16 extremely obvious signs that someone is falling in love with you

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People tell you that you’re blind—that someone’s OBVIOUSLY head over heels in love with you but you don’t sense it.

Well, it’s time to open your eyes and pay very close attention. 

Love might just be right under your nose and all you have to do is acknowledge it.

Here are 16 extremely obvious signs that someone is falling in love with you.

1) So many “accidental” encounters

You saw them at an art fair a week ago. Yesterday, they happened to buy coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

You thought it was just pure coincidence but then you bumped into them again at the park today…

Well, there’s no doubt about it—they’re definitely stalking you! 

They’ve probably paid attention to your whereabouts or even stalked your socials to get info.

Creepy or cute? It’s up to you. But one thing’s clear: They’re definitely falling in love with you.

2) So many stolen glances

You know that strange feeling when you know someone is staring at you? Well you feel that often when they’re around.

And the thing is, you’re usually right.

You look back or look to the side, and you catch them staring at you. Then of course, they’d pretend they’re just staring at something else. 

They probably don’t have the guts to get closer to you, so for now, they’re content with just looking at you from a distance.

3) They want to know everything about you

When you tell them something totally ordinary about your life like “Oh my weekend’s boring. I just watched a TV show.”

They’d ask “What TV show?”, and “Who were you with?”, “Did you prepare a good snack at least?”, and “What’s your idea of a good weekend then?”

Someone who’s falling in love with you is like an investigative journalist. 

They keep asking questions because they want to know every single thing about you.

4) Their face lights up when they see you

There’s no way for you to know for sure, but people have told you that they get perky and “full of life” the moment they see you.

It’s like everything is boring when you’re not around, and everything’s awesome the moment you’re there.

This is a clear sign someone is definitely in love: their beloved becomes their drug!

5) All of a sudden, they’ve become as shy as magnolias

They used to be chatty. You might even find them a bit annoying because they’re too confident—almost arrogant.

But now, they’re suddenly meek and quiet. They stutter, too!

Love can melt the knees of even the most articulate and most confident among us. So if they’re suddenly acting this way around you, then there’s no doubt about it—they’re falling for you.

6) They notice every little thing about you

You cut one inch of your hair? They notice it.

You’re a bit stressed? They can sense it.

They pay attention to the things that other people don’t even notice, and it’s actually effortless on their part.

Someone in love has the sharpest memory when it comes to their special person. 

Be careful of the things you tell them, and the things you do. You’re being mentally recorded by someone who’s in love with you!

7) They’re now your number one fan

Whenever you do something at school or at work—even if it’s something so simple and forgettable—they praise you like you deserve an Oscar nomination.

And when you feel unmotivated to work on your dreams, they go “But why?!? You’re really good at what you do!”

You’re suddenly the smartest and most talented person they know! 

The funny thing is that you know you’re just ordinary.

Well, that’s what love can do. You’re no longer just an ordinary person with ordinary talents, you’re the greatest in everything in the eyes of someone who loves you.

8) They want you to have a good time

Do you notice that they try their best to be fun and funny around you? Do they share their snacks with you? Do they invite you to do fun stuff? Do they send you memes?

What someone in love wants more than anything is to see their beloved smile and beam with happiness.

You might think “Bah, but they’re just being friendly.”

While possible, if they do it regularly and with more intensity each time, chances are that they are actually in love with you.

9) They now put effort into their appearance

You can see their transformation from head to foot like they just got a total makeover. And they’re probably wearing brand-new perfume now, too.

What makes this a giveaway is that they’re obviously trying to impress you. If they know your favorite color is red, for example, they’d wear red often.

And if you praised them once for the shoes they’re wearing, guess what? It’s now their favorite pair.

10) You now seem to have a lot of things in common

It wasn’t usually the case—in fact, they used to hate the things you like!—but now, you notice that you have a lot of things in common.

What happened?

Well, they have fallen in love, that’s what.

Someone in love would try to highlight the things you’ll have in common so you have more things to share.

They’re not necessarily faking it. They’re just trying their best to connect with you (and impress you too, of course).

11) They give you stuff

If someone is falling in love with you, they want to shower you with gifts—whether it’s a cup of coffee or a Kindle.

But they make sure it looks like it’s just no big deal!

They’ll give you a cup of coffee but also give one to your other friend to seem casual. As for the Kindle, they’ll say they’re not really using it and it’s just gathering dust.

This happens because they don’t want you (and everyone around you) to suspect that they’re falling in love with you…but they also can’t resist trying to make you happy.

12) They find it hard to maintain eye contact

When you lock eyes with them, they’re the one who always looks away. And they even blush and walk away.

They find it too intense and they worry you’ll find out they’re falling deeper and deeper

So if you want to know if someone is falling in love with you, do try this experiment: Lock eyes with them and see if they look away like a young teenage girl or boy.

13) They can’t stop talking about you

You’re the one that’s always on their mind, and so they naturally can’t stop talking about you to other people.

“We should ask Cindy”, “Cindy’s aunt gave her a puppy”, “I remember Cindy told me…”

They’ll say your name several times a day that the people around you start to suspect they’re into you.

This must be the reason why your friends and colleagues look at each other when you’re both around. It’s so obvious to them that something is going on!

14) They get friendly with your friends

You know someone is into you when they start to put effort into getting to know the people in your life—especially your best friends.

The reason for this is quite obvious: they want to get to know you better. 

And of course—let’s be real here—they want to use them later!

They plan to ask them for help when they want to get closer to you. After all, your friends have some influence on you.

15) They try to get ANY reaction from you

If they can’t make you pay attention to them with their usual tactics, they’ll do something that could shock you or even anger you.

Let’s say you’ve been getting friendly for a while now and yet, you remain friends because neither of you wants to make the first move.

They’ll try to make you jealous by hanging out with someone else.

Of course, this is quite childish. But the only reason they’re doing this is that they want YOU to do something!

16) They freak out when you’re in trouble

On an ordinary day, they might appear like you don’t mean a thing to them. They’re good at pretending you’re just another colleague or friend.

But when you’re in distress, when you’re in big trouble, their real feelings for you are revealed!

They’d drop whatever it is they’re doing and rush to help you in any way they can…and they won’t stop until you feel better.

Final thoughts

How many of the signs above have made you go noddin’ “Yeah, that’s them”?

If it’s more than five, then there’s no doubt about it—they’re totally into you.

Who knows how long they’ve been feeling this way about you.

If you’re into them too, then it’s time to respond to their signals or even make the first move.

Life is short.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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