11 daily habits of women whose husbands are deeply in love with them

When you see a man who’s actually in love, it’s noticeable. He behaves in a special way towards the person he loves, and his personality softens and changes a bit. 

Serotonin, the hormone responsible for feelings of happiness and affection, deeply impacts our behavior and thought patterns. 

When men are in love, they become more attentive to their special someone, striving to get their approval and love back. 

For example, if the person they love doesn’t like smokers, they will consider quitting the habit. 

Women with loving and faithful husbands by their side keep these 11 daily habits of women whose husbands are deeply in love with them. 

1) Presenting their man with pride

Most of the time, men love when women show that they’re proud of them. When other people see how we praise our partners, they feel like others give them more value.

I mean, it’s true for both men and women, but for men, praise and appreciation truly mean a lot.

It’s not necessary to overdo praising, though, because it will start to feel hollow. But, if you’re feeling like it, show him off a little bit, and compliment him in front of other people

This way, he will know what you like about him and feel noticed and loved by you. 

2) Showing physical affection

Most men would love a little bit more of a physical display of emotion. Words are all good, and they work, but there are different love languages in the world, and one of them is physical touch. 

As women, we could be a bit less shy when it comes to showing men their love, especially in physical ways. I don’t necessarily mean sexually charged touches, but a hug and a cuddle have never hurt anybody. 

Men aren’t really used to it, so to most of them, it’s a revolution and a new way of feeling loved. 

Women with happy, loving husbands make sure that they know they’re physically attractive, so much so that they can’t help but touch them sometimes. 

3) Anticipating his needs

If you’ve just started a relationship, this might get a little bit more difficult simply because you still don’t know each other well. 

However, long-term relationships and marriages is a different thing. Women with happy relationships understand that it’s good to take care of their partners in small but noticeable ways, and this includes anticipating their needs. 

For example, if he comes home and he’s tired, you could wait to watch a TV show with him, cuddling on the sofa and asking about his day. 

Or you could wait for him with a romantic dinner prepared for the both of you. It doesn’t even need to be special! Just keeping the food warm for him can do the trick. 

Small gestures of love can mean a great deal to a man who’s infatuated with his wife. 

4) Paying attention to him, like, really

I’ve had a few failed relationships, and I can definitely say that not paying attention to my exes ultimately erased the trust and love we’d tried to build. 

Life gets in the way, and I had — and still have! — big professional goals. Sometimes noticing your partner and staying present can be difficult. 

Now I am in a healthy relationship with a man who loves me, and I actually make an effort to notice him in the room, seek his company and make him part of my life, even my professional life. 

This makes him feel loved, and it doesn’t feel unnatural or bad to me at all. Our relationship is better as a result.  

5) Being playful and flirty…because why not!

Flirting is such a fun activity, and I’ve always wondered why do we stop to flirt when we get married? It’s so enjoyable! 

Unfortunately, I think it has to do with keeping up with routine and life. 

As adults, we don’t have a lot of time on our hands, and living with another person can be difficult, so we might reduce the conversation to “take the trash out please”, and “have you washed the dished yet?”

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. A good relationship is also an investment of our time and desires. 

So, women who want to keep the flame and love alive flirt as much as they can with their husbands.

From complimenting them to kissing them in public, flirting can be one of the best things to happen to your relationship. 

6) Noticing the little things he does

Acting on the details is where it’s at. If he says he likes some item of food, try to buy it or cook it for him. 

If he has been wearing the same old ratty shirt to stay at home, change it for something equally comfortable. He will love it! 

As I said before, the small things can mean a lot, especially for men. 

If you give him your undivided attention whenever you can, and you act on the little details, he will feel a lot more grateful, and he will fall in love with you even more

7) Having open communication and being honest

Communication… we’re pretty much terrible at it, unless we work to make it different. 

Being honest and communicating our wants and needs is very important, and it can only bring good things into the marriage

If you feel safe communicating with someone, they will too, and your needs will be met in a healthier way. 

Here are some tips to follow if you struggle to communicate:

  • Let each other speak, and don’t interrupt;
  • Listen actively, don’t just think about what to say back; 
  • Keep making eye contact throughout the conversation;
  • Monologues or rants without talking to each other are not allowed;
  • Set some ground rules before making an important decision–discuss how you come to a balanced decision.

Conflicts are bound to happen in all our relationships. Open communication, respect, and trust are the only ways to fix them every time they arise. 

8) Planning dates for both of you

If you’re always going to sports that you don’t enjoy only to spend some time with him, or if he’s always going shopping with you without wanting to, you’re both missing out. 

Finding ways to enjoy each other and your date is a must. 

Otherwise, either you or he will feel like your likes and dislikes aren’t taken into consideration. 

Here are some date examples to get those creative juices flowing:

  • Hiking together through a beautiful location;
  • Going to a cooking class or taking a lesson in something you both like;
  • Trying new spots to eat together;
  • Gardening or taking care of the backyard as a team; 
  • Making a bucket list of places you want to see or visit and planning the new trips;
  • Picking movies you both enjoy or taking turns watching movies.

Make your marriage exciting again with small, loving things that you will both appreciate. It will become a habit!

9) Taking care of your physical and mental health

Of course, time goes by, and we don’t remain the same. I’m not an advocate for plastic surgery here, but it’s important to take care of yourself. Not only for him but for your own sake. 

What does this mean exactly? Well, here are some things you can do or keep doing if they’re already a habit in your life:

  • Eating nutritious foods; 
  • Exercising regularly (try to find things you enjoy doing, like dancing for example!);
  • Spending money on the “enjoyable rather than necessary” stuff that will make you feel good, like a spa day or a massage;
  • Taking special care of your mental health. 

Remember that you also have to feel great mentally to add to your marriage. If you feel down for a long time or you don’t see any hope in tomorrow–don’t hesitate to ask for help from a friend or a therapist.

Women whose husbands are deeply in love with them make sure they have a good mental health!

10) Walking around wearing sexy outfit

It was impossible to resist this one! And I have a very good reason why. 

Men have fantasies, okay? Lots of them, all the time. 

Have you seen all those videos of women flashing their partners and their flustered reactions every time? You can be the cause of that as well! 

If you walk around naked or with just your underwear, you will surprise him. Maybe you will learn some things about yourself as well! 

11) Sexting and flirting through messages

We’re all familiar with the sweet dating stages, where you couldn’t stop talking to each other all day. 

Bringing that back isn’t impossible: you can start by texting anything apart from “please remember to bring milk home.”

Surprise your partner with flirtatious or spontaneous texts throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. You can just keep it light and funny!

Go ahead, text something nice, and see what happens.  

In a nutshell 

Keeping these habits and making the marriage or the relationship a priority is very important. It can really save you and your person because it brings the focus back to what matters: you two. 

If he makes the same efforts for you, why isn’t it a good idea? Doing things for the person you love doesn’t have to be too hard because it comes from the heart. 

So, make an effort, think about the things he likes, take an interest, mind the details, and let him do the same to you. You might even rediscover each other in unexpected ways, especially if it’s been a long time since you’ve shared romantic things together. 

Love can be rebuilt, especially when what came between you was simply the daily grind. 

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