There’s a point in every romantic relationship when you start wondering, “Does he love me?”

Sure, you’ve spent a lot of time together. You know all of his favorite movies. He’s told you enough stories about his life experiences that you’re getting a firmer grasp on who he is.

He’s also done things for you that you’re convinced he doesn’t usually do for other people.

But what does it all mean exactly? Is he starting to care for you? Is this going to lead to anything serious?

Could there be a chance he might be falling in love with you? Perhaps he already is?

We wish we could give you a straight answer. But like anything else in love and romance, it’s not as simple as that.

This research by Lara Kammrath and Johanna Peetz proves just how complicated it could be at this stage of a relationship. Some romantic feelings may lead to loving actions and behaviors, but that’s not always the case.

You can ask him. But since you’re here, that’s probably out of the question, right?

Maybe you’re too scared. You don’t know what kind of answer you’re going to get. The possibility of rejection is very real. And asking such a big question might ruin the whole thing even before it starts.

This leaves you at wit’s end.

No matter what your reasons are, you have reservations about the depth of his feelings for you.

Don’t worry. This is not uncommon. We are all different people, after all. There is no such thing as reading someone else’s mind.

The good thing is, there are signs you can recognize to know the depth of his affection. Scroll below. If you ever find him doing these 8 things, then he might actually be in love with you.

“Does He Love Me?” These Might Be The Signs That Say Yes

1. He Considers You As A Priority

Nicholas Sparks sums it up quite perfectly:

“You’re going to come across people in your life who will say all the right words at all the right times. But in the end, it’s always their actions you should judge them by. It’s actions, not words, that matter.”

You might not always understand the way he communicates verbally, but you can always rely on his actions – especially when it’s about his priorities.

Here’s the thing. He has many things to keep him busy – career, family, friends, and personal goals. And yet, you find that he still makes you his first priority.

You’re increasingly becoming more and more important, that it’s now less about him and what he wants, and more about what makes you happy. Your opinions matter and you’re involved in his decision-making. In short, you just count.

When you love someone, you prioritize spending time with them. If he loves you, he’ll make the time to be with you, even if it’s hard.

2. He Listens To You

Not only does he listen to you – but he remembers what you say.

He hangs on to your every word, and he respects what you have to say too. It comes so naturally for him, actually. He just can’t help but take note of every little thing you say.

Also, when a guy loves you, he pays careful attention to you. He listens to you without any distraction and he never interrupts you.

It’s when he remembers even the tiniest details that you know he more than just likes you.

3. He’s Not Afraid To Share Everything

This is a major sign that he loves you. Men are not usually the ones who love to talk about their feelings.

It takes so much effort for them that you know it really means something when they do.

He’s not afraid to answer all of your questions. He doesn’t try to hide things from you. And he is absolutely open for you to get to know him inside-out.

He wants to introduce you to his family, even if he has the strangest one. He’s not afraid to tell you about the weirdest things about him.

If he loves you, he won’t want to hold anything back. He wants you to be a part of his life. Even if that means you get to know everything about him – even the bad.

4. He Wants To Be  A Part Of Your Life

Just as much as he wants to share everything with you, he also wants to be a part of your life.

In fact, he wants to immerse himself in it.

He doesn’t just want to meet your family and friends. He goes out of his way so that they will like him. He tries to spend time with the people who matter to you, too. He’s not afraid to become a permanent fixture in your life.

He even wants to be a part of things you’re passionate about. He wants to try yoga because you love it, or go to a cooking class with you even if that’s not something he would normally do.

It’s one thing that he takes interest in you. But when he starts participating in your life because he wants to “belong” in it, that means he truly loves you.

5. He Makes Big Plans With You.

You know he’s committed to you because your plans as a couple are getting bigger and bigger.

He doesn’t mind going to that long weekend out of town. In fact, he’d love to go on an extended vacation with you. And that wedding you’re invited to attend months from now? Of course, he’ll be your date.

He’s not afraid or cautious to commit to these plans. There’s no need to be vague about it, even. Instead, he goes that extra mile to make sure you know he’s in this for the long haul.

6. He Feels Protective Over You.

Male are naturally protective over women. A study published in the Physiology & Behavior journal shows that male’s testosterone makes them feel protective over their mate’s safety and well-being.

So naturally, if he loves you, he would want to protect you. And we’re not just talking about male chivalry either. This can go beyond merely shielding you from physical harm. He also wants to protect you from any negative influences or situations.

He shows that he cares for you by wanting to help you out from any circumstances that might affect your overall well-being.

7. He Knows About The Bad Things But Still Chooses To Be With You Anyway

You’re no longer afraid to be your true self when you’re around him.

He sees you at your worst, but he sticks around anyway.

He’s already noticed all your annoying ticks. Maybe you always leave the toothpaste tube open. Perhaps you even snore. Truthfully, there are a thousand things about you that might be unlovable to him. After all, you’re not perfect. But he doesn’t care. In fact, he sees that and values it.

Even when we are so frustrated with the people we love, we just can’t give up on them. That’s probably how he thinks.

If he still thinks you’re beautiful and special despite the not-so-glamorous things about you, then he is definitely in love with you.

8. He “Says” He Loves You, In The Many Ways That Count

He might not have told you in words that he loves you. But you see it in everything that he does. You see it in the way he looks at you. You see it in the way he holds you. He shows it in the simplest gestures that touch your heart in the deepest ways.

We all have what we call our own “Language of Love.”

We have different definitions and perceptions of what love is and what it means to us. So much so that we have different ways of expressing it. The man in your life might not have the same language of love as you do, but that doesn’t mean he loves you any less.

However, there is one thing that is universal to us all. And it applies to any situation, romantic or otherwise.

We don’t have to convince anyone to love us. It is not something you force. Truthfully, it isn’t even something you should spend so much time wondering about.

True, genuine, honest-to-goodness love feels so natural that you don’t have to question it.

We hope that the signs we’ve listed above can help you know if he really loves you. At the end of the day, love shouldn’t just be declared with fancy words – it needs to be backed up by sincere actions. These actions are not selfish or self-serving but are done because he wants you to be happy.

The bottom line:

Your happiness should be a priority of his. That’s how you know that he loves you.

You now have a better understanding of whether he loves you or not. Now read our article helping you know whether you really do love him or her.

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