10 complicated things only old souls understand about themselves

Being an old soul has its perks – you’ve got more depth and wisdom than the average person, and you’ve got heaps of empathy and compassion in you. 

It also has its downsides. More often than not, you might feel like an outsider. People might even call you weird or out of touch. 

One thing’s for sure, though. Being an old soul is complicated.

Here are ten complicated things only old souls understand about themselves that others might find hard to grasp: 

1) Material things don’t matter as much as meaningful connections

For old souls, possessions just don’t have the same allure it holds for other people.  

I don’t mean to say that they don’t appreciate material comforts; they do, just not to the extent that it becomes part of their life goals. 

They don’t have that same satisfaction other people get when they’re finally able to buy the luxury bag or car or latest gadget they’ve been saving up for. 

What ticks their boxes, then? 

Meaningful experiences. Heartfelt conversations. Strong connections with other people. 

As an old soul myself, I can vouch for this. I’ve never been one to lust after material things (except perhaps for books) or feel the need to follow trends. 

In fact, I was once called weird for not understanding the fuss over the latest iPhone. 

2) The big picture trumps the day-to-day 

Where others might get caught up in the minutiae of daily life, old souls are always looking towards the bigger picture. 

So, real-life matters like what’s for dinner, or whose turn it is to take out the trash don’t really occupy their minds much. 

They’re more focused on the big stuff – on their larger purpose in the world. Global and social issues. The interconnectedness of everything. Human existence. 

You get the drift. Of course, they’re still involved with day-to-day matters, but the big picture is the one they feel deserves their attention most. 

3) They are drawn to the spiritual

Spirituality is a huge part of the big picture – and old souls are naturally drawn to it. 

It’s all because of their search for deeper meaning. 

Remember all the big stuff topics I mentioned earlier? You can’t delve into those without acknowledging that there’s a universality, a spiritual force, tying everything together. 

This sense of interconnectedness resonates with many spiritual paths, which is why it’s not uncommon for old souls to explore these various avenues. 

At certain points in their lives, they might feel like something’s missing, but they have the wisdom to recognize that and seek the answers they need by tuning into their spirituality.

4) They are deeply connected to the past

Like spirituality, the past is another aspect that resonates with old souls

In fact, they have a sense of “I’ve been here before,” which might sound strange to the other person, but is absolutely normal for an old soul

In my younger years, I felt this sense so strongly. While people my age were rocking to the latest music, I was closing my eyes and nodding to the music of eras gone by, specifically the jazz music of the 1920s. 

And as a child, I would follow my grandma around with a notebook like a little reporter, asking questions about the war, about what it was like growing up in the ‘20s and ‘30s. 

To this day, I carry that fondness for certain elements of the past. If you look around my home, you’d see an antique typewriter, an antique radio, old editions of books, and vinyl records. 

And yes, I still do write letters to friends and family by hand!

For some reason, these types of things just appeal to me more than modern styles. 

5) They have a romantic view of life

Those vintage elements I mentioned above show how old souls tend to gravitate towards the romantic. 

That sensibility isn’t limited to aesthetic preferences; it’s their whole outlook towards life. 

What exactly does that mean? 

Well, Romanticism means an emphasis on beauty, imagination, and emotion, so it’s the kind of perspective where we view life as one long romantic adventure. 

So, an old soul would take the time to savor life, find poetry in the mundane, and see the world through a lens of wonder and curiosity. 

Does that sound unrealistic? Maybe so, especially for those who lean more towards the pragmatic. But believe me, it certainly makes for a richer and deeper existence. 

Are you wondering how to get into that romantic mindset? Here are some simple ways to do that: 

  • Watch a sunrise or spend an evening stargazing.
  • Create art! Write a poem, paint, or play a musical instrument.
  • Read poetry or classic literature. 
  • Sit down and breathe in the smell of your coffee. 
  • Walk through a park leisurely, filling your senses with everything around you. 

Pretty simple, right? It’s all about taking the time to nourish the soul!

6) The inner world is more important than the outer world

Speaking of the soul brings me to this next point, which is that for old souls, their inner world is more important than what’s going on around them. 

You see, the inner world is where an old soul cultivates their depth, introspection, and authenticity. 

It’s their space for reflecting on their experiences, processing their emotions, and making sense of life. 

In contrast, the outer world can often feel superficial and hollow with its preoccupation with material success, image, and social status, none of which appeal to an old soul. 

This is something complicated an old soul would understand about themselves – the minute they feel chaotic and overwhelmed, it means they’ve been neglecting their inner world too much. Which is why…

7) Alone time is necessary

It’s actually a common misconception that an old soul is a recluse who likes to hide away in their ivory tower, nose buried in long-forgotten books…

Not at all. Old souls can be just as gregarious or sociable as the next person. But the thing is, they absolutely need periods of detachment so they can recharge. 

Because here’s the deal – for old souls, the freedom to contemplate in silence is the ultimate battery charger. 

Take that away, and you’d have a person feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts.  

8) Emotional sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse

With that romantic view of life and constant contemplation, it’s only natural for old souls to be hyper-aware, not just of their own emotions, but of other people’s as well.

That’s why many of their friends turn to them for advice or comfort. 

However, it comes with a downside – because they feel everything deeply, old souls can feel burdened at times, emotionally exhausted with absorbing negative energy

In many ways, it feels like both a blessing and a curse. 

That said, old souls would never have it any other way. In the end, the beauty and depth their emotional sensitivity adds to their lives far outweigh the difficulties. 

After all, the Romantic view of life calls for soaking everything in with passion. And if that includes a little pain and discomfort, then so be it.    

9) Connecting with others can be hard because of the difference in depth and perspective

Now here’s a strange thing. You might think that with all their empathy and wisdom, old souls would find it easy to connect with others. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. You see, sometimes, old souls have a certain level of wisdom and perspective that’s so far removed from the norm that it can be hard for others to relate to them. And vice-versa. 

This is especially true for old souls who are young. I, for one, found it hard to fit in with my peers because of my peculiar tastes. When I’d talk about the things I enjoyed (philosophy, history, and all that), I would mostly get blank stares. 

It does get easier as you get older, though, because your world gets bigger. And the more people you meet, the bigger the chances are of spotting a kindred spirit. 

It might not feel that way right now, but believe me, somewhere out there are old souls just like you! 

10) There’s a sense of being out-of-sync with the rest of the world

As the previous section shows, being an old soul can feel lonely. When you’ve got a different set of values and perspectives than many of your peers, you might feel misunderstood or even alienated.

It’s as if you’re walking out of step with the world, and there’s no one around to match your pace. 

Where other people around you are living rushed, frenetic lives, you’re taking a leisurely walk through life, metaphorically speaking. 

You’re not worried about getting married or having X money in the bank by a certain age. 

You’ve got your own set of milestones and your own path, which you’re quite clear about, thanks to the intimate knowledge you have of yourself. 

Final thoughts

As you can see, being an old soul has its advantages and disadvantages. It certainly can be complicated at times. 

That said, I do love being an old soul. When you pursue truth and beauty in everything you do, your life becomes one where each day is meaningful. 

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