14 reasons why guys like to be called handsome

Do men enjoy compliments?

It’s a question women have asked themselves for ages.

We believe that pretty much all men love it when someone calls them handsome. So, we compiled a list of reasons why they love it.

Without further ado, let’s delve into it!

14 reasons why you should call him handsome

In this aspect, men are similar to women. We all enjoy compliments on our looks.

When they’re called “handsome”, they feel good about themselves.

These are the 15 main reasons why you should start complimenting your man.

1) He feels sexier

When a woman calls a man handsome, it’s normal to think that there’s some chemistry happening there.

This isn’t always true.

There’s the platonic handsome, of course.


When someone says a man is handsome, he can feel sexier.

Use this knowledge to your advantage. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

If your intention is to let sparks fly and get a man in a romantic mood, call him handsome! He’ll have his attention on you instantly.

2) It shows your interest in him

The goal here is to start subtly flirting.

To most men, it’s a signal that you’re interested in them romantically, although some can be an exception and not realize it at first.

To make it abundantly clear, be sure that your body language and your approach to him are also indications of your interest in him.

Most guys will pick up on the compliment, and feel better about their looks.

3) It gets him in a good mood

Do you remember the last time you got a nice compliment?

It can change your mood for the better. It probably made your day, if you were having a rough time.

That fuzzy feeling of happiness might have changed your entire day if you were not having a good time.

Getting a compliment can make you feel special.

The same happens to men.

Their mood improves when someone calls them handsome.

Their self-esteem grows a little too.

It’s wonderful to see how compliments can make someone feel better.

4) It makes him special to you

Technology’s goal was supposed to be about connection, but many people feel lonelier than ever before.

With so many people around, you can feel as if nobody notices you.

Thousands of faces in your social media apps, so many wonderful lives…

It’s very easy to feel bad about yourself.



Nobody wants to think like that about themselves.

However, getting a compliment such as handsome can make you feel seen.

You’re seen, and you matter.

It’s a good feeling that goes a long way.

This is why men like it when someone calls them handsome. They, just like women, need some validation from time to time.

5) It brings you two closer

The attraction and even the love between two people can increase when one calls the other handsome.

It takes vulnerability to give and receive compliments in the best way possible.

Long-time partners can keep their affection alive through them as well.

It’s easy to forget about compliments, especially when we see our partner every day.

However, the efforts of making someone feel special through compliments never go unseen.

Men love when their partner calls them handsome because it brings closeness and intimacy to the relationship.

6) It’s a great confidence boost

It’s not a normal thing to hear people calling you handsome.

Unless you’re famous, that is. Outside of your close circles, and even then it’s rare, hearing you’re handsome might never happen.

That can be a blow to a man’s confidence. However, it’s a great improvement when you’re told you’re handsome.

Somebody finds you attractive!

That feels great, doesn’t it?

In fact…It feels like you’re the most attractive person in the world when you hear it.

So, call a man handsome and watch him become more confident.

7) Sexy times might get even better

Men’s libido grows when someone calls them handsome.

Especially, if their partner does it.

He feels comfortable, more intimate with his partner, and sexy.

This causes him to want to meet his partner’s needs, because he feels great about himself. He’s more eager and open.

He’s on the top of the world, even if it is for a little while.

He even thinks that there’s nothing he can’t do. This can only translate into good things for their partner.

8) It increases his lifespan

Self-care is a struggle for most men.

They can’t see why would anyone notice, since nobody’s telling them they’re handsome anyway.

In their minds, there’s simply no point in caring about their looks in general.

However, when a man feels handsome and people are telling him he is, he has a standard to maintain.

In other words, he needs to take care of himself.

He starts being mindful of his habits, his shape, and the food he chooses to eat. It helps him get even more compliments. Self-care usually helps people live more time.

For men, it’s motivational to hear that they’re handsome. They want to live a healthier and longer life.

9) It reduces depression

The thing with depression is that the people who suffer from it develop very low self-esteem. Especially if they’ve been struggling with it for a long time.

It’s complicated to manage that kind of thought because depression is a mental illness, not an emotion.

So, getting a compliment such as handsome can help a lot.

It won’t make the illness go away, but it feels good anyway.

This can make someone feel like they’re appreciated. Since someone perceives them as beautiful.

In turn, they start thinking more positively about themselves and boost their self-esteem.

10) It makes you more open to him

Going weak in the knees for someone super attractive is a feeling that men know well.

It’s a powerful feeling, after all.

If you want to flirt with a man, let him know you go weak in the knees for him.

Calling him handsome is the best way to make him realize your attraction for him. If he’s smart, he’ll play his cards well after that.

11) It will improve his self-esteem

They don’t talk about it, but…

Men do have insecurities.

This means they need validation as much as women do.

So, as their significant other, we can help them get rid of those pesky insecurities by complimenting their looks.

Telling them they’re handsome means you are attracted to them and can’t help but say it.

12) It changes how he sees you

This is a master move from you.

Think about it.

Think about the last time someone complimented you sincerely: did you like them more or less in the end?

More, right? That was almost certainly your first thought.

It’s only natural to feel this way. Now, this is the master move we’re talking about.

He will feel differently about you. More attracted, even if that feeling wasn’t there at first.

For example, if you want your best friend to notice you but he doesn’t seem to notice your more subtle moves, call him handsome and make sure to add weight to the compliment.

There are high chances that doing so will change the way he perceives you.

Even if you’ve been dating a man for a really short time, he’ll feel more invested in the relationship with you and get you to say it more.

13) He feels more special

Calling a guy handsome isn’t something you do with every guy you meet.


Believe it, he knows it as well. He’ll want to spend more time with you if you compliment his handsomeness.

