17 signs you have a fearless and unstoppable personality

Are you fearless and unstoppable?

If so, you’re going to have many of the personality traits below. 

Take a look and find out…

1) You have ambitious goals

The first of the important signs you have a fearless and unstoppable personality is that you have ambitious goals. 

Not only are your goals big, you also are actively taking steps to make them happen. 

If you want to buy land, you’re working hard and saving money, scouting land and talking to people who know about purchasing land. 

If you’re trying to start a company, you’re busy networking with others who might want to collaborate as well as finding out more about what the kind of company you are wanting to start involves financially and in every other way.

You have big goals and you never stop chasing them. 

2) You don’t let obstacles stop you

Obstacles inevitably emerge in your personal and professional life. 

But unlike the timid and scared, you see obstacles as nothing more than jumping practice. 

You respect when you come to a dead-end, but if somebody tells you a certain goal or ambition will be too hard you do not let that stop you. 

For example, if you want to run a marathon and most are telling you that very few manage to do that without highly specialized training, you nod and smile: then you go train like hell and run that marathon. 

3) You respond to failures by adjusting your plans in real-time

Another of the key signs you have a fearless and unstoppable personality is that you respond to failures in real-time. 

Instead of packing your bags and going home or sulking, you adjust what you’re doing immediately. 

If you find out you have a health problem you’re immediately reading up on dietary changes, lifestyle changes and medications that may help. 

You’re immediately texting and contacting friends who may be able to provide information or help as well. 

You’re adjusting your plans in real-time instead of wallowing in the confusion and distress. 

4) You’ve already won your greatest battles inside yourself

Another of the crucial signs you have a fearless and unstoppable personality is that you’ve already won your greatest battles internally. 

You have faced loneliness, rejection, self-doubt, self-hate, trauma, greed, jealousy and every other failing. 

You may not have overcome all of them but at the very least you’re definitely aware of your shortcomings and challenges. 

And this makes you formidable, because you have minimal blind spots and never over (or under) estimate yourself. 

5) You push your body and mind to the limit 

The next of the signs you have a fearless and unstoppable personality is that you push your body and mind to the limit. 

You never shrink away from challenging your body and you exercise regularly as well as engage in activities you love, whether that be mountain climbing, swimming or anything in between. 

Mentally you love to challenge yourself, learn new things and be exposed to ideas and perspectives that challenge you. 

6) You stand up to bullies without flinching

Another of the key signs you have a fearless and unstoppable personality is that you stand up to bullies without flinching. 

You’re not interested in you or those you love having to live in a world where ignorant and violent people set the rules. 

So you stand up to them and get in their face when necessary. 

Simple and bold. 

7) You have no need to be popular or externally validated

The next of the impressive signs you have a fearless and unstoppable personality is that you don’t crave external validation. 

You know what you are good at and what you still need to improve at. 

The popularity that comes your way doesn’t get to you, and your ego doesn’t feel the need to be lauded and seen by everyone else.

You do what is meaningful and right of your own accord, not because anybody else approves of it or likes it. 

Which brings me to the next point… 

8) You have no need for outer recognition or praise for your accomplishments

Outer praise and recognition tends to slide off you like water off a duck’s back. 

You don’t want awards, recognition, or to be employee of the month. 

You don’t need your wife or boyfriend to tell you you’re a great guy. 

You do what you do because it’s in your marrow and defines your values and objectives. 

If that’s recognized, you’re most likely to use any speeches or recognition to further positive causes you care about. 

You just don’t crave any stroking of your ego.

9) You help out others to succeed and don’t feel threatened by competition 

Another of the crucial signs you have a fearless and unstoppable personality is that you are more than willing to help others succeed

If you’re in the IT field and a young man or woman asks for your advice and help, you gladly give it. 

You don’t worry that helping them too much will eventually be competition for you. 

The more the merrier. Help and be helped. 

10) You put doing what’s right over personal gain if necessary

As a fearless and unstoppable person you have big goals, like I said at the beginning. 

But no matter how ambitious you are, you don’t allow that to override your values. 

Sometimes the right thing and the profitable thing are not the same.

You choose the right thing every time in such a case.

Which brings me to the next point…

11) You don’t bend your moral code, even if it’s tempting 

As a fearless and unstoppable person, you have a firm moral code that you don’t bend or break no matter what. 

If it’s profitable, if you’re tempted to cheat on your partner, if dishonesty could get you a long way…

You still won’t do it. 

Because you want to be able to look yourself in the eye and sleep well at night. 

And also because your moral code isn’t just a bunch of suggestions, it’s something you take very seriously. 

12) You focus on what’s in your control 

Many of us suffer enormously because of focusing on things out of our control. 

One of the top signs you have a fearless and unstoppable personality is that you focus on what’s in your control

You can’t stop yourself from dying one day: but you can eat right and get good exercise.

You can’t force your partner to stay if he or she wants to leave: but you can know that you’ve given your best in this relationship and treated them right. 

Focusing on what’s in your control is a major power move and every winner does it. 

13) You break up instead of leading anyone on

When it comes to romance you are clear about your intentions and you don’t lead anyone on. 

You face rejection head on, and you also let somebody know as soon as possible if you’re just not feeling it with them. 

Whereas others might lead someone on for months or years out of fear of hurting them, you’re up front about it. 

You’re brave enough to stay alone than to lie to someone you don’t really want to be with or stay together purely out of comfortability. 

You’re true to yourself and that makes you true to others as well, including those closest to you.

14) You take responsibility for what you do wrong

When you do something wrong you admit it. 

This takes courage. It’s so easy to play the victim or focus on the context of why you did something bad. 

But you don’t bother with that nonsense. 

You own up to what you did regardless of why you did it. 

And you also try to do what you can to repair the damage you caused… 

15) You try to make up for harm you’ve caused

Another of the signs you have a fearless and unstoppable personality is that you try to make up for wrongs you’ve done

If you were dishonest and cheated on your partner, you show them extra care and look after them in any way you can. 

If you had an issue with not paying back money you owed, you bring back everything you owed and pay extra interest on top. 

You do what’s right even if it’s hard. 

16) You assume leadership during crisis

When hard times hit, some people freeze, some run away and others step up and take charge. 

You are one of those who takes charge.

If you don’t know what to do, you do your best to find someone who does. 

Emergency and crisis doesn’t terrify you the same way it does to others. It just drives you to immediate decisive action to solve the problem. 

17) Your greatest fear is wasted potential 

Where others may fear failure or rejection, you fear wasted potential. 

Your truly daunting fear is that you will reach the end of your life and realize all the things you could have done but did not. 

You’re fine with failure, but what terrifies you is the thought of never even trying. 

Can’t stop me

Say this motto and let every word soak into you:

I am powerful. 

I am working towards my goals. 

I have deep value and love to give. 

I bring value and growth to every situation. 

I use failure as fuel and pain makes me grow.

You can’t stop me. 


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