10 character traits of a fiercely independent woman

There’s no mistaking fierce women from any other.

There’s just something about them that’s impossible to ignore…something that commands respect.

Want to know if you (or someone you know) is a fiercely independent woman?

Let’s examine closer what makes them different from everyone else.

Here are 10 character traits fiercely independent women are all known for.

1) She has her own style and way of doing things

A fiercely independent woman doesn’t like having others define her style.

Whether it’s the clothes she wears, her hairstyle or the design of her room, her style is completely her own.

She might even avoid anything that may inform her of the latest trends simply so that she isn’t influenced by them in any way.

She’s not going to change the way she does things just because it gets people’s eyes on her.

And this applies to everything else in her life, too. She has her own way of drinking her coffee, of talking to people, of enjoying her weekends.

She makes choices and does things based on what genuinely gives her joy and fulfillment. 

2) She’s not scared to share unpopular opinions

A fiercely independent woman believes she should be free to think and speak their mind.

And that means being free to share her opinions even if they’re weird, controversial, or unpopular.

That’s not to say she’d stick to her guns and unapologetically stand by any genuinely harmful opinions she might have or use the age-old “I’m just saying” excuse.

If given a valid reason why she’d be in the wrong, she’d adapt

She might not even be aware that she had said something insensitive and even harmful, and will appreciate being informed why.

But if her unpopular opinion is completely harmless—like, say, having acne is sexy or “setting boundaries” is sometimes selfish—she’s perfectly okay with sharing them.

3) She’s mighty ambitious

We all have our limits, and that’s something we all have to live by. 

The fiercely independent woman recognizes this, but she also believes most people sell themselves too low and give up too soon.

She refuses to be held back by whatever might have gotten others to stop. 

She pursues her dreams and ambitions with a fire that definitely stands out!

She’s not content with just settling down and raising a family. In fact, she might or might not even want that in the first place.

She wants to leave her mark on the world—make a change, rise to stardom, even become the first person to put a person in Venus!

And she doesn’t care even if everyone around her believes it’s impossible. If anything, their doubt and discouragement only serve to make her more determined than ever.

4) She’s fine with having a few enemies

Many people secretly hate fierce women. One could say that she’s actually GUARANTEED to have her fair share of enemies.

Now it’s not like she’s trying to make enemies, of course. It’s just that she knows that people will hate her for being uninhibited and ambitious.

The days of lobotomies might be long gone, but people still want women to be meek and unassuming and she goes completely against all of that.

It might even get to the point where people would call her “selfish”, or “rebellious” simply because she dared to breathe.

And she’s fine with that. She’d rather live out her genuine self than to shackle herself simply to appease the people around her.

5) She enjoys her solitude

We’re all social creatures, and even the most introverted among us need company from time to time.

But what sets the strong, independent woman apart from the rest is that she doesn’t immediately feel lonely, agitated, or bored the moment she’s alone.

If anything, she actually enjoys the peace and quiet of being away from people.

She will happily hole up all weekend in her house to rest if allowed to. She uses this time to recharge, reflect, and do her hobbies.

In fact, if she’ll be alone all her life, she’ll be totally fine with it. 

For her, it’s much better to be alone than to be with people you really don’t like. Besides, she truly enjoys her own company so she never feels lonely.

6) She’s a go-getter

The fiercely independent woman knows what she wants.

But more than that, she does whatever it will take to see her dreams fulfilled, no matter how big or small.

If she wants to get promoted, she’ll work twice or even thrice as hard as the average worker.

If, for whatever reason she wants a husband who is involved in academia, then she’ll try to find ways she can stumble across such a person, such as hanging out in libraries instead of bars.

And hell, if she wants some ice cream, she’ll get off her butt and drive to the other side of town, where she could find the best ice cream shop around.

In other words, she takes charge of her happiness. 

She knows that the life she wants won’t be served to her on a hot plate. She has to go get it or create it herself!

7) She’s good with money

She may not have billions on her bank account just yet, but nonetheless she takes charge of her finances.

She studies the basics of personal finance as well as investing.

She saves without sacrificing her happiness, and she’s always working on having multiple sources of income.

To her, it matters a lot that she doesn’t rely on anyone especially when it comes to money.

Financial freedom is what allows most other types of freedoms, and so she makes sure she gets this covered.

8) She’s not shy to say NO

When she’s offered something she’s not interested in, she’d politely say no

When her boss or client makes another request that she finds unfair or unreasonable, she’d decline and explain why.

When her friends or siblings borrow money from her (and it’s not because they’re in an emergency), she’d say no as nicely as possible. 

She knows her limitations and she wants others to respect them. And if they ever hate or cut her off over that, then good riddance—she didn’t need someone like that in her life in the first place.

She can stand on her own and she’d rather be with people who won’t get personally offended when she sets her boundaries.

9) She’s not afraid to make mistakes

A fragile woman would do her best to seem as perfect as possible. She’d hide her mistakes and refuse to acknowledge them.

On the other hand, a woman who is genuinely strong, fierce, and independent is not afraid of confronting her mistakes.

If anything, she’s even proud of them.

She considers “mistakes” and “failures” as stepping stones on the way to success, and tries to learn from them as much as she can.

It’s not like she’ll make mistakes on purpose, or willingly do random, outrageous stuff that can easily put her in hot water. That’s not her idea of “fierceness”. 

What happens, rather, is that she refuses to let fear rule her mind.

10) She doesn’t NEED a man

There’s a difference between needing and wanting…and when it comes to men, the fiercely independent woman puts men under the “wants” category.

Yes, she genuinely desires to find her soulmate (who doesn’t), but she doesn’t see a partner as a necessary requirement for a rich and fulfilling life.

She sees men (and relationships) as icing on a cake, instead of a main ingredient. SHE alone is the cake…and everything else is just icing on top.

Yes, having romance and a lifelong partner is good, but she can stand perfectly fine if it’s not added to her life.

Ironically, this has made her better with relationships. Because she’s not desperate to find a partner, it’s easier for her to spot red flags and leave men who are up to no good.

Last words

How many of the signs do you notice in yourself?

If you can relate to almost all of them, then you’re one fierce gal

You’re the type of person who can make waves—not just ripples— simply by being yourself. So don’t you ever change.

I know it’s not easy sometimes. It can be isolating and sometimes you can’t help but feel like there’s something wrong with you when people make you feel you’re difficult.

Trust me, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. People are just not used to having fierce women around.

Go live your life exactly the way you want to, and show the world just how fierce you are!

The world needs more people like you.

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