It just means you see him, and also that he stands out from every other guy you meet.

All men love to feel unique and, let’s be honest, handsome.

14) He might feel like a celebrity

Calling a guy handsome makes him feel like he isn’t just an ordinary person.

Normally, celebrities are the ones being complimented. He’ll think you see him as you see, for example, Chris Evans on TV.

Other areas in his life will improve thanks to your compliments.

This will only mean that he will love you more for it.

Do men like to be told they’re handsome while in a romantic relationship?

The short answer is YES.

In fact, that’s the only answer and the right one.

Complimenting your man boosts that intimacy that is developing between you.

It also:

  • Does wonders for his self-esteem;
  • Makes him feel more attracted to you;
  • Helps his self-perception.

Men don’t get compliments often so they don’t know how to take them. If you know when and how to compliment your man, it will only mean good things for your relationship.

As a bonus: don’t let him deny his handsomeness! Reassure him as often as you can.

When should you compliment a man by calling him handsome?

Timing is essential when complimenting your partner.

It will make the words even more effective if you do it right.

We think it’s best to do it after sexy times. If you kiss him, caress his hair, and look into his eyes while calling him handsome…

Let’s say the reaction is completely worth it. It can also help if he isn’t particularly vulnerable emotionally because he will feel as if he can tell you anything.

Just like women, men need space to be vulnerable and know someone’s there for them through it all.

Here’s a bit of advice. Intimacy takes work too. Getting there might be easy, but working on it is hard. Compliments help a lot more than you know.

Don’t go overboard, either. Make sure to mean it every time you say it.

Be strategic!

If you can’t do it, he’ll get confused and it can affect the relationship.

You can start small, by complimenting a specific part of his body you like, and then build up the confidence to compliment him about other things he does.

Even his way of thinking can be complimented.

Get those creative juices flowing!

Do men not like being called “cute”?

So, handsome and cute are not words all men love.

They prefer to be called handsome.

For them, handsome is a word that feels truthful and more vulnerable, generally better to compliment his appearance.

Some of them will take being called “cute” as a compliment, but others not so much.

Let’s look at the reasons why:

  • They might think cute is more directed to pets or women than them.
  • It can undermine their masculinity.
  • Straight men might worry about people thinking they’re gay if they call them cute.
  • Others don’t like to be seen as feminine or weak.
  • Some men prefer people to see them as strong, sexy, and handsome rather than cute.
  • A lot of men think “cute” signals a mediocre man.
  • Other men feel like the woman is friend-zoning them when they’re called cute.
  • Lots of guys think that being called cute means they’re immature.
  • Others think that they’re perceived as unable to fight or get physical when it’s necessary.
  • Men can feel small when they’re called cute.

For most men, being called handsome is a different kind of feeling than when they’re called cute or hot. Handsome is more personal and better in general when you want to have a positive interaction.

Also, it goes deeper than looks and they know it. But let’s say you’re tired of calling someone handsome.

What are your other nicknames for men you like?

How else can you let them know you’re interested?

Keep reading!

Alternatives to handsome that men love

Thankfully, the English language doesn’t lack synonyms for handsome.

There are many choices you can make to compliment him, especially if you want to be more specific about certain aspects of him.

If you’re flirting and want to stay in his mind, here are some great alternatives:

  • Good looking;
  • Well-dressed;
  • Well built;
  • Hot;
  • Boy;
  • Champ;
  • Big guy.

Make sure to clarify that you are attracted to them and that you’re flirting. Especially if they’re on the shier side.

Sometimes you can even mix and match and compliment them about something very specific to their looks, like their hairstyle or clothing choices.

Everyone loves to feel like someone notices even the smallest details in their appearance.

Non-verbal language to flirt with a man

Lots of guys are very oblivious to the fact that you’re flirting. They simply can’t pick it up. Also, you might not know how to flirt with them properly.

Here’s some advice from us to learn that useful skill.

Take photographs of you both and keep them

Post them online, just go with the flow.

Someone else can take a picture of you both and you can take that chance to be closer to him and get a nice picture afterward.

Build inside jokes

You don’t have to go overboard, you can take references from movies and be silly about them.

Also, and please don’t use this power for evil, a little bit of rivalry with others does wonders to get people closer together.

Get a bit more physical

If you struggle with physical contact, it can be a challenge.

Try it anyway.

Extra-long hugs, kissing hello and goodbye, sitting on his lap when the opportunity arises… all of those are great.

If there’s a lot of static and he gets shocked when you touch him… good for you!

Sensuality is a good thing

Flirting with men is pretty easy, actually.

Stay physically close to him and you have great odds. However, it can be the case that he’s on the shier side, or maybe he doesn’t know what’s going on.

Subtle touching and sexy clothes can make him realize your intentions.

If you’re shy, go for a bit more sensual clothes and makeup. It’s easier to let him know what you want.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know why it’s so important to call your guy “handsome”, as well as use other similar words to make him feel good, I think you’re ready for the final step.

To really get to your man, what you need to do is trigger something even deeper in him than his desire to be admired.

It’s called the Hero Instinct and it’s about what really drives men in relationships, which is ingrained in their DNA.

Listen carefully because most women don’t know about this.

Once triggered, these drivers make men into the heroes of their own lives. They feel better, love harder, and commit stronger when they find someone who knows how to trigger it.

How do I know? This is a new and fascinating concept coined by relationship expert James Bauer and it works like magic.

Check out James Bauer’s excellent free video here.

As a guy, I can honestly tell you that the 12-word text that you’ll find in the video will trigger his hero instinct right away.

When I first saw it, I couldn’t believe how powerful it was.

Click here to watch the free video.

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