15 things classy women would never do (so you shouldn’t either)

You know a classy woman when you see one, but it’s hard to pinpoint the exact reasons that make her classy.

Surely, it’s not just her good taste, elegance, or infinite wisdom.

What makes a woman classy is the way she carries herself and that includes her ability to remove herself from any good-for-nothing situations and say “nope, I’m not doing that.”

Here are 15 things classy women would never do:

1) Classy women never try too hard

Most classy women are driven and ambitious but what they aren’t is desperate.

In business or relationships, they know when it’s time to push and when it’s time to cut their losses.

But not only that, they don’t try too hard in their daily life either. They don’t try too hard to look smart, they don’t try too hard to be pretty, and most of all—they don’t try too hard to be classy. And for some reason, this makes them more classy!

2) Classy women never waste time on gossip

Classy women value their time and mental health. After all, they know they’re meant to be great and that means they’re supposed to be spending their time doing important things!

They know very well that gossip does not contribute anything to their professional or personal lives, or to humanity as a whole. If anything, it can do more harm than good. Gossip affects the way we think and deal with people.

Sure, classy women will nod and smile when people gossip because they don’t want to be rude, but they will probably change the topic to something more important or find a way to excuse themselves.

3) Classy women never overshare

Classy women are honest and carefree but they know when it’s too much…and classy women are never “too much” except when it comes to pursuing their dreams.

They also want to protect their privacy. They don’t post a lot of photos about their personal life on social media because they prefer to keep a little mystery.

To a classy woman, there’s no point in sharing about her latest trip to Maldives because it’s not that important anyway.

4) Classy women never get too drunk

Contrary to popular belief, classy women are not killjoys, but they sure don’t experience FOMO either.

They’re experts at self-discipline, too. They take everything in moderation, especially vices like smoking and drinking.

For a classy woman, there’s nothing more unattractive than people who can’t control themselves. They’ll take a glass of wine or maybe two, but they have trained themselves to say no to a third drink because they know their limits

You can’t find classy women rambling nonsense while chugging their 10th beer.

5) Classy women don’t engage in drama

For classy women, drama is useless unless you’re writing poetry or performing in a play.

Classy women have become classy through experience and influence. They might have had a lot of drama in the past and decided they won’t have any of it again. They might have read a lot of self-help books on managing one’s emotions so they’re now very skilled.

A classy woman takes charge of her feelings and reputation…and she’d take the high road no matter how tempting it may be to attack someone.

6) Classy women never doubt themselves

Classy women never doubt who they are and what they can achieve. Even if they’re not yet where they want to be, they don’t have that voice that says “you can’t”, or if they do, they don’t give it power.

7) Classy women never wait too long

Whether it’s work or relationships, men have high respect for classy women because those women know their worth.

They treat themselves like VIPs and that means they’d never wait too long for a guy—or anyone— to make decisions. They’d stay around patiently for a little while and when the time was up, they’d move on or do the job all by themselves.

A classy woman considers herself a VIP and it’s exactly because of this that she’s treated like one.

8) Classy women never show off

Classy women know it’s tacky to show off, especially if it’s something to do with wealth and status. This is probably the reason why you won’t see them wearing luxury brands like Prada or Gucci.

They prefer to keep a low profile even if they’re successful and famous and rich because they don’t find the need to flaunt anything.

Although we look up to them, they never want us to see them as someone better than everyone else.

9) Classy women never compare themselves to others

Don’t get me wrong. Most classy women do have people they look up to and want to emulate—maybe Michelle Obama, maybe Natalie Portman, maybe Amal Clooney.

But what they do not do is compare themselves to other mortals and feel bad about themselves for not having the same X or Y.

A classy woman would not spend a single second thinking about this because to her mind, we should aim higher. She also knows we all have different paths and different timelines.

She will admire others but never get envious of them.

10) Classy women never get angry in public

As mentioned earlier, classy women have a tremendous amount of self-control.

They know that getting angry—especially in public—could do more harm than good to everyone involved, but especially to themselves.

Because of this, they try to set aside anger until they can release it and process it in the comforts of their home.

11) Classy women never beg for attention

Classy women rarely need external validation and because of this, they don’t get affected by too little or too much attention. They’re indifferent to it.

This is probably the reason they don’t try too hard. They don’t make too many phone calls, they don’t wear attention-seeking clothes, they don’t laugh too loudly just so people will notice.

They’re comfortable with not being in the limelight. Besides, they’re probably tired of it.

12) Classy women never let a man become their whole world

You’d never see a classy woman get overly clingy.

They have a full life and even if they are not busy at the moment, they would rather spend their time playing Wordle or cleaning their kitchen than texting a guy every minute to know what’s up.

A classy woman loves herself more than she loves any guy even though, of course, she will not say this aloud.

13) Classy women never commit to something they can’t do

Classy women are women with integrity.

When they commit to something—whether it be a business venture or marriage or a road trip with friends—they will not say yes and then take back their word. Instead, they will give themselves time to think things through.

And when they say yes, expect nothing less than 100% from a classy woman.

14) Classy women never pity themselves

So let’s say a classy woman is still single at 45. Does she feel sorry for herself? Hell no! Okay, there are some rare moments but she knows how to stop the harsh voice in her head before it gets to her heart.

A classy woman has wisdom. She knows that we can’t have it all. She also knows how to look at the brighter side of things.

15) Classy women never stop growing

Classy women crave growth more than they crave caviar.

They read, attend classes, try new hobbies, watch the news, travel, and talk to people from different walks of life.

They don’t stagnate—not even if they’re battling an illness or going through a divorce. Because of this, they also gravitate towards people who enjoy growth more than trivial things.

Any woman can be classy
When we hear the word “classy”, we often think of sophisticated outfits and tea.

But “classy” isn’t something you wear, it’s who you are to the core.

You can be classy even if you’re riding the metro, and you can be trashy even if you’re riding a limousine.

It’s all about how you carry yourself—from the way you think, the way you control yourself, and the way you relate to others.

You too can be classy. Any woman can! You can start being one today if you choose to.

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