You’re a strong, independent, and successful woman. You can have a relationship with any man of any age, but for some reason, you notice that dates are more comfortable and fun with younger men. And young men seem to be drawn to you.

As strange as this may seem to you, you’re not alone. This is becoming more and more common.

Women in positions of authority are finding emotional fulfilment from dating young men. And young men prefer dating cougars to younger, immature women. It’s sexual tension waiting to blossom.

What’s going on here? These 7 things:

1) He loves your experience

There’s no getting around it: experience is valuable. You’ve become wiser and better at coping with difficult situations in life.

You’ve been through it all in life, and a young man feels like there’s so much to learn from you.

You’re the rock he’s always wanted. You might be attracted to his zest for life, but he loves the fact that you’ve got your life together and won’t take any shit.

And yes, experience also applies to the bedroom.

2) He’s open-minded

This is what you love about younger men. They’re more free and open-minded. The older men who refuse to budge from stereotypical ways of living irks you to your core.

Young men are willing to try new things, embrace new concepts and explore the big wide world. Life is too short to settle down in a boring 9-5 job and not experience everything that life has to offer.

You’ve worked hard and a young man is more likely to bring out the energy and zest in you.

3) Young men are hot!

A chiseled chest? 6-pack? A nice butt? Let’s be honest, younger men have that sex appeal going on.

Not only physically, but they’re more likely to be spontaneous as well. A deep and meaningful sex session on a weeknight? Why not!

This makes younger men incredibly sexy to you. And sexually it works. We’ve all heard that men tend to peak sexually in their younger 20s while women peak in their 30s. This makes for a lot of crazy, loved filled sex!

4) His attitude and energy are infectious

Younger people tend to be more adventurous than their older counterparts. A younger man encourages you to try new things and get out there in the world.

They help you live in the moment and relish an upbeat, positive outlook on life. It doesn’t matter how old you are, we’re all capable of living vibrantly.

And when life is as short as it is, why the hell not!

5) You both know what you want

You’re older, wiser and know exactly what you want. A casual fling? Or a serious and meaningful relationship? You find the guy that’s right for you.

And while you might think that young men only want something quick, it’s not entirely true.

Some guys become so in love with you, they just want to be with you for the rest of their life. In other words, you’re “the one”.

Whatever you want, you’re able to find it in a young man.

6) He respects you for all that you’ve achieved

You didn’t become a successful women out of nowhere. It’s taken hard work, dedication and persistence.

He understands, admires and respects this, as he knows how difficult it is for a woman to rise in the ranks.

You’re filled with wisdom and stability and he can’t believe his luck that he has become part of your life.

7) You both envision a future of possibility

Being a young man, he has the world in front of him. There’s so many things he wants to achieve, and with you by his side to guide him along way, the possibilities seem limitless.

Likewise, you’ve come, you’ve saw, and you’ve conquered. And guess what? You want to keep on doing that! It’s what makes life fun and meaningful.

For you, there’s so much more in life that you want to experience and achieve, and a young guy by the helm will help you get there!

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