11 traits of a good-hearted woman that we can all learn from

Having a good heart doesn’t always have to be about making others feel good about themselves.

A good-hearted woman is more than the emotional crutch of her partner or the rant-listener to her friends.

She’s still her own person and has every right to say No to your invitations if she so feels like it.

She’s deeply in touch with herself.

She can gracefully walk the line between being nice and too nice; standing up for herself doesn’t interfere with her ability to form long-lasting relationships.

If you meet a good-hearted woman, don’t take her for granted; she can be your role model for living a more personally fulfilling life.

So here are 11 signs to help you spot when a woman has a good heart.

1. She Doesn’t Ask For Much

She isn’t one for extravagant gifts or dinners at fancy restaurants.

While these may be nice things to have and experience, it’s not what a good-hearted woman looks for when connecting with someone.

Material gifts and fancy restaurants don’t last.

If you really want to connect with a good-hearted woman, what she’s most likely to be looking for is a meaningful conversation.

She appreciates the effort more than what it may turn out to be.

Listening to her life story and sharing yours to her means more than any special trip that money can buy.

An extravagant gift is nothing compared to a handmade gift.

Anyone can pay to eat at fancy restaurants, but sharing a home-cooked meal together is priceless.

2. She Overcame Hardships In Her Life

Accepting and moving on from a painful heartbreak forges a stronger and kinder heart.

It’s an indelible lesson that often is something of a turning point in someone’s life.

They recover and come out new, changed, and reborn in a way.

Although they’ve grown and accepted their past, there’s still something within them that keeps them sensitive to the feelings of others.

A woman with a good heart usually wasn’t born that way.

More often than not, a good-hearted woman has gone through pivotal struggles and hardships in her life.

She’s chosen to become stronger despite what she’s been through and be there for others when she can sense that they’re going through their own hardships.

3. She Doesn’t Look For Rewards Or Recognition

There’s a tendency for people to do nice things because they expect something in return, be it monetary compensation or favor they’ll ask for in the future.

This behavior has become so common that it’s out of the ordinary when someone does something good because it’s good, not for any reward or recognition.

But that’s what good-hearted women do.

When they feel compelled to volunteer to help their colleague out with a project or they do a favor for their friend, they do it because they genuinely want to help out.

They aren’t concerned with the praises; they’re more concerned about the well-being of others.

4. She Has Self-Respect And Knows Her Worth

In pursuing her dreams and ambitions, she isn’t one to settle.

She knows what’s best for her and isn’t hard on herself when things don’t go according to plan.

When she makes a mistake, she doesn’t get too discouraged.

She believes she’s still worthy of love and her goals, and does what she can to improve.

She takes responsibility for her actions and her life to achieve her fullest potential.

She doesn’t compare herself to others as well; she doesn’t feel the need to.

Instead, she strives to improve herself every day, even in small iterations.

She doesn’t get discouraged. Every day for her is a chance to be better than yesterday.

5. She’s Honest In Her Words And Actions

A good-hearted woman doesn’t try to be someone that she’s not.

She isn’t going to change her personality just to fit in with others; she’s unapologetic about being herself.

In knowing herself, she’s also developed a thicker skin to handle the harsh truths of her life and the whatever criticisms others may have of her.

If she isn’t good at something, she isn’t going to force herself to pursue it just because it’s a career with high salaries.

Her honesty is also the foundation of all her relationships; she’s authentically herself with other people.

If she has a problem with her friend, she isn’t going to gossip and rant about it to her other friends — she’s going to talk to who she has a problem with and face the issue head-on.

She doesn’t try to hide anything from her friends, which makes her even more trustworthy.

6. She Is Consistently Trustworthy

A good-hearted woman knows when to decline favors and promises she knows she can’t keep.

But when she does accept and makes a promise, she’ll follow through with it every time.

She sticks by her word and honors her commitments.

You can always count on her, making her a loyal friend and a loyal partner.

She’s also accountable for her own actions and words.

When someone calls her out for being offensive or speaking out of turn, she’ll take full responsibility for it.

When she apologizes, it’s accompanied by a change in behavior to let you know that she meant what she said.

Her authenticity lends her to be trustworthy.

7. She’s Decisive

When presented with a decision, most people tend to hesitate and even be paralyzed.

One of the reasons for this is that they don’t know themselves well enough to choose the option that’s best for them.

They often find themselves spiraling at the crossroads of decisions as small as what to eat for dinner, to something as significant as what career to pursue.

A woman with a good heart knows herself well enough to be decisive. She doesn’t do half-measures.

So she thinks through her options and sticks by her choice with full enthusiasm and no regrets.

She’s confident that if her decision does turn out to be a mistake, she’ll figure out a way to improve her situation — instead of complaining and doing nothing.

8. She’s Supportive

When we’re feeling down and discouraged, we often look for someone to help us get out of our emotional rut.

We look for someone to lean on, and to listen to our pains.

Non-supportive people might simply brush off our problems and say “You’re just being dramatic!” without listening to what we have to say.

But not a good-hearted woman.

A good-hearted woman is there with you.

She empathizes and feels your pain. When we tell her our troubles, she doesn’t quickly give any unsolicited advice, nor is she simply waiting for her turn to share her opinion.

She listens earnestly.

And when we feel better, she’ll always be there for words of encouragement or even honest and respectful feedback.

9. She Loves Despite, Not Because

When people say they love someone, there are usually a multitude of reasons behind it.

Maybe it’s because of the way that their partner makes them feel, or because of how attractive they are.

Loving someone because of what they have is easy, but loving someone despite their flaws?

Now that takes some time and effort.

When a good-hearted woman loves someone, it’s because she’s able to see past that person’s flaws.

Since she’s independent herself, she isn’t looking for someone to make her feel whole.

She’s learned her lesson in a previous heartbreak.

Instead, what she looks for are people who are authentic.

Those individuals have the courage to be vulnerable and show who they really are.

10. She Makes You Want To Be Better

When we’re with a good-hearted woman, it might make us question how good-hearted we are in our own lives.

She doesn’t intend for others to feel intimidated by her.

On the contrary, she might hope to inspire others to act kindly and be good to others as well.

Her gestures and behavior show you that anyone can develop a good heart too.

When she sees that we’re trying to improve ourselves, she isn’t one to judge us.

Instead, she gives you words of encouragement and shares with you how she’s able to overcome her bad habits and forgive her previous self.

11. She Leaves A Mark On You

When she’s away, you can’t help but feel like she’s there with you somehow.

The next time someone on the street asks for alms, you’ll remember her and ask yourself “What would she do in a situation like this?”

When you’re feeling disheartened by your job or saddened by an event, you’ll recall how she rose above her challenges and overcame them with confidence and courage.

The impact of a good-hearted woman on your life can be significant.

She can change the way that you view the world around you and even yourself.

If you’ve spent enough time with her, she can teach you the values of self-love, kindness, honesty, and forgiveness.

Because of the lessons and wisdom that you can learn from her, a good-hearted woman is someone that you wouldn’t want to take for granted in your life.

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