13 different ways a man feels when a woman walks away (complete list)

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When love is in the air, you can feel like the king of the world.

But that road can leave you feeling deserted and empty if a breakup happens.

It’s impossible to predict how different people deal with breakups, and this is especially true when the woman a man loves walks away from the relationship.

When all the time, emotion, and energy invested into something crumbles in front of him, nothing will feel right anymore.

Men are often stereotyped as having no emotions to show on the outside.

However, they can be pretty sensitive and have deep feelings on the inside.

If you broke up with him but are not sure how he took it, here are 13 common things a man feels when a woman walks away:

1) He May Feel Depressed and Lonely

This is probably one of the more obvious feelings: he’ll feel depressed and lonely.

He could have put on a smile when he watched her walk away, but inside he’ll feel like his world is crashing down around him.

The woman he considered his partner left with a piece of his soul, and it’s a hit that he’ll take personally.

Whether it’s the empty bedrooms, unreturned calls, or unusually free weekends with no plans, the absence of that woman would take a toll on his mental health.

When the woman who was with him from the moment he woke up until the moment he went to sleep is no longer a part of his life, he will become lonely and depressed.

This depression may change his personality.

For example, he might become more brooding and isolated or even become reckless with almost no regard for self-preservation.

The breakup probably left him feeling vulnerable and empty inside which, when combined with depression and anxiety, could lead to developing self-destructive habits.

2) He May Feel Scared to Try for Anyone Else

Even after the split, a man who loved his partner will find it difficult to connect with someone else. He can be afraid of becoming attached to someone and then breaking up with them.

He might be terrified of waking up in the exact place she left him.

But once he commits, a part of his heart was invested in the relationship and the breakup probably feels like destroying a Horcrux.

This may even cause him to isolate himself and lose interest in finding new relationships.

This is because he’s afraid of it blowing up in his face again if he builds hopes and dreams again over someone new.

3) He May Feel Overwhelmed and Miss Her Deeply

Just like women, men regularly experience complex feelings and emotions.

If she meant even the slightest to him, then he’ll miss her deeply and strongly.

He may not show it, but the longer the relationship lasted, the more he will miss her.

The simplest day-to-day things will trigger memories of her and he’ll feel stuck replaying those events in his head over and over again.

He may not even realize how much she meant to him until she’s gone.

It’s possible he may have taken the relationship for granted, but when she left, he’ll yearn for even the smallest moments he had with her.

4) He May Develop Low-Self Esteem and Feel Like He Is Replaceable

When a woman walks away from a man, he will feel completely and absolutely inadequate.

This feeling of inadequacy will leave him feeling disconnected from reality and will also make him feel inferior.

He may not see his mistakes that led to the breakup, but he will take the fact that she left him as a sign that he is worthless.

These are negative emotions that tend to snowball inside his head.

If he’s left to his own devices with these thoughts rampaging through his head, then he will consider himself to be replaceable and will have an extremely low-self esteem.

This could feed into his depression and cause his mental health to further deteriorate.

The best thing he needs in such times is a way to get out of his own mental space and a lifestyle change to get his confidence back.

This is one of the major reasons why men hit the gym like a fitness freak in the aftermath of a tough breakup.

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6) He May Be In Denial

When a woman leaves a man, it may have caught him unaware and he probably wasn’t ready to let go.

This could cause him to cope with his hard emotions by living in denial.

He might continue to call her, text her, or pop out of nowhere to meet her.

He may still be smiling and act as if nothing bad happened between them at all.

If he resorts to alcohol, he may even drunk dial her.

Even if she tries to explain that the relationship is over, he may not be ready to accept it and this can be harmful to both partners.

If he doesn’t take the time to come to terms with reality, then he won’t have grieved properly which will cause him to take it a lot harder when he realizes that it really is over with her.

7) He May Feel Extremely Insecure

On top of everything else, he may also feel extremely insecure when she leaves him.

This may manifest in a few different ways.

Seeing the woman who left him move on to a new relationship will cause him to question his self-worth.

He might even seem possessive and act irrationally by trying to disrupt her new relationship.

He may even fall into a downward spiral, where he finds it incredibly difficult to trust anyone including his potentially new partners.

When a man has not gotten over the woman who walked out on him, he will carry that baggage on his back for a very long time.

He may even become controlling or possessive of his new girlfriend and project his undealt insecurities onto her.

8) He May Feel Anger Towards Her

It’s only natural for him to feel upset when the woman he loved leaves him.

The breakup could be playing in his head.

This may translate into anger and hatred for her.

He will probably stalk her and keep track of her profile but will feel envious and resentful of her new partners.

If he loved her, then the thought of her no longer being his romantic partner and the sight of her being with someone else can trigger his anger issues.

Irrational anger tantrums and outbursts are emotional responses of a man who is hurting from the fact that the woman he loved left his life.

While anger is a natural emotion, he must learn to channel it productively.

He must actively ensure that he doesn’t develop toxic or violent tendencies.

9) He May Try to Rekindle the Spark Within Her and Win Her Back

It’s also possible that he thinks of the breakup to be temporary and as a challenge for him to win her back.

He may go out of his way to try to rekindle that spark of the relationship with her and try to restart the relationship.

The farther that she drifts away, the harder that he will fall for her and may continue to pursue her even when all hope seems to be lost.

This can adversely affect him as he could be setting himself up for failure.

He will constantly try to keep winning her approval by upgrading himself but may feel rejected, dejected and disappointed when he finally realizes that she’s not coming back.

10) He Might Have Been Caught Unaware and May Feel Confused

Men can sometimes have a hard time picking up on hints or cues.

So, even if she had valid reasons that were expressed many times before, he may not have anticipated the breakup.

If he had a playful personality, he may not have taken her concerns seriously and when she finally leaves him, it may leave him feeling confused.

This is because he could genuinely be clueless or oblivious to why she left him, and not having access to those answers will hurt him more.

11) He May Feel Guilty and Hate Himself

No one is perfect and as mentioned above, he may have been oblivious to his faults and shortcomings.

But after obsessively ruminating over the incidents before the breakup, he may realize his mistakes.

This will cause him to drown in self-pity and his guilt could consume him entirely.

He will replay every argument and will have epiphanies about the million things he would have done differently.

His inability to correct his past mistakes and forgive himself will make him miserable.

This feeling of guilt will even cause him to be extremely focussed on improving himself so that he never repeats those mistakes again.

12) He May Feel Like He Has to Prove His Worth to Her

It’s equally possible that a man feels like he has a chip on his shoulder when a woman walks away from his life.

His impulsive reaction may be to prove to her (and to himself) that leaving him was a mistake.

He may feel motivated to improve on his imperfections and even further his career.

He will ensure that his success speaks volumes and will turn a new leaf to show her what she missed out on.

13) He May Feel Like It Was for the Best and Move On

It may take a while for him to reach this place, but depending on how much love was there in the relationship, he may conclude that the breakup was for the best and move on.

Moving on doesn’t necessarily mean him trying for someone else but could simply mean he has decided to live happily in the present.

It takes an incredible amount of maturity to reach this healthy place for a man who has watched his woman walk away from him.

When he finally reaches this place, he will no longer feel afraid to take chances in life.

She will always be an important chapter in his life but he will feel confident that he will survive if he finally turns the page.

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