5 counterintuitive reasons why getting a prenup makes the marriage more romantic

Maybe we’ve been too influenced by fairy tales, far-fetched romcoms, or carefully curated social media posts. 

Because as a society, we have a pretty limited idea of what true romance should entail. 

The truth is when it comes to collectively loving one another, we’ve barely dared to think outside the box, to break away from established norms. 

A prenuptial agreement, therefore, has some fairly negative connotations in today’s world. 

People think a prenup zaps the romance of any union; they think it’s a harsh legal document where love goes to die. 

I disagree. 

In fact, I’d make the argument that a prenup makes your marriage all the more meaningful. 

Now before you react, hear me out. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through some counterintuitive reasons why getting a prenup enhances romance in a marriage. 

Let’s dive in!

1) It encourages open communication 

The elephant in the room; many couples relentlessly work to avoid it. 

But the truth is, it’s better to be temporarily uncomfortable than have uncertainty indefinitely lingering over you. 

Left unaddressed, the latter can lead to induce strain and resentment over time. 

People say communication is a cornerstone of any successful romance. 

Drafting a prenup by its very nature requires honest communication. 

It requires earnest, open dialogue about finances, future plans, and expectations. 

By discussing such lofty topics, you’re setting a powerful precedent for things to come. 

When approached with the right attitude, this transparency will ultimately strengthen your relationship, building a sturdy foundation of trust and security. 

Many couples might sweep key issues under the rug only to regret it later. 

Not you though, by drafting a prenup, you’re making your voice heard from the very start. 

2) It mitigates financial stress

It’s no secret that money is one of the most contentious, anxiety-inducing topics for many, many couples. 

So by addressing financial matters from the get-go, a prenup will clear the air, putting to rest uncertainties or potential sources of conflict. 

In a way, this opens the door for true romance to thrive. 

The couple in question can now focus on building a relationship rather than awkwardly having to tiptoe around money issues.

Peace of mind… it’s a beautiful thing. 

3) It puts the focus on love, not money

This is a big one. In theory, we are supposed to marry for love, not money. 

Marriage shouldn’t be viewed as transactional or a means of financial gain. 

So if real, authentic love is in the air, then there should be no apprehension or anxiety when the prospect of signing a prenup is brought up. 

The process of creating a prenup is, in a way, devotion to the marriage itself. 

Think about it: a prenup can signal that both parties are serious about the marriage. 

It can signal that they’re willing to work through difficult conversations rather than walk away like, well, everybody else. 

Signing a prenup can be a resounding assurance of true, long-term love and commitment, more than anything. 

There’s nothing more romantic than that. 

4) It prepares you for life’s uncertainties

When you agree to marriage, you agree to be with each other through thick and thin. 

Those aren’t just empty words you say mindlessly at the altar; they should actually mean something. 

A prenup is proof that both partners will make good on their vows to the end; that they are thinking ahead and dedicated to taking care of each other, regardless of what the future holds.

Now that’s love. 

I’m sure many of you might almost instinctively raise an eyebrow whenever you see a young attractive woman with an older, comparatively less physically appealing man; and vice versa.

For the record, I can’t blame you. 

Let’s not be naive. Many people will pursue a relationship for money or status, inheritance, green cards, or convenience. 

That said, we shouldn’t pessimistically rush to conclusions every time. 

Many unions with large age gaps or financial disparities are, believe it or not, founded on real love. 

Genuine romance is out there, in all shapes and sizes.  

Just because they don’t come in the form of a conventional vanilla power couple doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of love without an ulterior motive. 

5) It encourages independence

Having a blatant power imbalance in a relationship is not the stuff of epic love stories.

It’s nearly 2024–in an ideal world, you and your spouse should view one another as equals. 

You should both have separate identities, embracing one another’s independence and individuality, yet still coming together at the end of the day. 

What you shouldn’t be is a tenant, a dependent, a liability for your partner. 

You shouldn’t act entitled and idly wait for handouts, financial or otherwise. 

By outlining what is shared and what is individual, a prenup by its very nature encourages genuine independence.

This can be romantic in terms of personal space, identity, and long-term sustainability. 

When we think romance, we might first think of passion, animalistic attraction, or constant butterflies–but these things fade. 

Sustainability isn’t the most romantic of terms–but in the context of successful marriages, it’s about as important as they come

Final words 

Contrary to conventional wisdom, drafting a prenup can deepen a couple’s bond. 

It’s a deep conversation starter, sparking open dialogue about values, finances, and dreams. 

Also, a well-drafted prenup separates the people who are genuinely in it for love from those with unsavory motives. 

It reassures both partners that their marriage is rooted in affection, not assets. 

It encourages couples to align future goals and expectations, which can bring them closer together.

So if you’re considering bringing up the possibility of a prenup with your spouse-to-be, don’t overthink it. 

It’s a far more romantic gesture than we give it credit for. 

Clifton Kopp

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