Dr. Michael Beckwith Life Visioning Mastery review (2023): Is it worth it?

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  • Dr. Michael Beckwith’s Life Visioning Mastery Quest is a 35-day online course that aims to help individuals discover their life’s true purpose by teaching practices and techniques to better understand one’s life vision.
  • The course is broken down into five chapters, with each focusing on different aspects of spiritual growth and self-improvement, such as overcoming victim consciousness, embracing manifestor consciousness, and tapping into a higher consciousness.
  • The Life Visioning Mastery Quest is best suited for individuals who are questioning their spirituality, feeling unfulfilled despite their achievements, and seeking a deeper understanding of their true purpose in life.

Life is a long and winding journey filled with tons of huge questions we never truly answer: what’s our purpose, what were we meant to do with our lives, and is there anything out there?

Is there more to life than just this, than who we’ve become, than what we are right now; and if so, how do we discover what that is?

Dr. Michael Beckwith has spent a lifetime working with people all around the world in the quest of answering these questions, and in his Mindvalley Life Visioning Mastery course, he wraps up his teachings in bite-sized packages that can help transform anyone in just a few weeks; as long as you’re willing to listen.

In this article I go through my own personal experiences with the Life Visioning Mastery Quest, and why you might be interested in experiencing the same transformation.

Who I Was Before the Life Visioning Mastery Quest, and Why I Tried It

Spirituality has always been a giant question mark over my life.

Like most people around me, I was born and raised Christian by my parents, baptized, and everything. We went to church every now and then, although definitely not every Sunday. 

And while I would never call myself a devout believer in religion, I also would never say that there’s nothing out there.

What that something may be, I don’t know.

While I respect and sometimes admire people who are certain of what they believe in, I could never settle on any one answer for myself.

It definitely feels like there’s so much more to reality than we can observe, but I don’t think I even have the capabilities to begin understanding what all that “more” might be.

As someone who is probably a decade away from his mid-life crisis, after a lifetime of asking questions about my spirituality and what I believe in, I guess I’ve settled on the simplest answer I could come up with: I’ll never know what’s out there, at least not in this lifetime, and the best thing I can do is just wait.

That’s why Dr. Michael Beckwith’s “Life Visioning Mastery” course caught my eye when I first heard about it a few months ago.

It offered an angle into self-improvement and dream manifestation that similar other programs and productivity gurus never touched.

It’s not just about utilizing the law of attraction, but about opening yourself up to something that is already out there.

I’ve listened to and read a thousand people talk about the law of attraction, and it’s helped me become the productive person I am today.

It’s the idea of thinking about a goal, dreaming about a goal, and constantly pushing your mind towards achieving that goal; and eventually, through sheer will and effort, you can make that goal your reality. 

But there’s an otherworldliness to this concept that influencers and writers seem to ignore: is the law of attraction just the work of your own mind, or does it work with something greater than who you are?

Is there a Universe listening to your efforts, and if so, what does that really mean? Can any dream or goal be manifested into reality with enough persistence?

Dr. Beckwith isn’t afraid to tell his audience that yes, there is a spiritual element to the idea of visualization and the law of attraction, and he goes a step further and talks about something he calls visioning.

Visioning can be thought of in two ways:

  1. There are certain possibilities that have always been inside of you which you are unfamiliar with, and they simply need to be heard before they can come out
  2. A certain path has already been laid out for your life by the universe, but you can’t begin this path until you discover what it is

Whichever you choose to believe in, the concept of visioning is the same.

Rather than trying to visualize a goal or dream you already know, visioning tries to prepare you for parts of your destiny that you know nothing about.

Visioning is like putting your ear against the ground and listening for the real purpose of your life.

And this all resonated with my own questions regarding destiny, life, and the overall universe.

It just felt right, in a way, and I wanted to know more about Dr. Beckwith’s ideas.

With that, I signed up for the Life VIsioning Mastery Quest — and I haven’t looked back since. 

What Michael Beckwith’s Life Visioning Mastery Quest Claims To Do 

Dr. Michael Beckwith’s Life Visioning Mastery Quest revolves around the concept of making yourself available to figure out your life’s true purpose.

He challenges the teachings of visualization and manifestation, claiming that these are flawed because:

  • You can only visualize or manifest things you already know or want
  • You can be tricked into visualizing or manifesting the wrong goals; the goals of other people or of society
  • Most of us aren’t aware of what we really should be trying to visualize or manifest

With Life Visioning Mastery, Dr. Beckwith claims that you learn how to hear what you’re supposed to hear, the calling you were truly meant for.

But how exactly do you do this? Dr. Beckwith teaches a series of practices and techniques with the overall goals of:

  • Creating your own luck by embracing the idea of a friendly Universe, where every event is an opportunity
  • Understanding your life’s vision, so you never have to struggle to motivate yourself to do things
  • Freeing yourself from society’s expectations and learning to live life the way you were meant to
  • Embracing the part of yourself Dr. Beckwith refers to as the “Divine Consciousness”, where you become tapped into the universe

Dr. Beckwith teaches you how to believe in the ideas of a friendly universe just waiting to be heard, because none of this really works if you’re not fully convinced.

