If you embrace these 17 tiny habits, you’ll quickly find inner peace

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Inner peace can seem like an elusive goal. 

Where is it and how do you find it?

The answer lies first and foremost in what you do, in your habits. 

And they’re not even difficult or onerous. Here are the simple and small habits you can do that will turn your inner life around… 

1) Get up early

This sounds basic and it is.

But it makes a huge difference. 

The key is consistency:

Getting up early one day is nice, but getting up early for three months and then six months and a year will do you a lot more good. 

Try it out.

2) Exercise daily

I also recommend at least 25 minutes of high intensity training per day. 

If you have an injury or other physical issue, try 25 minutes of low intensity exercise such as a light walk or stretching. 

You can even waltz around the kitchen alone or with a partner. 

Just get that body moving, even a little bit. 

3) Laugh often

The next key to achieving inner peace is to laugh. 

How could we learn to laugh again in our frenetic and f*cked up world?

The question answers itself:

Because it’s what’s necessary to survive at this point!

You can still take serious issues seriously, but don’t forget to remember that we’re all going to die one day and that life is ultimately a rigged game. 

It’s kind of insane when you think about it. But also hilarious. 

4) Appreciate people 

People can be really boring, disappointing and annoying. 

But they can also be pretty great in the right circumstances. 

The funny thing is that the more you give people credit the more they exceed your expectations and prove to be worth your time. 

Appreciating people, even for the small things is a great way to build more inner peace

It sure beats noticing all the things wrong with everybody (and there’s plenty).

5) Listen to music

Find music you love and crank it up. 

You’ll thank me. 

Whether your jam is classical or heavy metal (or both as in my case) you’ll get a lot more joy out of life by filling it with melodies. 

Whether working on relaxing, keep your tunes on.

You’ll start feeling more in love with life. 

6) Consume positive media

I personally enjoy some horror, crime and war films. 

But in general I try to stay away from mindf*ck media. 

Mindf*ck media is that stuff about people eating people, Satanic rituals, demonic mind possession and so on. 

It’s the type of stuff that’s not just scary or gory but genuinely disturbing and down about life. 

Do your best to consume fairly positive media and you’ll notice that you stop being as obsessed with the darker side of life. 

7) Socialize with a friend

If you have even one good friend then you’ve won the lottery of life. 

There’s no doubt that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to friendship. 

I’d rather have one good friend than twenty guys I hang out with now and then but don’t really respect or connect with. 

The more you value your friendships and have a good conversation with a friend now and then the more secure and happy you’ll feel in life. 

It makes a big difference.

8) Spend some time alone

In addition to enjoying your friendships and socializing, make sure to spend some time alone.

This is a good chance for introspection and reflecting on your life. 

You don’t even need to think a lot, just get comfortable with your own presence and enjoy a drink in the sun. 

You’ll start feeling a little more peace head your way soon enough… 

9) Eat lunch 

Lunch is one of those meals that many of us skimp on, particularly if we have a busy schedule. 

But lunch matters a lot. 

It doesn’t have to be massive, but try to have a healthy sandwich or something more than a snack.

Your body will thank you. 

10) Take a (short!) siesta 

After lunch your digestion could use a bit of time to process what you’ve given it. 

This is where a siesta comes in!

I was shocked while recently visiting Argentina to find that siesta went from about 2 pm to 9 pm at night, so you don’t have to go that far…

But have a half hour cat nap!

You’ll wake up refreshed and ready for part 2 of your day. 

11) Do mini digital detoxes

Many of us are attached to our smartphone and devices as if they’re part of us. 

Doing mini digital detoxes is highly recommended for reclaiming your humanity. 

Leave your ringer on for emergencies, if necessary, but don’t be scared to spend an hour or two or even an entire day mostly away from your devices. 

You’ll survive, and you’ll feel remarkably refreshed. 

12) Love fully but not frailly 

When I say not to love frailly, what I mean is to avoid codependency

Falling in love with someone fully is a wonderful and magical thing. 

But you should never hinge your happiness or personal wellbeing on the reactions or position of somebody else. 

Doing so is a recipe for disaster and will disrupt your inner peace

13) Dress for success 

How you dress may seem like a small detail, but it goes beyond the surface level. 

Your choice of how to attire yourself speaks to much deeper things including how you value yourself and carry yourself. 

When you dress in clothes that are comfortable and high-quality you’ll feel better. 

It sounds so simplistic, and it is.

But it’s also true.

Value yourself and you’ll find that inner peace starts being your friend more and more.

14) Take care of your body

Your body is the only one you have. 

I double checked, and apart from transplants and blood transfusions this is literally true. 

There’s no other body waiting around for you, and two people at 60-years-old may feel a world apart depending upon how they treated their body. 

Take care of yourself. 

Not just with the exercise that I mentioned earlier, but also with a healthy diet, plenty of rest and… 

15) Take care of your mind 

There’s a lot of talk these days about mental health and taking care of your mind

But much of this is just urging men to be more vulnerable and urging women to be honest about how they feel. 

Fine, great. 

Taking care of your mind goes a lot further than that. 

It also includes accepting and integrating the fact that we all have days when we want to give up. 

There’s no shame in that. But take care of yourself, take days off and keep trying to find your purpose and keep going. 

16) Take yourself a bit less seriously 

In general it’s a good idea to take yourself a bit less seriously. 

Stand by your values, pursue your purpose, but try to be modest. 

You can believe in yourself without buying into a story of you being so “good” or pure. 

You’re doing your best, but admitting you have your own fair share of issues can be a real load off.

17) Take the world with a grain of salt

Life matters and your choices have an impact. 

But it’s important to take the world with a grain of salt. 

Life is temporary and you don’t have control over most of it. 

Try your best to relax when possible. 

Inner peace is the natural side effect.

Maintaining inner peace 

Finding inner peace is not like finding the Holy Grail or the Fountain of Youth. 

It’s not a shiny prize that you can put on your mantle and show visitors when they come over for dinner. 

Inner peace is a process and a continual evolution and journey. 

It’s a warm fire that is kindled and nurtured inside yourself through life’s ups and downs. 

Maintaining inner peace is about having inner peace more often than you don’t have it.

It’s about hearkening back to that warm inner core even at times when life is stressing you out and pushing you. 

Good times come and go, but inner peace can be something you cultivate and practice on a daily basis. 

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