Do twin flames end up together? 14 reasons why

So you want to know more about twin flames?

Maybe you think you’re in a twin flame relationship or you’re looking for yours…

This article will explain 14 reasons why Twin Flames do and don’t end up together.

1) Twin Flames are a perfect match

Twin flames are an ideal pair.

You see, the idea behind twin flames is that two people share the same soul.

Cosmopolitan explains:

“The general theory re: twin flames is two people who were split into different bodies but share the same soul. They’re basically one soul in two bodies. Twin flames make soul mates look and feel totally disposable in comparison, since they’re like super soul mates.”

Given these two people literally share the same soul, they’re described as the perfect match… so, once they get together, they’re bound to stay together.

Nothing can compare to the bond these two people share: they know each other on a deeper level to others, as they’ve known each other lifetimes!

2) They have a deep emotional connection

The bond Twin Flames have is much deeper and intense than a usual relationship between two people.

It’s not a standard relationship.

Writing for Hack Spirit, Lachlan Brown explains a Twin Flame connection is similar to the connection between a mother and her child.

“Simply being close to her baby may induce a mother’s brainwaves to synchronize with her child’s heartbeat, which in turn makes her more attuned to the electromagnetic vibrations emitting from her child. A twin flame connection may experience this same type of exchange of energy.”

You get the picture: it’s a strong, unbreakable connection.

3) They’re supposed to heal each other

Now, Twin Flame relationships don’t have to be romantic – although they often are.

Twin Flame relationships can be platonic and among friends. It doesn’t matter how these two come together, the reason for them meeting stays the same: Twin Flames reunite in this lifetime to heal one another.

In a Nomadrs article on the brutal truth of Twin Flames, Nato Lagidze explains:

“Twin flames are souls who have chosen to come back into this life together in order to heal each other. The goal is not necessarily a romantic relationship (though it can be), but rather a soul-to-soul healing relationship that will last a lifetime – or several lifetimes!”

The idea is that Twin Flames meet up in this lifetime to work through all that they need to, transcending together. When one Twin Flame rises, they both rise!

4) They’ll often come back together after separation

Twin Flame relationships aren’t supposed to be easy… in fact, they can put you through a lot of emotional turmoil.

Tensions can run high between Twin Flames, because, in effect, they’re mirrors of eachother. That means all of their insecurities, fears and desires are out on the table, and they’re confronted with acknowledging all of these things.

I believe I’m in a Twin Flame relationship right now and I can’t tell you how triggering it is at times! When we met, the first thing I thought was that we’re so similar in many ways… The way we speak about our goals and hopes is so similar. We literally want the same things, so we’re constantly challenging each other to reach these goals, in the ways we want to push ourselves.

As if that’s not enough: all of the things I don’t like about myself, I see in him… and it’s so triggering! This could be some of his (and my) habits like procrastination or having loads of ideas.

For example, when he shares how he has a new idea with me, I can feel myself wanting to roll my eyes as I’m thinking: ‘sure, but how are you going to make that happen?’ and ‘here goes another one of your grand ideas’, when I’m as guilty as him for coming up with one thousand ideas every day.

I was in denial of this until he highlighted it to me… and can you guess what happened? I found it incredibly triggering and confronting. I wanted to run away from the conversation.

Now, while we haven’t separated from one another at any point, we’ve definitely got close.

A common stage for any Twin Flame relationship is a period of separation.

If it’s a romantic relationship, this would usually happen after the honeymoon period. The experts at Mind Body Green say:

“A twin flame separation is a stage in the relationship many twin flames will experience. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a period of separation from each other. It typically happens as the honeymoon phase ends and insecurities and attachment issues begin to appear.”

Basically, after the cracks begin to show, things can get difficult between you and you’ll have to decide whether you’re ready to go on the journey.

This leads me to my next point…

5) Emotional or spiritual immaturity means they might run

Both parties need to be emotionally and spiritually mature for their Twin Flame relationship to work.

If one person is not, they might run from the situation to avoid the overwhelming feelings and commitment that’s needed to the other person. As I’ve explained, there’s a lot of mirroring that will happen in this type of relationship.

Not realizing you’re in a Twin Flame relationship, you might just feel like you two clash an unusual amount and that you’re not supposed to be together. So if a lack of understanding and doubt creeps in, unfortunately this won’t give the relationship a chance to develop… and you’ll miss out on all of the wonders of a Twin Flame relationship.

Instead, for a healthy Twin Flame relationship to work, a commitment to mutual growth has to be central. If both people are growing together, they’ll have a beautifully fulfilling relationship.

6) Not all Twin Flames are meant to be together in this lifetime

While many Twin Flame relationships will go through the separation phase and come back together, there’s a chance that some won’t unite together in this lifetime.

And it will be because one person isn’t ready for this kind of relationship… as, as I say, they won’t realize they’re in a Twin Flame dynamic.

After all, being in a Twin Flame relationship isn’t just your average relationship… whether romantic or otherwise. It might be incredibly triggering as you two will be so similar!

