18 perfect comebacks to deal with arrogant people

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If you’re anything like me, you can’t stand interacting with arrogant people.

They’re self-centered, they don’t care about your feelings, and they think they’re superior to you in every way.

It’s certainly not fun to deal with them, so I decided to do something about it and figure out how to put them in their place.

So here is my research on the best possible comebacks you can use when you’re confronted by an arrogant person.

Check them out:

1. “You know my sister is….right?”

Arrogant people are prone to generalization. They think they’re better than everyone else so they tend to put others in a group that is lower than them.

If you tell them that your sister or brother is part of the group that they’ve just spoken negatively about, you’ll force them to reflect on what they just said and they’ll likely feel embarrassed.

2. “Why do you believe you are higher than…”

Arrogant people think they’re superior to others, so why not question this belief? Get them to prove their point.

This will cause them to feel uncomfortable because they’ll realize that they don’t have any valid arguments to prove their point.

3. “You seriously need to stop talking”

This response is more straightforward, and it’s best used when you’re ending the conversation.

It’s an excellent comment to directly tell the arrogant person that what they’re saying is uncalled for and you’re not impressed.

At the very least, it will force them to reflect on what they just said and understand why it was offensive.

4. “You didn’t mean it to sound in an arrogant way, did you?”

This is a positive response you can use to avoid causing tension, but at the same time, point out the arrogance in what they said.

It gives them the benefit of the doubt that their intentions aren’t necessarily bad, but what they’re saying is.

It’s now up to them whether they redeem themselves or not.

It also shows that you won’t get involved in this sort of talk, and they’ll know better to avoid these kinds of comments in the future (especially around you).

5. “Now what makes you say that?”

This is a less confrontational response that can help the arrogant person reflect on what they just said.

The good thing about this response is you won’t cause an argument, but you’re simply portraying yourself as curious and unassuming.

The hope is that the arrogant person reflects on their negative statement and realizes that it was uncalled for and unnecessarily harsh.

6. “That’s not the only way of seeing things”

Arrogant people might think that there is only one way of seeing things, but this response is great as it lets them know that people have different perspectives.

Arrogant people want to be popular, so letting them know that their views aren’t received well is a great way to put them in their place.

7. “Can you explain once and for all why you’re such a big deal”

Arrogant people consider themselves superior to others, but when you confront them to explain why they believe they’re superior, they generally won’t know how to respond.

If you really want to put them in their place, use this response and watch them become embarrassed.

8. “Now why would you say such a thing?”

To make themselves look better, arrogant people will try to put down everyone around them.

They have no problem spreading fake rumors and misinformation if it is going to benefit their ego.

So when you notice an arrogant person say something outlandish or rude to you, genuinely ask them this question and watch their minds pause and reflect.

They’ll also realize to never speak like that to you again.

9. “Oh, I’m sure you didn’t mean to sound so ignorant”

If they’re putting down a group of people, this is the perfect response to put them in their place.

You’ll force them to justify what they’re saying, and most likely, they won’t be able to.

You’re also letting them know that you disagree with their opinion and they need to watch what they say around you.

10. “I’m pretty sure the Earth revolves around the sun, not you!”

This is a snarky response, but it’s an excellent one if the arrogant person has brought the conversation back to themselves (which they often do).

It lets them know that they’re not the center of the universe and you’re tired of them talking about themselves all day long.

11. “Newsflash! You might want to get over yourself. Everyone else has”

Be careful with this one as you’ll likely offend the arrogant person and perhaps even start an argument.

But it’s a great comment if you want to get the message across that they’re nowhere near as good as they think are. I’m betting a lot of arrogant people need to hear this as well.

12. “You need to eat some humble pie and get over yourself”

Similar to the comment above, this one directly tells the arrogant person that their arrogance is on show for all to see and it’s not an attractive trait to have.

This comment also packs a little wit so it will likely entertain the crowd if there is one.

13. “I’m sorry, putting up with your sh*t is not on my to-do list today”

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with this arrogant person, then this will really put them in their place.

It lets them know that you’re tired of their arrogant attitude and you’ve got better things to do than less to listen to them act like God’s gift to humanity when they’re anything but.

14. “Remember when I asked for your opinion? Me either”

If they’ve said something rude to you or insulted you, why not respond with some humor?

This comment helps you stand your ground, while also letting them know that you’re not really interested in what they think.

The arrogant person will likely be taken aback by this response and won’t know what to do.

15. “What makes you say that?”

One excellent way to counteract a nasty question from an arrogant person is by questioning their motives for their insult or question.

This comment is particularly powerful if the arrogant’s person comment is a subtle insult.

By asking them to clarify what they mean, they’ll have to explain it clearly which means that they’ll need to say it to your face. Let’s see how tough they are then!

16. “Well, thank you”

Instead of getting snarky and making the situation heated, tell them “thank you”.

You’ll show that you’re aware of the arrogant person’s negative intentions. You’ll also prove that you have high self-esteem and that what they said didn’t hurt you or diminish your value.

17. “Why do you feel that was necessary, and do you really expect me to answer?”

This is will really put the arrogant person into their place, especially in a group setting.

Being arrogant is never necessary and it will help everyone on the table see that this person is being way out of line.

You’re also showing that you’re not prepared to sink to their level, but you’re also giving them an opportunity to apologize to you and redeem themselves.

If they insist that you answer the question, then respond quickly with, “Well, this isn’t your lucky day” and move on talking about something else.

18. Laugh

An arrogant person will not expect you to laugh in their face, and it will certainly catch them off-guard.

They’ll likely feel embarrassed because their comment was so pathetic that it made you laugh.

You also show that what they think of you is like water off a duck’s back.

People will see that you’re comfortable with yourself and what other people say about you really doesn’t matter.

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