It requires an acceptance in your heart that the universe is on your side, touching on the spiritual aspect of personal growth as well as the mental side. 

All of this is packaged in a 35-day course distributed into 15-20-minute daily videos, wherein Dr. Beckwith guides students towards a greater understanding of their life vision with a step-by-step philosophy.

From writing down your spiritual roadmap, to progressing through the three stages of consciousness growth, including Victim Consciousness, Manifestor Consciousness, and Channel Consciousness.

Who Is the Life Visioning Mastery Quest For?

Like with most courses or Quests on Mindvalley, anyone can really benefit from the teachings of Dr. Beckwith in the Life Visioning Mastery Quest, but I would say it takes a certain kind of person to truly change with the course. 

While just about anyone can play the videos and listen to what Dr. Beckwith has to say for 20 minutes a day, it requires being in a certain stage of life before a person might experience true transformational growth.

Anyone can say that they are ready to open their heart and listen to the universe, but you have to go through some deeply-affective personal experiences before you are ready to really process what this is all about.

The Life Visioning Mastery Quest is best for people who:

  • Are questioning their own ideas and beliefs of spirituality or religiosity, and are ready to consider something new
  • Understand the struggles and pains that come with accomplishing real goals, and the challenges that come with working towards achievements you don’t really care about
  • Feel a nagging void or unfulfillment in their lives despite everything they might have achieved, as if they’ve been working towards the wrong things this whole time
  • Think there is something more that they should be doing, but no matter how much they experiment or dabble in other areas, they just can’t figure out what that is

Who Is Michael Beckwith? Is He Qualified?

My introduction to Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith was through YouTube. I was into guided meditation earlier this year and stumbled on one of his videos during one of my sessions.

From there, I guess I just fell down the rabbit hole. 

I started watching more of his videos, most of which were published by Mindvalley too, and I especially liked the one on spiritual influence and inspiration.

If you want some sort of introduction to Dr. Beckwith, I suggest getting acquainted with him through one of his videos online.

Dr. Beckwith has always been a beacon and even somewhat of an icon in the spiritual community, working with great pillars of the community and thought leaders including the Dalai Lama

He is the founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, a spiritual community with over 9,000 members.

Agape has amazing outreach programs serving local communities and advocacies such as environmental awareness, local arts programs, and supporting at-risk youths. 

Dr. Beckwith is the international co-chair of the Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence which launched in 1998, and has had the privilege of presenting Nelson Mandela with the said award.

Dr. Beckwith has always championed spiritual, cultural, and racial diversity, which were the key points of his address during the United Nations General Assembly during its annual World Interfaith Harmony Week in 2012. 

Dr. Beckwith’s fixation on visioning isn’t entirely new. In the Synthesis Dialogues, an invitation-only convention attended by prolific spiritual leaders from all around the globe, he promoted the idea of a “global awareness”, of a shared consciousness brought about by certain technologies, practices, and commitments driven towards the common good of people. 

Since then, Dr. Beckwith has published numerous books expounding on visioning: Life Visioning, TranscenDance Expanded, Spiritual Liberation — all of which were awarded the prestigious Nautilus Award. As with most of his material, these books touch on visioning, of listening to the Universe and its plans for you. 

I personally haven’t read any of his books and have jumped straight to his Life Visioning Mastery course. Instead of just reading his words, you get to experience a guided course with Dr. Beckwith himself, which is an experience in and of itself. 

Everything You Get with the Life Visioning Mastery Quest

The Life Visioning Mastery Quest is a 35-day guided online course. Each session involves a 15 to 20-minute practice, so it’s definitely doable for anyone – from people who have unbelievably busy schedules like me or those who have more time on their hands. 

When you purchase the course, you can pretty much access it on any of your devices. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, tablets, desktops, and even Apple TV. 

When you sign up for the course, you also get access to:

  • Guided sessions with a Mindvalley Tribe Facilitator 
  • Exclusive access to the Life Visioning Mastery Facebook group 
  • 5 pre-recorded group coaching calls with Dr. Michael Beckwith

The digital access is currently at $399. You can get a completion certificate by purchasing the $449 bundle.

The great thing is that you can always revisit this course whenever you want, at your own pace, so it offers practically limitless value.

About The Course

The course has five chapters in total, with each chapter aiming to reframe your way of thinking in preparation for the final chapter.

I think Dr. Beckwith’s long standing experience as a teacher really comes through here.

All the chapters work in perfect sync with each other; I never felt like I was being thrown into the deep end with no tools or information to work with. 

Chapter 1: Your Spiritual Roadmap 

Going into the course, I already had a working idea about some absolute power.

