Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Review (2020): Is It Worth It?

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Do you enjoy playing poker?

If so, then Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass on poker might be exactly what you’re looking for.

As a poker enthusiast myself, I signed up almost immediately for this once-in-a-lifetime peek into the mind of the most successful poker player in the world.

But is this 38-video MasterClass worth your time and money?

In my Daniel Negreanu MasterClass review, I go through my personal experience with this class and explain whether I think it’s something you should check out.

Let’s go all-in.

Why I decided to check out the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass

If you’ve EVER followed poker at all, then you know the name Daniel Negreanu. As the most successful poker player in the world, following the poker scene and never having heard of Negreanu is downright impossible.

So when I first heard that Daniel Negreanu was making a MasterClass, I was absolutely pumped for it.

I’m not a poker pro at all. I’ve never competed in a real tournament (although I love watching them); my poker experience is limited to tables with my friends and colleagues, and trips to the casino every now and then.

I wouldn’t call myself a beginner, but I’d be lying if I called myself an expert.

Let’s just say I’m somewhere in the middle, and I’m probably good enough at the game to school anyone who’s just started.

But the chance to improve my ability with essentially the number one poker player in the world was something I couldn’t pass up on.

Even if I’m not a professional player, the game of poker still really interests me.

I love that this card game which seemingly relies entirely on luck can be broken down into different skills and techniques and bluffs and tricks, and I would love to keep improving the way I personally play every chance I get.

And the more I learned about Daniel’s MasterClass, the more I couldn’t resist it.

While some MasterClasses only scratch the surface of the topic at hand, this one was a full and comprehensive guide: a huge 122-page coursebook alongside 38 videos, discussing all of Daniel’s tips and tricks, both on and off the table.

So signing up for Daniel’s MasterClass was a simple choice for me, and after having experienced the whole thing, I can easily say that it was definitely worth my time and money.


What is MasterClass

While you’re probably familiar with Daniel Negreanu, but you may know less about MasterClass itself.

MasterClass is a hit new online learning platform where A-list celebrities teach the thing that made them famous.

Gordon Ramsay teaches cooking. Garry Kasparov teaches chess. Timbaland teaches music production. Dr. Jane Goodall teaches conservation. Natalie Portman teaches acting.

The caliber of the instructors is pretty breathtaking. But the other stand out feature of MasterClass is the production quality of the videos. Each video lesson is beautifully made and some are quite joyful to watch.

You can binge-watch MasterClass as easily as Netflix, while learning some fascinating skills along the way.

If you want to sign up to Daniel Negreanu’s class, then you’ll need to buy the MasterClass annual membership for $180. This gives you access to every other class on the platform.

You can read my complete MasterClass review here. I go into a lot of detail about the best classes to take and other benefits of the annual membership.

What Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass is all about

Imagine if you were signing up for classes in university and Daniel Negreanu was an instructor for a class on poker.

That’s exactly what you get with Daniel’s MasterClass, with the added benefit of not having to show up on time for class every week.

With 38 video lessons in this MasterClass, Daniel spells out everything he knows about poker, from top to bottom.

This means that as long as you aren’t an absolute beginner at the game — meaning you understand the basic fundamentals of how poker works — then you can benefit from this MasterClass at any level.

Some of the topics he goes over include:

  • The power of position
  • Board texture and hand ranges
  • Check-raising, three-betting, and continuation bets
  • Bankroll management, game selection
  • The poker player life
  • Bluffs and understanding them
  • Bet sizing
  • Understanding how to employ a mixed strategy
  • Typical mistakes of both beginners and veterans
  • Hiding and spotting tells

What really makes this MasterClass stand out from other poker guides out there is that Daniel treats poker as more than just some extremely complicated math problem, which too many poker instructors tend to do.

While Daniel does discuss the math behind poker and game theory, he doesn’t go into the intricacies of all the numbers. Instead, he discusses everything else around poker.

This, in my opinion, makes it a significantly more interesting experience than the many math-centered poker courses out there.

Essentially, this poker course is an insider’s firsthand look into the mind and life of Daniel Negreanu.

He teaches you how he thinks about poker, and does his best to connect the experience and knowledge gaps for beginner views.

He also goes into the lifestyle choices and meditation that he practices to ensure that he’s at his best when he’s playing.

Let’s make this simple: you won’t find a more comprehensive or intimate experience with a top poker player than Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass anywhere else.


Who Is Daniel Negreanu’s Poker MasterClass For?

You would love Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass if… Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass might not be for you if…
You know who Daniel Negreanu is and you want to learn from the best of the best You’re a veteran of the game looking for thorough discussion on the math and statistics behind poker
You want to understand the techniques and strategies employed by the most successful player in the game You’re looking for a quick guidebook to instantly turn you into an amazing player
You want to maximize the way you play poker, including things you can do when you’re not at the poker table You’re a complete beginner at poker, meaning this course might be a bit alien to you

So who is the Daniel Negreanu MasterClass for?

The short and easy answer is that this MasterClass is great for anyone who enjoys poker and wants to learn more about it and how to become a better player.

The long answer isn’t as simple.

I’ve introduced some friends I regularly play poker with to this MasterClass. And I got some mixed reviews…

While some of them loved it, others didn’t really see the value in it so much.

The difference I think is how much you’re willing to accept that poker isn’t just a game of luck and a bit of skill. It’s a science, and like any science, there are stratagems and theories and techniques that need to be mastered.

Another issue I found with the friends who didn’t like the course so much is that they might’ve not felt the results right away during our next poker match.

Maybe they felt that they didn’t immediately learn and change their game because of the MasterClass, so they thought that it was just a waste of time.

