10 deja vu spiritual meanings of being on the right path

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Experiencing déjà vu can be quite scary.

Surely there’s a scientific explanation for why it happens, but it’s just as important to interpret it from a spiritual perspective.

After all, according to psychics, experiencing déjà vu is a precursor to a major life event.

In this article, I will give you 11 spiritual meanings of why you’re experiencing deja vu.

1) Deja vu can be connected to your dreams.

Dreams and deja vu are both things that scientists have yet to fully explain. And yet, all of us experience them at some point in our lives.

We can all agree that there’s something mystical about them, and we should not disregard them simply because we don’t understand them.

Sometimes you feel like everything around you has already happened, but it could be because you’ve dreamed about it so vividly as if you were really there.

And when dreams materialize like this so strongly, it is a strong sign that you are walking on your destined path.

2) Deja vu can be a message from your past.

Sometimes when deja vu hits you, you’re aware that this is the first time you’ve ever experienced it. And yet it remains uncannily familiar…like it’s something you actually experienced in the past!

And that’s because you probably did, except in a different lifetime or a different “self”, according to the past lives theory.

Perhaps this moment was a mundane occurrence to you, but echoed a very significant part of your past like the moment when you had a big revelation or when you found your true love.

Experiencing deja vu might just be your past self guiding you, so pay extra attention to everything around you—including your feelings— because they could hold clues that could guide you to your best life.


3) Deja vu means you have a strong spiritual connection.

There is that feeling of familiarity when you experience deja vu. And the reason could be because you have strong connections to the spiritual realm.

Deja vu is a phenomenon that can tell you when this connection is sufficiently powerful. You see, as you grow spiritually, your third eye will also start to open.

When you can’t muster it yet, the third eye dilates without you knowing and this could manifest as precognitive dreams, at other times it could be deja vu.

That’s why when you keep experiencing deja vu, it pays to look into getting in touch with your spirituality.

4) Deja vu can be the Higher Being at work.

We are but mundane beings trying to get in touch with our spirituality the best we can.

And so through prayer, meditation and contemplation, we try to reach out to the divine—to talk to and hear from a higher being.

Deja vu and other difficult-to-explain occurrences like seeing Angel Numbers are some of the more common ways we receive messages from the spiritual world.

The divine is so far beyond our comprehension that when we receive our answers from a higher being, it’s often in a way that isn’t immediately obvious.

But they will stand out nonetheless, and when you notice these, it’s time to pay close attention. It might just be that something big is about to happen to your life.

5) Deja vu can hold the key to your innermost desires.

The divine has many ways to tell your consciousness what you really want. And one common way is through an episode of deja vu.

Some experts believe that your brain could be extremely fixated on something and that’s why you have a feeling like you’ve seen all these things happen before.

Those are your desires being made visible in your mind.

Don’t just move on with your life as if the deja vu is nothing special. It must be investigated because it could tell you what it is that you truly want in this life.

6) Deja vu can be your “gut feeling” begging to be noticed.

Deja vu can be influenced by your subconscious.

There’s a popular claim that we only use 10% of our brains. But this is wrong, and studies have shown that we use far more than that for even the most basic of tasks.

You have a subconscious mind that’s always working in the background, even after you’ve gone to sleep.

It influences your dreams, your thoughts, and occasionally even intrudes into your waking mind.

Random memories that are stored in your subconscious could resurface any time you are not completely aware of, and so it feels like you’ve done all of this before.

Well, if it’s not your consciousness telling you to remember these things, then it must be your subconscious. Others could call this gut instinct. It might be telling you something about what you’re going through right now.

What do you think your deja vu is trying to tell you? Then you should probably use it as a guide to finding your path.

7) Deja vu is the universe telling you to live in the moment.

The universe is a living entity that constantly moves with us.

If you feel like there is always a greater power at work— something that shapes our destinies—that is the divine doing its job.

Because of the many things that influence our lives, we forget to stop and listen to the power of the world moving us.

When you experience deja vu, it’s like you are jolted and shocked into the present, so much that you’d feel like you’ve felt everything twice.

It is a sign from the universe telling you to be more immersed in what you are doing and be more involved in the present, because it could lead you to the right path.

8) Deja vu is the universe telling you to pay attention.

When you experience deja vu, your senses are heightened. And perhaps it’s a good idea to stay alert.

You might not be aware most of the time because of all the noise and distractions around you, so you feel like your senses are not working most of the time. You need to tune out in order to tune in.

But sometimes, spiritual awakening can be experienced in the most ordinary of days, through deja vu. This is because you suddenly stand in a crossfire of vibrational energies and so your intuition is super sharp.

Keep your senses keen and clear during this moment so that you are more cognizant of where you are treading.

9) Deja vu can serve as a kind of warning.

If the universe is trying to tell you something, not all of it is good news. Other times you have to be extra vigilant that something unpleasant is about to happen.

It might be that it is something you shouldn’t have to go through and that is why you have deja vu. It serves as a warning signal that you should stay on your toes so you can deflect the negative event coming your way.

A deja vu can be overwhelming, but you have to replay it in detail so that you may decode the warning and circumvent the bad experience.

10) Deja vu can mean your life is about to change.

Repeated experiences of deja vu can mean that something in your life is about to change. This is especially true if you’re noticing other signs like seeing angel numbers and having strange dreams.

In general, this change is most likely going to be good for you so don’t worry.  Even if there’s a risk for hardship or uncertainty in the immediate future, you’ll see that it’s all worth it in the end.

So that’s why you should keep your head held high and believe that things will turn out well for you because you are indeed being led to the right path.

Last words

Deja vu is an experience full of meaning, and while it can be scary when you find yourself experiencing it often… don’t worry. It’s not like your brain is broken—you’re totally fine!

What it means is that you’re spiritually in tune with the universe, and that you’re receiving messages that will lead you to the right path.

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