Again, my background as a Christian kid contributes to my belief in a divine power, but I think this course would work well with anyone whether or not they were raised with a religious background. 

In this course, Dr. Beckwith promotes the idea that the absolute being is the Universe, and the good news is that it’s on your side. 

The first week is really just preparation. The exercises are there to help you become more open towards the experience and basically ease you into accepting that the Universe is your friend. 

During the first week, he talks about the 4 Stages of Spiritual Growth and Unfoldment which is the framework used to place you in your current level of awareness.

This will help you map out where you are on your spirituality, and how you can move forward to progress. 

Chapter 2: Victim Consciousness

The second week is all about self-reflection and accountability. The exercises are focused on going beyond our Victim Consciousness, which is our tendency to go back to childhood problems to find some sort of explanation as to why we are who we are. 

Dr. Beckwith talks about an emotional contagion, which are destructive behaviors, habits, and attitudes nurtured through socialization.

He frames things like addiction as something that can be embedded into our psyche through social and cultural upbringing.

This also means you have the power to isolate yourself from this contagion in creating a healthier, better version of yourself. 

As with the rest of the course, Dr. Beckwith guides you from start to finish; the 5-step forgiveness framework is designed to help you move on from victim consciousness so you can create a better, healthier version of yourself. 

Chapter 3: Manifestor Consciousness

The third week is all about freedom from fear. As a productive individual, I thought I’d found coping mechanisms for dealing with fear, but Dr. Beckwith introduces new ways of exploring your limitless potential. 

In the third chapter, he talks a lot about how the Universe is abundant and how you already have limitless potential in you.

This would help people who struggle to find direction in their life. Even I was pleasantly surprised at how this chapter reframed my way of thinking. I found myself replaying this chapter just because it resonated with me that much.

If you’re planning to get the course for yourself, I suggest also going through this chapter twice to really internalize its message. 

Chapter 4: Channeler Consciousness

Chapters 4 and 5 are where the more active work takes place. In Chapter 4, Dr. Beckwith talks about being some sort of antenna ready to receive information from the Universe.

In one of the exercises, he talks about transcending the ego, or breaking the separation between yourself and a higher consciousness.

This can be off-putting at first, but for someone like me who’s felt like there is something out there capable of helping as out, the idea didn’t seem so unreasonable.

And that’s exactly what this section was all about: helping you accept the fact that a higher consciousness is there to help you.

It provides a comfort of sorts knowing that the Universe isn’t just some ominous force; it’s in fact your friend. 

Chapter 5: Being Consciousness & The Life Visioning Process 

In the final chapter, Dr. Beckwith talks about being the consciousness, of achieving that higher level of consciousness so you can tap into your full potential.

I think this point of enlightenment is different for everyone else, so I’ll spare you some personal details. 

The most interesting part of this chapter is his differentiation of visualization and visioning.

If you have prior experience with spirituality, you’ll know that visualization is a common trope in spiritual practice.

In this course, Dr. Beckwith goes beyond and helps the audience “vision”, which is different from visualization in the sense that visioning helps you understand your potential in ways you have never even considered.

Think of it this way: visualization is a way of reconciling with things you already know, while visioning is being attuned with the things you didn’t know could be for you. 

My Personal Experience with the Life Visioning Mastery Quest: Is It Worth It? 

I bought the course because I was already familiar with some of the concepts presented by Dr. Michael Beckwith. Things like visualization and reality manifesting aren’t entirely unique in this course.

But what was completely new, however, was his visioning process; of opening yourself to what else might be out there. That, and the idea that the Universe is actively trying to help you out. 

I think when people take these courses they expect some sort of giant spiritual revelation, and that might be true for some people.

But for me, Life Visioning Mastery was a refreshing reminder of just how vast human potential can be.

Living in such a modern, connected world, we’re constantly bombarded with each other’s achievements and accolades.

At times, it can feel like we’ll never do anything as great as our peers and we fall into this self-feeding loop of envy and self-deprecation.

This is really one of the strengths of the Life Visioning Mastery Quest. It reminds us that we are built up of unique atoms that serve a unique purpose.

It doesn’t matter what other people are doing because you’ll be doing something yourself. 

All in all, I enjoyed this course and there were a lot of meditative practices here that could be used for day-to-day living.

Whether you believe in the Universe being alive (and whether or not it’s helping us) is entirely up to you.

I’m not particularly religious but I thought it was comforting, if not encouraging at times.

In any case, the Life Visioning Quest helps you unpack bias you may have against yourself that’s stopping you from achieving your full potential. Universe or not, Dr. Beckwith’s course is designed to help you break out from your own ego and become a more open, welcoming person.

I definitely recommend this course to anyone who’s feeling a little directionless.

I even recommend it to people like me who have found their paths and are wondering if there’s something more out there.

The good news is that yes, there is definitely something out there. And what that is is entirely up to you. 

Check it out here.


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