25 first date ideas that will break the ice and ignite the fun

When it comes to dating, the idea of trying to come up with the perfect first date is pretty daunting, even to the most seasoned dater.

The truth is that the “first date” is already pretty special and a lot of effort doesn’t have to go into making it a rockstar experience.

The first date is about getting to know one another and that is pretty difficult if you are at a movie theatre staring at a screen. It can be socially awkward.

So why then, does the first-date movie experience still rank so high on the dating to-do list?

Because it is easy. It requires little effort and it seems to be the socially acceptable thing to do.

But this is 2018 people! Let’s shake things up a bit.

Plus, have you seen the cost of movies lately? Wowzers.

Who can even afford two movie tickets, large popcorn and two drinks?

Why not try something a little more fun, easier, and affordable.

Here are 25 first date ideas that won’t break the bank, your conversation, or ability to make a good first impression.

1) Bike rides are best.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air. Ride alongside one another on a popular trail and get to know each other.

2) Board games bring out your competitive side.

Who doesn’t love board games? They are easy to find, can be played almost anywhere, and provide tons of entertainment value.

3) Karaoke anyone?

What might start out a little embarrassing at first will surely turn into a memorable night. Don’t forget the duet songs for some one-on-one time in a bar full of people.

4) Cook ‘til your heart’s content.

Skip the restaurant for dinner and cook a meal together. You chop the vegetables and they’ll prep the salad. It’s a great time to chat and learn about one another.

5) Become a beach bum and soak up the sun and sand.

Who doesn’t love a beach day? Pack a cooler with snacks and spend the day soaking up the sun. Conversation is easy when everyone is relaxed.

6) Dance it up in a class.

Sign up for a dance class and learn a few new moves. You’ll laugh and pick up a few pointers along the way.

7) Volunteer for a local organization together.

Looking for a really rewarding first date? Consider volunteering at a local youth club, or seniors’ home to make the most of your adventures together.

8) Take a bartending class.

Learn to make some fancy drinks and sample a few as well. Don’t just wait for the bartender to bring you a tall one, make one!

9) Take in some live, local music.

Indie bands are the best. Even the bad ones are still good for getting up there and making things happen. Take in a show and enjoy some great tunes.

10) Comedy creates a place to laugh – head to a local club!

Comedy clubs are a great chance to get to know someone’s laughable side. Go early to get in some talk time before the show starts.

11) Try a poetry reading.

Like something really different for a first date? Visit a local poetry den and listen to some local poets pour their heart into their words.

12) Play games at the arcade.

Not just for kids anymore, arcades are sophisticated entertainment establishments.

13) Throw a few balls at a bowling lane.

Everyone sucks at bowling so it’s easy to have fun with it. And who knows, you just might win.

14) Test your trivia knowledge at a local bar.

See what your date knows and have a little fun competition with some trivia at your local watering hole. Grab a drink and get your thinking cap on.

15) Walk around a museum and learn something new.

Museums aren’t the best place for conversation but they are beautiful and you can chat it up at lunch in the museum cafeteria afterwards.

16) Make your own pizza.

Come on, why haven’t you already thought of this one? Too easy. And delicious.

17) Visit a beer garden and enjoy a night under the stars.

Drinking beer at a beer garden is fun and social and takes the edge off with lots of people around.

18) Play pool at a local pool hall.

Like bowling, noone is really good at pool, so just have fun with it. Order up some pub food and crack open a cold one and get to know one another.

19) Stroll along a street fair.

Meat on a stick anyone? You’ll find that and much more at a street fair so put on your walking shoes and head on out for a fun night together.

20) Pack a picnic and take a walk in a park.

Parks are awesome and provide much more than just scenery. Many parks have public pools, walking trails, and more.

21) Ride the roller coasters at the amusement park.

Let your kid side out at the amusement park and have fun while you are at it! Grab some cotton candy, a hot dog and some fries and you are all set.

22) See a ballgame in the cheap seats.

Baseball is a favorite sport for many people, but even if you don’t like it, you can’t turn down a chance to sit in the sun and watch a good old fashioned game.

23) Meet up for a Sunday brunch.

Think outside the Friday-night date timeline and arrange a Sunday morning get together. Plus, you know, Mimosas.

24) Attend a paint night where you can make art and drink.

Paint nights have taken the country by storm. Book ahead of time, bring some wine and make some art together for a memorable experience.

25) Visit the animals at the zoo!

Awwww, animals? Of course this is a great date night idea! Go early to see the animals before the sun gets too high and they retire for an afternoon nap.

(If you’re looking for some fun questions to ask on your first date, ask these brilliant would you rather questions)

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Lachlan Brown

Written by Lachlan Brown

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