13 things classy women don’t waste their time on

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Some people tend to spend their time more freely than their money.

They might rather binge on another mindless series than spend money on an educational online course.

The problem is that money is replenishable, but time is not; no amount of riches can buy back a single second of time.

Classy women are some of the few that truly understand this.

Her time is something she manages with great intention.

She’s mindful not to get swept up in the latest trends or interesting dramas.

Her calendar is carefully filled with things she’s passionate about, whether it be for her work or her relationships.

Here are 13 things that classy women don’t waste their time on.

1. Chasing Trends

Others tend to splurge on the latest trendy outfit only to look just like everyone else. But classy women stand out.

When it comes to fashion, a classy woman tends to lean more toward timeless pieces rather than whatever is trendy at the moment.

She understands that trends come and go, but vintage tops and elegant dresses are always going to be in.

They’re timeless pieces for a timeless woman.

Even her attitudes are based on timeless virtues such as honesty and trust.

2. Eating Processed and Unhealthy Food

Fast food, potato chips, and cheap desserts.

These are a few things that classy women don’t spend too much of their time on.

While they may still enjoy something sweet here and there, for the most part, she may rather focus on food that is less processed.

This is because classy women take care of themselves.

She watches not only what she eats but also the quality of the meal.

She isn’t going to eat just anywhere.

She may also play a sport as a hobby.

She might hit the tennis court to play with her friends or even visit the gym to keep her body looking and feeling like it’s in the best shape possible.

3. Drinking Too Much

Drinking tends to be a common activity of classy women.

She may mostly enjoy it because of the social aspect of it; she attends cocktail parties and gala events with successful businesses and industry elites often.

Although she may enjoy drinking, she also knows her limit. She can hold down her alcohol and knows when to stop when she needs to.

This is because drinking too much would only be a waste of her time.

She doesn’t need to drink so much to the point where she’s slurring her speech or getting clumsy to enjoy her evenings.

She keeps herself together.

4. Dealing with Petty Arguments

Some people tend to make a big deal out of seemingly trivial things.

Maybe someone texted them with a different tone, or her partner watched a movie without her, or she watched a movie with her partner.

For some, these can be grave mistakes that could very much escalate to an all out argument.

But classy women have no time for that.

Instead of raising her voice and getting frustrated, she calmly discusses what went wrong and tries to find the solution to it.

She doesn’t lose her temper because she knows it isn’t going to do anyone any good anyway.

5. Spending Time with Disrespectful People

As she is someone who values being polite with other people, when someone is clearly being rude to her – talking over her, not listening to what she’s saying, belittling and doubting her – she has the confidence to call the person out on it and assert her dominance without having to result in insults.

She gladly walks away from them. She only ever has time for people who are mature enough to cooperate and work with her.

6. Pleasing Others

Classy women tend not to do something merely because it’s what other people want her to do.

While she may bend over backward or move mountains for someone she truly cares about, she knows her limits.

She has the self-respect to not try to do something just to receive some kind of validation.

To her, a better use of her time might be to follow her own interests and stand out from the crowd, rather than be a people-pleaser.

7. Staying Silent when She Has Something to Say

Some women tend to withhold their opinions for fear of being called out for possibly being too emotional or different.

The social pressure might force her to simply stay quiet while, say, she continues earning less than her coworkers.

Classy women tend to be confident women as well.

They know their own values and empower others to speak up against injustices and inequality when they encounter it.

She knows that staying quiet won’t make the problems go away, so she takes action to try to change them. She doesn’t yell about it either; she remains calm and stern to assert her position.

8. Gossiping and Spreading Lies

As a classy woman, she tends to spend her time with very sociable people.

These are people who, like herself, have friends in high places, from different business owners and entrepreneurs to elite designers.

One might say that the company she keeps is impressive.

A side effect of that is that she may be clued into many of the latest gossip and talks of the town.

While she may hear whispers, she has no time to spread them. She may not feel it is very important in the bigger picture.

She may see gossiping and spreading rumors as a trivial activity.

It doesn’t progress her in her goals, nor does it even make other people feel better. So she doesn’t take part in scandals and “who cheated on who”, or “Who’s not as nice as you may think”

9. Consuming Shallow Content

One of the things you’ll never see a classy woman do is sit in front of her TV and watch the latest reality show featuring B-list celebrities.

Nor will you see her lining up to catch the latest mindless action movie with the same reused plot.

These are forms of entertainment that most other people give their time away for free for, but not her.

Instead, you would likely see her immersed in a book, traveling for an adventure in an exotic place, or helping her community in her spare time.

She tends to always be up to something, and she has no time for shallow, superficial content.

10. They Don’t Try to Please People

It’s easy to feel like we’re obligated to make everyone like us and what we do.

We take on certain responsibilities at work that we know are completely out of our skillset, just to impress other people.

A classy woman, on the other hand, never does this.

She isn’t one to bend over backward for people.

If someone asks for something but set an impossible deadline, she isn’t going to try to just please them for it – she fights back.

But not in the way that most people are used to, one that includes offensive words and attacks on a person’s character. Instead, she carefully explains and convinces others of her side.

11. Disrespecting Others

One of the easiest ways to tell if a woman could be considered classy is if she always remembers her manners.

When she asks for something, she always says Please and Thank you.

She always makes sure to show her gratitude for the people that have helped her in the past.

She dresses appropriately for the guests that arrive at her home.

Being disrespectful is a waste of her time because it doesn’t do anyone any good.

So instead of brushing people off, she always makes sure to acknowledge them.

She’s courteous to everyone; she doesn’t play any favorites.

12. Staying with Toxic Partners

Classy women tend to not commit themselves to just anyone.

She might be busier than most people, as well as have much more priorities to focus on.

So if she’s committed to someone, that person should consider themselves quite lucky.

But some partners may not always understand that.

If they start treating her poorly, or even go behind her back to get with other women, a classy woman might not think twice about calling it off. In reality, she may not need a partner by her side anyway.

She’s independent and can take care of herself.

13. Bringing Others Down

A classy woman won’t speak ill of another person, especially of another woman.

She understands that she should be promoting unity and togetherness and support for women who may be struggling to break through the mold.

Other people tend to be toxically competitive.

They look at those more successful or wealthier than them and try to smear their reputation.

They spread rumors and gossip, all in the name of getting ahead.

These are dirty games that classy ladies avoid playing at all costs.

Instead of wasting her time bringing someone else down, she might rather try to bring someone else up. That way, it becomes a win-win scenario.

Time Management like a Classy Lady

Being classy is more than just which high fashion brand your top is from or how expensive your meal was.

It’s more about your personality and how you carry yourself.

Being organized and respectful of not only your time but the time of others is one of the pillars of what makes someone so classy.

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with everything that’s been going on, try using a planner.

You might even consider buying an expensive one to force yourself to commit even more to managing your time and tasks.

Another is keeping a desk or digital calendar in plain sight so that the days never escape you.

It isn’t enough to have a classy lifestyle.

Wasting time on trivial matters may not make one as classy as one may think.

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