomfortable truths, secures your heart, warns you, and prepares you for what’s ahead.

When you get that gut feeling you’re meant to be with someone, trust it. There’s a big chance your gut instinct is right.

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