Think of your Twin Flame as a mirrored version of yourself… so, you’ll be confronted with many parts of you that you may otherwise shy away from.

You have to be ready to embark on this and, truth be told, some people aren’t.

7) Your twin flame might just be here to remind you who you are

Some people are meant to be in our lives for a season, not forever, and that might be the timeline for your Twin Flame in your life.

They might have appeared in your life at this very specific time to teach you lessons that you needed to know.

As a good exercise to do in any relationship is to look closely at the lessons you’ve learned… What’s more, this might highlight that you are in a Twin Flame relationship.

For example:

  • Have they made you reassess what you’re capable of professionally?
  • Have they encouraged you to be more authentically you?
  • Have they made you fall in love with the parts of you that they love?

Take out your journal and make a list of the lessons you’ve got from your partner.

Talking to Mind Body Green, relationship reader and psychic Nicola Bowman says:

“A twin flame can also just come into our lives to remind us of who we are, and they’re not meant to stay. Sometimes that’s the lesson.”

Adopting a growth mindset, learn to see the positives in breaking from your Twin Flame even if it’s incredibly painful.

Accepting that there’s always a reason behind what happens will help you navigate this. The Universe always has our backs!

8) Twin Flames are drawn to one another

Twin Flames experience a feeling of ‘coming home’ when they meet one another because that’s what’s happening! Twin Flames are reuniting with their other half.

There’s an instant recognition of this person, who feels familiar, as they are.

Because of this, Twin Flames feel incredibly drawn to each other… There’s an unexplainable magnetism.

Simply put: there’s electricity that makes these two people want to stay in each others’ lives.

9) Twin Flames complement one another

Even though a Twin Flame relationship can be challenging for the triggers that come up, Twin Flames, in theory, balance one another.

They complement each other because they’re just different enough. Think of Twin Flames as being the ultimate yin and yang.

They bring balance into each other’s lives.

Others might be surprised that Twin Flames are together from the outside as they’re differences are pretty clear. For example, one might be super spiritual and the other is atheist, but their difference just… work.

There’s a level of respect between Twin Flames; they accept each other’s differences, even if they don’t understand or agree with them themselves!

10) Twin flames are continuously brought together

No matter how bad arguments get between Twin Flames (and these can get heated!), it’s as though something keeps bringing them back together.

And it seems like this pull is out of their control.

Writing for Hack Spirit, Lachlan Brown explains:

“No matter how angry you get, or how broken the relationship might feel at times, something brings you back together. The Divine Universe has a plan – or at least, it sure feels that way.”

And the good news?

Because Twin Flames are on a path of growth, each argument or challenge they face holds a lesson that brings them closer.

Lachlan adds:

“No matter how bad it gets, you are there for one another. You’ll consider the relationship instead of the individuals in the relationship.

When you are together, everything is good – even the bad.”

11) Twin Flames are passionate about each other’s desires

When Twin Flames come together, they are, well, unstoppable.

These two people really want the best for one another – they are passionate about each other’s desires and they want to support their journeys.

They’re so enthusiastic about everything their partner is doing and behind all of their decisions with as much excitement as them.

Twin Flames probably won’t find another person with as much passion and belief in their desires, and for that reason Twin Flames often do stay together… even if they separate first.

12) Twin Flames have a psychic connection

It’s said that Twin Flames have an almost psychic connection.

Just one glance at each other is enough to know what the other person is thinking.

In a Twin Flame relationship, there’s no hiding if you’re a bit off or upset; the other person just knows.

The best thing Twin Flames can do in a relationship is to communicate openly and honestly so there’s no underlying, confusing energies. Otherwise, you’ll find the other person asks what’s up until they get an explanation.

13) Twin Flames feel like they’re together when they’re apart

Twin Flames have such a deep connection that they’ll feel like they’re together – even when they have oceans between them.

They’ll always feel each other’s energies, and literally feel like that person is with them.

That’s because they are connected at levels most couples won’t understand.

This creates a really deep longing between Twin Flames… and it doesn’t go anywhere over time. This means Twin Flames can’t help but to stay together.

On the other hand, they’ll feel like they’re missing something when they’re without their Twin Flame.

It will feel like they have a big hole in their lives that another person just can’t fill… even if they do meet someone else and try and replace them, it won’t be the same. Often this can be what it takes for someone to realize they were with their Twin Flame before.

Just like Shania Twain says:

“Nothing compares to you”

Think of this as the Twin Flame motto.

14) They understand each other’s needs

A reason Twin Flames stay together is because they understand what each other needs.

This is for a combination of reasons, including their psychic connection, respect and deep awareness of one another.

Twin Flames have no problem articulating what it is they need from their partner; on the other hand, they have no problem listening and making adjustments to suit their partner.

They know when one another needs alone time and a bit of space, and because Twin Flames are secure in the relationship, they have no problem granting this.

If you have this with a partner, it could be that you are in a Twin Flame relationship.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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