15 positive characteristics of a loyal person

If there’s one valuable quality to have in our close relationships – with our loved ones, friends, partners, colleagues, etc. – it could be loyalty.

While we have different perceptions about loyalty, there are common characteristics that indicate loyalty.

Knowing these traits will help you identify whether someone will stay loyal to you or not, and find out how you can nurture this virtue in your life.

Let’s find out.

15 positive character traits of a loyal person

We can tell by these personality traits if the people in our life will uphold their commitment and remain loyal.

And even if we’re unique in our ways – and we tend to change – paying attention to certain personality traits can give us the peace of mind we deserve to have.

Here are traits of a loyal person we can all learn from

1) A loyal person fulfill promises

For a loyal person, promises are affirmations of their love and connection to people they value.

Studies show that these promises hold an emotional value as it affects trust when left unfulfilled.

When a person is loyal, they will care so much about you and your relationship.

They stay true and commit their words. So when this person promises to hang out with you or help you out, count on it

They never break their promises. And when something comes up, this person will surely make up for it.

They invest and uphold the relationship they have.

2) A loyal person is supportive

Loyal people are faithful and sincere for one true reason – it’s because they care.

They are genuinely happy and supportive in all aspects of your life. They believe in your dreams and celebrate your joys as if it’s their own.

You can find this person believing in what you can do and paying attention to what you’re sharing.

This person has your back in the good and bad times.

Throughout your failures and success, count on your loyal friend or partner to be there for you.

3) A loyal person stands by you and for you

They are the ones who’ll stay if you’re going through tough times and when you’re on top of your world.

When you suffer from an illness or go through breakups, you know that you’ll never have to handle those struggles alone.

A loyal person will never criticize or judge you when you did something wrong.  It’s standing by the person no matter what.

Instead of hearing the words, “I told you so,” from them, they will continue to give their emotional support and uplifting presence.

And when you want to be alone, they are the ones who are cheering for you in silence.

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4) A loyal person values honesty

Honesty is the most essential aspect of loyalty.

It’s what makes you respect the person you’re with and keeps you faithful in the relationship.

A loyal person won’t agree with you all the time but will make you benefit from knowing what’s true. Even if it doesn’t match your opinion, a loyal person will share what’s best for you.

They are completely honest with you about everything – even if it’s something you don’t want to hear.

You will know the truth as a loyal person will avoid telling white lies just to please you and make you feel better.

And you have an assurance that a loyal person doesn’t need to feel gratified by flirting with others.

You trust this person’s faithfulness and know an emotional or sexual affair is far from happening.

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5) A loyal person is selfless

When people are selfless, they think from the heart and act from the soul.

They consider the needs of others rather than themselves. They help and care without looking for something in return.

They focus on the other person’s feelings and happiness.

They pursue and practice selflessness for the sake of the people they love.

When in a relationship, a loyal person checks on you to make sure you’re doing great, and makes you feel safe and loved all the time.

You will know that this person’s love for you is selfless when he dismisses all forms of cheating.

It’s because cheating is the worst kind of selfishness.

6) A loyal person respects boundaries

Boundaries keep the relationship strong as they value each other’s needs in a relationship.

According to Psych Central, “all healthy relationships have boundaries, and these boundaries help retain a sense of identity and personal space.”

These boundaries create a sense of mutual respect, support, and protection.

A loyal person has boundaries based on his values, principles, and beliefs.

Because of that, they understand and respect the boundaries set by their family, friends, and significant others.

With this trait, you’re sure that a loyal person fully and completely loves you.

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7) A loyal person values commitment

Commitment is more than a promise. It’s about dedication, determination, and conviction.

And committing serves as the key to one’s success.

Jonathan Bennett, relationship and dating expert, shares that “People who value commitment are generally more loyal.”

They show this commitment to themselves, their relationships, career, and goals in life.

They are committed to living their lives to the fullest and making the best of what they have.

When your relationship is filled with appreciation, respect, and understanding, this indicates that the person is indeed loyal.

8) A loyal person isn’t afraid of routine

Most of the time, people who turn to infidelity get allergic to the routine and predictable nature of the relationship.

They see complacent as boring and they tend to switch things up, though in the wrong way.

But, when a person is loyal, they’re satisfied and find comfort with their relationships.

Instead of seeing routine as boredom, they see it as something that brings a sense of safety. They find balance and make those routines fun and exciting without damaging what they have.

A Northwestern Medicine article shares that having a routine brings health benefits, including better health, sleep, and stress levels.

You’ll know that someone is loyal when they don’t shy away from having a routine in life.

9) A loyal person is reliable

Loyalty is one admirable quality that makes a great person.

And it’s a trait that we can all strive to have.

You know that you can depend on a loyal person to be there for you whenever you need them – and even if you don’t.

A loyal person will do anything to make sure that they don’t disappoint the people they value.

Just as they are loyal, they are reliable.  So if you can rely on someone or your partner, then it indicates that this person can be loyal.

You can trust that you can do what you expect of them.

And you’ll know that they won’t be sneaking around behind your back.

10) A loyal person is emphatic

Having empathy is a character trait that indicates someone’s loyalty.

A loyal person thinks and acts in a way that warms the heart.

