The power of habits: 11 daily practices of strong women

People can be born with a tendency for certain qualities — but a huge part of the equation is the daily practices they adopt. 

These shape us into who we are and the kind of people we want to become.

You may look up to many strong women you see around you, and wonder how they do it.

Well, I’m about to break it down for you. These women didn’t become strong by pure chance — whether they know it or not, they follow these 11 daily practices that help make them the badass women they are.

1) They start the day off consciously

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

Do you reach for your phone and check how many new likes you got? Do you automatically open your email to see what’s ahead for the day?

The first daily practice of strong women is they start the day off very consciously and with a good mindset.

The mindset with which you tackle those first few minutes can set the tone for how the entire rest of your day goes. 

This means no mindless scrolling and no getting up in a huge rush. Instead, you can spend a few minutes meditating in bed, do a bit of yoga stretching, or do a quick gratitude exercise.

I also like to create a quick plan for the day first thing in the morning, to help keep myself on track. 

2) They prioritize relationships 

Everything going on in your life has one thing in common: people.

People and the relationships between them make the world go around. Without them, all we would have is nature and weather. 

Strong women understand this, and know that if they want to achieve anything in life, they have to build healthy relationships with those around them.

But they don’t do this only for personal gain. Strong women also know that healthy relationships are one of the primary keys to happiness in life

Take the time to get to know your colleagues, even the cleaning lady who comes in every evening. 

Try making casual conversation with your waiter, taxi driver, or checkout assistant. You might be surprised how interesting people can be when you give them a chance!

3) They are proactive and go after what they want

I’ll be honest — I’m a pretty shy woman, and always have been.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that an important practice of strong women is to be proactive.

If I hesitate to make a move, someone else will do it, and snatch an opportunity right from under me.

The point is not to hog every good opportunity. But you have to speak up so people know you’re interested, and take action to show that you’re serious.

This goes for work promotions, but also more casual situations like when you’re deciding what to do together with your group of friends.

You have a voice – don’t be afraid to let it be heard!

4) They stay organized

As a strong woman, you probably have many goals — professional, personal, and social.

We all know that goals require consistent and structured action.

Some people are able to keep everything organized and on track in their head. But most strong women I know use tools to help them out, like agendas, lists, and apps. 

There are dozens of ways to stay organized, so the most important thing is that you come up with a system that you can stay on top of.

Just make sure to stick to it!

5) They exercise regularly

Exercise isn’t just about looking great. Strong women have this daily practice because it helps them stay healthy, happy and confident. 

We all already know that exercise keeps you healthier overall. It also keeps you from getting sick and helps you get good quality sleep, so you can stay energized and rocking all your goals.

Moving your body regularly also boosts your memory and improves your self-esteem — more great qualities for a strong woman. 

I didn’t used to like exercising much, but over the last few years I’ve made a habit of regularly hitting the gym.

And I have to say I really do feel an enormous difference in how I feel and how confidently I can tackle everything in life. 

6) They set clear boundaries

When you picture a strong woman, you might picture one of those sassy characters from series that don’t take no for an answer and aren’t afraid to put people in their place.

Some of those series may take it overboard and misconstrue what it means to stand up for yourself — but it’s true that a strong woman will consistently set and enforce healthy boundaries.

Even in today’s world, there are still people who assume women are emotional, weak, and can be taken advantage of.

But sometimes it has nothing to do with gender — anyone can be dismissed or treated like dirt by others who feel superior. 

It may take some time and practice, but a strong woman learns how to draw the line respectfully but firmly so her values and boundaries are protected. 

7) They embrace vulnerability

Some women might feel that being strong means never showing any weakness, and stuff their fears and insecurities deep down.

But the truth is, everyone has some “weakness” — it’s a part of being a human. Strong people aren’t afraid to admit that.

Obviously, you must choose carefully who you trust and confide in. Not everyone will be on your side and support you.

However, when it feels right, don’t be afraid to show emotion or ask for help when you need it. 

8) They stay focused on their goals

We all encounter setbacks and disappointments in life — even on a daily basis.

But strong women don’t let that stop them. A daily practice that helps them with this is to stay focused on their goals.

When you look back from things you’ve already accomplished, you’ll probably realize that there were many bumps along the road you had to get through.

But they seem rather insignificant compared to what you have achieved. 

Strong women have the ability to adopt this mentality even when they’re at the starting point, looking past any obstacles to the finish line and keeping their eye on the prize. 

9) They surround themselves with the right people

They say you’re the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

And while there’s something to be said for individuality, it’s true that the people we’re closest to have a huge influence on who we become.

That’s why strong women make a point of surrounding themselves with people who inspire them, uplift them, and empower them. 

It doesn’t have to be a multimillionaire CEO or an award-winning author. What matters most is that you can truly look up to the people you surround yourself with.

These are people who will propel you forward, rather than push you down.

10) They work on effective communication

Good communication isn’t something we’re born with. You have to practice it and be conscious of how you do it. 

We use communication in practically everything we do — so with so much hanging in the balance, it’s amazing how many people neglect to work on these skills. 

Not strong women though. They make a daily practice of becoming better communicators.

This includes expressing their own ideas clearly and confidently, to avoid miscommunication and get the right message across.

But more importantly, it means being a good listener, making sure everyone feels respected and heard and being open to other points of view. 

This daily practice is especially important because it supports many of the others mentioned above, including setting boundaries, being proactive, and building positive relationships. 

11) They practice gratitude 

Strong women take their lives into their own hands and are confident that they can get what they want.

However, they never forget to be grateful. Even if you achieve something through your own hard work, nobody does something completely on their own. There are always people who help you along the way. 

Gratitude is what keeps you humble and working hard so that your dreams don’t slip away because you started taking them for granted.

For this reason strong women remain thankful for everything good in their lives, knowing that nothing in life is a guarantee and anything can change at any moment.  

Final thoughts

Now you know the 11 daily practices of strong women. Of course, the list doesn’t end here — there are many more things strong women can do that help support them and their character.

If you look around at the strong women you personally know (or perhaps even yourself!) you may notice several more daily habits you can begin to incorporate into your own life. 

Silvia Adamyova

Born in Slovakia, raised in Canada, with a translation degree from University of Ottawa and an editing certificate from Simon Fraser University. Now based back in Slovakia (if you’re wondering why - have you seen Canadian winters?). Full-time freelance English teacher, translator, editor, and copywriter. Part-time avid reader, self-development junkie, and cake addict. I hope my writing inspires you in some way — if it does, find me on LinkedIn or Instagram and let me know!

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