15 emotionally draining habits that successful people avoid

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We often admire the habits of successful people, taking note of the things they do to achieve greatness. But have you ever considered the behaviors they purposely avoid?

That’s right, sometimes it’s about what you don’t do.

So, put your feet up, take a deep breath, and let’s delve into the 15 emotionally draining habits that successful people steer clear from.

Prepare to have your mind open and your daily routine transformed!

1) Overthinking

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from observing successful people, it’s that they don’t waste their time or energy overanalyzing every decision.

Overthinking is a surefire way to drain your emotional reserves and cloud your judgement.

Successful people understand that not all decisions require hours of contemplation.

They trust their instincts, make informed choices, and take action without getting stuck in a cycle of endless thought.

2) Neglecting self-care

A couple of years back, I found myself burnt out.

I was working long hours, barely sleeping and definitely not eating right.

My productivity dropped and I felt miserable.

You see, I had fallen into the trap of neglecting self-care, thinking that success meant hustling non-stop.

Successful people know that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

They prioritize self-care because they understand that their physical health and mental well-being are crucial for sustained success.

3) Avoiding difficult conversations

You might think that dodging challenging discussions can save you from stress and conflict.

However, successful people often do the opposite.

They understand that avoiding difficult conversations can lead to misunderstandings, resentment, and unresolved issues.

Instead of shying away from these situations, they face them head-on.

They believe in clear communication and are not afraid to express their thoughts and feelings, even when it’s uncomfortable.

This proactive approach helps them maintain healthy relationships, both personally and professionally, and avoids the emotional drain of unresolved tensions.

4) Comparing themselves to others

I’ll admit it, I’ve been guilty of this one. Scrolling through social media, seeing everyone’s highlight reel and thinking, “Why am I not there yet?” It’s a trap that’s so easy to fall into.

Successful people, however, don’t compare their journey to others’.

They understand that everyone is on their own unique path, with different timelines and milestones. They focus on their own progress and celebrate their own victories, no matter how small.

If you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, take a step back. Remember that your journey is yours alone.

The only person you should strive to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

5) Holding on to past mistakes

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. But successful people don’t let their past errors weigh them down.

Dwelling on past mistakes can be emotionally draining and counterproductive.

Instead, they view these blunders as valuable lessons and opportunities for growth.

They understand that failure is just a step towards success and they don’t allow it to affect their self-confidence or deter them from their path.

They learn, they grow, and they move forward – always forward.

6) Neglecting sleep

While it might seem like burning the midnight oil is the key to success, in reality, successful people understand the vital role sleep plays in their overall performance and health.

Sacrificing sleep can lead to decreased productivity, impaired decision-making, and a generally poor mood.

Successful individuals prioritize getting enough rest to ensure they’re at their best each day.

They understand that quality sleep is not a luxury, but a necessity for maintaining their health, energy levels and cognitive functions at their peak.

7) Ignoring the needs of their loved ones

Success isn’t just about personal achievements or professional milestones. It’s also about nurturing the relationships that matter most.

Successful people understand that neglecting the needs of their loved ones can lead to emotional drain and strain relationships.

They make time for their family and friends, understanding that these connections provide a strong foundation that supports their journey towards success.

They cherish these relationships and invest time and effort to make their loved ones feel valued and appreciated.

8) Living in denial

Life is filled with ups and downs, and it’s not always easy to accept our shortcomings or the reality of certain situations.

But successful people don’t hide from the truth, no matter how harsh it may be.

They face their weaknesses, confront their fears, and acknowledge their failures.

They don’t sugarcoat their situation or live in a fantasy world.

This courage to face reality head-on allows them to address issues directly, make necessary changes, and progress towards their goals without the emotional drain of living in denial.

9) Neglecting personal passions

I’m a firm believer in the importance of personal passions.

In the past, I used to put my hobbies and interests on hold for work.

But I soon realized that this was leaving me feeling unfulfilled and drained.

Successful people make time for their passions. It fuels their creativity, refreshes their mind, and adds joy to their lives.

So don’t ignore what makes you happy outside of work. It’s crucial for your overall well-being and success.

10) Avoiding solitude

In our hyper-connected world, the thought of disconnecting and spending time alone can seem counterproductive, if not downright scary.

We often fill every moment with tasks, meetings, or socializing, fearing that solitude equates to wasted time.

However, many successful people understand the power of solitude.

They know that spending time alone can spark creativity, provide clarity, and lead to self-discovery. They use solitude as a tool for reflection and strategic thinking.

11) Procrastination

Successful people understand that putting off tasks and responsibilities only leads to added stress and anxiety.

They know that procrastination is an emotionally draining habit that can rob them of their productivity and success.

Instead, they tackle their tasks head-on, prioritizing and managing their time effectively to get things done.

They believe in the power of now and don’t allow procrastination to stand in their way of achieving their goals.

12) Letting negativity take over

Did you know that we’re greatly influenced by the people around us?

Emotions can be contagious, that means we can ‘catch’ the mood of those around us.

This also means if you’re constantly surrounded by negativity, it can seep into your mindset and affect your success.

Successful people are deliberate about who they spend their time with.

They surround themselves with positive, inspiring individuals who encourage and support their ambitions. 

13) Overcommitting

In our quest for success, it’s easy to fall into the trap of saying ‘yes’ to everything.

We take on more than we can handle, hoping that our dedication will pay off. This habit can be incredibly draining, leaving us stretched thin and stressed out.

Successful people, however, understand the value of their time and energy.

They know when to say ‘no’ and focus only on what truly matters to them. They avoid overcommitting themselves because they understand that quality trumps quantity.

Are you overcommitting yourself? If so, it’s time to reassess your commitments. Remember, success isn’t about doing everything; it’s about doing the right things well.

14) Chasing perfection

Perfectionism, the relentless pursuit of flawlessness, can be an emotionally draining habit.

It can breed self-doubt, anxiety, and dissatisfaction, leaving you feeling as though your efforts are never good enough.

Successful people know that perfection is an illusion.

They understand that making mistakes and having flaws doesn’t diminish their worth or their achievements.

They focus on progress rather than perfection, celebrating their wins and learning from their mistakes.

15) Resisting change

Change is a natural and inevitable part of life, yet many of us resist it.

We cling to the familiar, even when it’s not serving us well.

Successful people, on the other hand, embrace change. They see it as an opportunity for growth and innovation.

If you’re resisting change, it’s time to shift your mindset. Embrace the new opportunities that come with change.

Final thought

Avoiding these emotionally draining habits is not about changing who you are; it’s about becoming the best version of yourself.

Remember that every habit, whether positive or negative, stems from our inner selves. So, it’s crucial to embrace who you are and understand your inherent traits.

Take this as an opportunity for self-discovery. Reflect on your habits, your reactions, and your emotions. Recognize the power within you to shape your life and your path to success.

Remember, the journey towards success is a personal one. It’s a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-improvement.

Embrace your true nature, avoid what drains you emotionally, and keep moving forward on your unique path to success.

Nguyet Yen Tran

Yen is a freelance writer and a researcher specializing in mental health, self-awareness, and psychology. Her hobby is studying human behavior throughout their reaction upon situations.

Be sure to check out her other posts on our blog.

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