More than being sensitive to the needs of others, an empathic person has these characteristics:

  • Has kindness and desire to help anyone in pain
  • Feel other people’s feelings and act on them
  • Listen attentively that people turn to them for advice

They connect, engage, reciprocate, and appreciate the connections they have.

Since lack of empathy can be damaging to a relationship, a relationship can’t survive without it.

Joshua Klapow, Ph.D., clinical psychologist shares this interesting reason why emphatic people are more likely to stay in long-term relationships:

“It’s because relationships require a deep understanding of emotions and the courage to express them.”

11) A loyal person has a strong sense of self

When someone is secure with who they are, they never seek validation from other people.

With this trait, they get to live a self-directed life as they have full control of their path.

Erika Myers, a licensed professional counselor shares one importance of having a sense of self, “Having a well-developed sense of self is hugely beneficial in helping us make choices in life.”

As a loyal person has a strong sense of self-worth, they don’t simply drift through life. They aren’t easily swayed by circumstances, no matter how strong those temptations are.

They are free from insecurities and are at peace with themselves. They are accepting of their shortcomings and don’t seek perfection.

They live their life according to their principles, values, and beliefs.

12) A loyal person makes you part of their lives

A person who’s truly committed will always think of including you in almost every aspect of their lives.

The connection you have is beyond superficial. And most of the time, they’ll seek your opinion on essential matters.

This is a loyal person’s way to show that you matter, you mean a lot, and they value the relationship you have.

You’ll know that they see you as a priority and want you to be part of their experiences when these instances happen:

  • Includes you in their plans and in everything they do
  • Talks with you about their dreams, worries, and fears
  • Shares their thoughts and deep feelings with you

This loyal person wants to have a massive part in your life and stay in it.

They’ll show that you have a role in their world.

13) A loyal person has a positive attitude in life

Someone with a positive outlook on life steers away from too much drama and unnecessary conflict.

This improves the quality of their life and their personal and interpersonal relationships.

Instead of criticizing others, they focus on the good and appreciate what people are doing.

A loyal person finds fulfillment in the relationship and knows that cheating will only damage their lives.

Because they see things and their relationship positively, they are less likely to be unfaithful.

14) A loyal person embraces an authentic self

You have a strong bond and emotional connection with this person.

With this person, you can be vulnerable and don’t need to put up a front. You trust this person and aren’t afraid of being judged at all.

A loyal person also believes in you and encourages you to fulfill your dreams.

With this person, you can:

  • Share your darkest fears and biggest insecurities
  • Let go of your ego as you never have to impress or manipulate
  • Accept and respect each other’s differences

When you know that this person accepts and genuinely loves you as you are, then it’s a true sign of loyalty.


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15) A loyal person invests in the relationship

Loyalty is a devotion to life.

It’s being committed to yourself and the relationship you have. It’s having the desire to keep the relationship happy and healthy.

This creates a strong and meaningful connection.

No matter how busy life gets, a loyal person puts their time, effort, presence, and energy into every relationship they have.

And this makes people feel a sense of deep security and peace of mind.

But of course, for a relationship to work and grow, the love and care one receives have to be reciprocated.

And when a loyal person loves, it’s unconditional.

What matters most is the safe, warm, and comforting relationship we have with people with love and care for us.

If a relationship is based on loyalty, there’s a chance that it will stand the test of time.

Make loyalty a way of life

We desire the safety and security that a loyal relationship brings. We seek to be with people who are most likely to stay truthful and loyal to us.

So if you and your companions or partner have this quality, there’s a huge chance of having a successful personal, professional, and romantic relationship.

Loyalty is being contented with the relationship you’re sharing. That even if you lead different lives, you can still feel that you never left each other.

That’s the power of loyalty. It’s knowing that your relationship with this person is so strong that nothing can break it apart.

But you don’t have to prematurely judge those you love just because they possess or don’t possess a certain personality trait.

Remember, people change and anyone is capable of cheating or being faithful to someone forever.

And loyalty is a trait that we can all cultivate in our lives.

Here are simple ways:

  • Keep your promises, words, and secrets
  • Respect each other’s thoughts, feelings, and differences
  • Live with honesty and vulnerability
  • Never hold grudges, instead, be forgiving
  • Have someone’s back through the good and bad times
  • Avoid the temptation to cheat
  • Be willing to compromise
  • Accept them for the person they are

Being with a loyal person is a treasure, so if you know someone loyal to you, appreciate that person.

Never take this person’s trust for granted.

Nothing compares to loyal people – and they deserve my respect and admiration.

And remember to be loyal to yourself

It’s important to know that loyalty has to do more with oneself than with others.

This is something that you need to give yourself.

When you care for and love yourself, you’re showing others how you want to be treated.

Without being loyal to your person, you’ll end up hurting your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

  • Choose yourself and realize that taking care of your needs doesn’t make you selfish
  • Explore your core beliefs and values so you’ll get to live to be your authentic self
  • Respect your boundaries so others will understand that your  needs matter too
  • Practice personal integrity to live by your principles

Keep in mind that you have a lot to give to others when you pour more into yourself.

And by making yourself an important person in your life, you’ll continue to attract more people who will stay and be loyal to you.

See yourself as a valuable person because you are one.

Czaroma Roman

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