But as you would find out yourself if you tried the course, Negreanu’s course isn’t an immediate launchpad to poker stardom.

Just because you know the strategies and techniques he employs doesn’t mean you know how to use them properly right away.

If you’re the kind of poker player who loves learning, and loves putting in the time and effort to become a better player, then this course is perfect for you.


What makes Daniel Negreanu the perfect mentor?

If you’re a beginner looking to take your poker skills to the next level, chances are you already know who Daniel Negreanu is.

Daniel might just be the most popular live poker player right now, with pocket earnings of more than $40 million from live tournaments.

He has six World Series of Poker titles and two World Poker Tour championship titles, making him one of the best poker players of all time.

Daniel’s success is enough to encourage anyone to enroll in this MasterClass.

After all, his success and popularity already speak for itself. But that’s not all Daniel has to offer as a poker expert and as your poker trainer.

If you want to learn poker and the fundamental strategies, especially at a high level, it’s safe to say that there are others out there that are offering more or less the same type of content.

What makes Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass standout, however, is his understanding of both technique and psychology.

In this MasterClass, he teaches you how to read the board as well as how to spot tells from other players, and that’s exactly what makes this class special compared to any other one you can find.

You don’t just learn poker techniques, you understand why they exist in the first place.

Things like game ranges, playing in different modes, and betting are all part of the class.

He delves deep into techniques he’s used on his own games, providing recaps of previous tournaments and dissecting the smallest cues from his opponents that helped him win.

You can always use other software to learn poker to advance your skills but having a professional world poker champion unveil his secrets and aggregate all that information into one course will definitely get you there a lot faster.

What you get with Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass

The Poker MasterClass by Daniel Negreanus has 38 lessons in total with each one ranging from 4 minutes to half an hour long.

To access his class, you have to get the annual membership for $180, giving you limitless access to MasterClass’ entire library of courses.

(As an aside, MasterClass used to offer individual classes for $90 but they stopped doing this a few months ago).

Here’s what you can expect from his MasterClass:

  • 38 lessons covering a wide variety of poker topics including techniques, off the felt “training”, and spotting tells
  • Workbooks and other printable material to supplement video lessons. This is a great way to solidify everything you’ve learned even if you’re not actively going through the course anymore
  • On-demand access with the iOS app and seamless access through any other digital device
  • A mix of both lecture and hand reviews for a more in-depth understanding of poker.

Enrolling in this class also gives you access to an exclusive opportunity to ask questions and have Daniel Negreanu and other members of the class community answer them.

Sometimes Daniel himself will answer these questions and although that’s quite rare, just being able to connect and share insight with other poker players is a pretty cool opportunity.

You’ll meet a range of students, from absolute pros to semi-professionals making consistent success in casual games.

With 38 lessons covering a huge variety of topics, this MasterClass is definitely comprehensive, especially to relative beginners.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some of the most interesting courses from the lesson plan:


Lesson 3: Hand Ranges and Board Texture

Daniel summarizes the most general ranges, betting patterns, and player tendencies to bring new players up to speed.

This part of the MasterClass is a great way to learn about the general techniques of most players and what to do to set yourself apart from the most common (and therefore predictable!) moves.

Lesson 10: Detecting and Executing the Right Bluff

This is something a lot of new players will benefit from.

In this video, Daniel breaks down the key components to look at when breaking your opponent’s bluff, including board texture and capped ranges.

He also gives advice on how to make your own bluffs look more convincing.

Lesson 14: Multi-way Dynamics

If online poker is your thing, this part of the lesson plan is perfect for you. In this part, Daniel discusses how to adapt when there are multiple players at the table.

He talks about the implications of multi-person pots and how to adjust your playstyle in this environment.

Lesson 18-20: Early, On the Bubble, and Late Tournament Strategies

Daniel breaks down the different strategies he personally uses in different stages of a poker tournament.

It’s interesting to see him break down the elements of each tournament “phase”, as well as the things you should be watching out for in these three different stages of the game.

Lesson 27: Table Talk

This 10-minute lesson goes deep into Daniel’s use of table talk in order to reveal information from other players.

This is something you don’t really see in other courses so it’s definitely a valuable addition to a course.

As a student, you get an intimate understanding of what to expect at a poker table and how your own body language and conversation manner can reveal what players want to know from your hand.

Lesson 32: Player Profiling

Another lesson focused on player psychology. Here Daniel shares different player archetypes and what you can expect from each one.

The best part about this MasterClass is that it mixes the technical to the personal.

You can always use software to teach yourself the math of the game and read textbooks to learn more about probability and figure out how to game your chances, but Daniel’s MasterClass provides a holistic understanding of poker, from numbers to people.

You can view the entire lesson plan here.

Is Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass Worth It?

Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass earned mixed reviews online and having gone through it myself I have a feeling it’s because people had unrealistic expectations going into the course.

The truth is, Daniel Negreanu’s 38-video lesson plan won’t launch your career as a professional poker player.

It might not even make you an intermediate poker player any time soon. And it’s not because the course doesn’t offer anything new or actionable, it’s because poker takes time and practice.

What you get from the MasterClass is an in-depth understanding of game theory and poker psychology.

These are easy to remember on paper, and whatever success you have with the course won’t instantly translate to success on the felt because of the shifting dynamics of the game when you’re actually playing with other people.

Poker is a multi-layered game, and the cards you’re dealt with are just one layer.

Daniel’s MasterClass teaches you which layers to focus on, when to zoom in on them, and how they can affect your game.

Did I enjoy Daniel’s Poker MasterClass? I definitely did.

There’s tons of content to enjoy and small insights in-between each video. Even if I was already familiar with some of the concepts, Daniel’s unique take on things definitely presented poker in a different light.


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