If you do these 12 things for someone, you care deeply about them

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For many people, saying “I love you” or buying thoughtful gifts for the ones they love are like second nature; for others, not so. 

But it’s easy to tell right away anyway when someone cares about us. Because no matter what our love languages are, we all have some common ways to show we care deeply about a person. 

Ready to find out what they are? Here are 12 things you can do for someone to show them you care deeply about them. Let’s get started!

1) You remember the little things

I’m a firm believer in the power of the little things – the good ones, not the bad – when it comes to demonstrating love. 

By this, I mean remembering the little details that make a person unique – their likes and dislikes, their favorite foods, movies they love and movies they hate…practically anything they share with you. 

For me, this shows attention, a powerful force in building connection and making relationships stronger. The small gestures highlight that you’re genuinely invested in them and that you value the bond you share. 

2) You make time for them, even when life gets hectic

Another powerful way to show you care deeply about someone is making time for them. 

I know how busy life can be. Our days are filled with work, responsibilities, and endless to-do lists. 

That’s why it becomes even more impressive when you make it a priority to spend time with someone, no matter how packed your schedule is. 

For example, one thing that always makes my heart melt is when my husband texts me and sends me photos throughout the day. He’s a busy guy, so I know how much effort it takes to pause and remember to connect with me in the midst of everything going on.  And I do the same thing for him!

It’s our way of telling each other, “You are important and I want to be present in your life.” 

3) You’re their rock during the tough times

Aside from being present in the good times, being there when times are hard is also one of the most surefire ways to show someone you care deeply about us. 

Life throws curveballs at us, no doubt about it, and it’s during these challenging moments that we need someone to lean on. 

Sadly, hard times are also when most people fade away. I call those the “good-time guys” – fun to be with during the happy times, but nowhere to be found when the chips are down. 

But if you can be that person who stands by their side and offers unwavering support, they will feel loved for sure. Being that rock shows them they can count on you and that you’re committed to their well-being. 

4) You prioritize their well-being

When you care deeply about someone, their happiness and well-being become a priority in your life. You’ll go out of your way to ensure they’re comfortable, safe, and content. 

This might mean taking care of them when they’re sick, offering a listening ear when they’re struggling, or simply being there when they need a hug. You’re also patient and understanding about their quirks, flaws, and moments of weakness. 

However, it’s not just about saying nice and pleasant things to make them feel good. Sometimes, you also do this next thing, which isn’t exactly a walk in the park…

5) You’re honest with them, even when it’s difficult

Back in high school, my best friend wrote me a long letter about how she knew I was a keeper because I’d always been the one who would tell her the truth about herself. 

I wasn’t even aware I was doing it; it was just my natural instinct to tell her when she was being too close to a guy for comfort or being inconsiderate of other people’s needs. Fortunately, she saw the good intention behind it instead of taking it badly. 

To this day, we are best friends who are always honest with each other no matter what. 

You see, honesty can be tough, especially when it involves sharing our thoughts and feelings with someone we care about. 

But when you care deeply about someone, you understand that honesty is essential for maintaining trust and fostering growth in the relationship. 

You have to be willing to have difficult conversations, even if it means risking temporary discomfort. You want them to be able to face up to hard truths that maybe no one else has been able to tell them in order to help them grow.

6) You encourage their growth and self-improvement

One of the most beautiful aspects of caring for someone is that you want them to be the best version of themselves. 

Caring deeply about someone means you’ll support their personal growth and encourage them to pursue their dreams. You’ll be their sounding board and their motivator, cheering them  on as they work towards their goals. 

You’ll also be open to growing and improving yourself. After all, you know that a strong relationship involves two people who are committed to bettering themselves and each other.

7) You celebrate their successes

Speaking of encouraging people to go after their dreams, you’re one to jump along with them when they do succeed. 

Bette Midler once said this about success: “The worst part of success is finding someone who is happy for you.”

That’s so true, isn’t it? 

That’s why sharing in other people’s joys and achievements as if they were your own is blazing proof that you care about them! 

8) You defend and support them in their absence

This one’s my singular, unfailing benchmark that someone cares about me – they come to my defense when people talk about me behind my back. Even when I’m not there. 

That’s a true sign of loyalty, and when I’ve got this kind of person in my corner, I never let them go. Never. 

Look, the world is harsh, and we always need someone to stand up for us and protect us. If you do this for someone even when they’re not there to witness it, that’s a sign you care for them deeply. 

Trust me, once they learn about that, they’ll be convinced that you’re a keeper!

9) You make sacrifices for their happiness

Now, I’m not talking about losing yourself in the process. But when you care about someone, you’re willing to make sacrifices for their happiness. 

Maybe it means changing your plans to accommodate their needs or compromising on something that matters to you. 

Maybe it means canceling plans with friends because this important person in your life has been through a rough day and needs some cheering up. 

You do this not out of obligation, but because their happiness brings you joy. Hopefully, they do the same for you! 

10) You forgive and let go of grudges

Another sacrifice you make when you care deeply about someone is to forgive them when they make mistakes. To let go of grudges

I get it – this can be the hardest thing to do. Because the truth is, the more we care, the more it hurts. 

That’s the way love goes. The more invested we are, the more painful it is. Ultimately, it is a risk. 

But the beautiful thing about caring deeply is that you have a big heart, and that heart is capable of letting go of resentment and choosing to focus on the love and connection you share. 

11) You practice vulnerability with them

Speaking of risks, here’s the biggest one: you’re willing to open your heart and be vulnerable

When you care deeply about someone, you’re willing to go past the superficial and let them see the real you. 

That’s not easy – we all have fears of rejection and judgment that can stop us from being vulnerable. But if we can set all that aside and be authentic, it means we care enough to make the effort. 

And it will pay off – vulnerability strengthens emotional connection and creates a safe space for you both. 

12) You accept them for who they are

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you show other people you care when you let them be who they are. 

No, let me rephrase that – you LOVE them for who they are. You won’t try to change them or mold them into someone they’re not. 

Instead, you embrace their uniqueness and appreciate them as they come. After all, you understand that it’s these differences that make them special, so you cherish them exactly the way they are. 

Final thoughts

Caring about someone deeply isn’t just about grand gestures or extravagant displays of affection. As I mentioned earlier, it’s about the little moments that add up over time, creating a bond that is strong, genuine, and enduring.

So, take the time to appreciate those you love, and don’t be afraid to show them just how much they mean to you. Hopefully, they’ll get the message and appreciate you right back! 

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