7 body language signs someone genuinely enjoys your company

Whether a friend or a love interest, you want to know if the people that you meet and let into your life really care about you and want to spend time with you. 

Maybe you’re a good judge of character, but you find yourself in a sticky situation where you just aren’t sure about someone’s intentions. Heaven knows, there’s nothing worse than being in somebody’s company and questioning how they feel about you. 

Let’s just say that I’ve been there and done that, so I get where you’re coming from. 

The good news is that there are physical tell-tale signs that someone really likes you. And because we can’t hide our body language, you can play “eye-spy with my little eye” by looking out for subtle behaviors when you’re with them. 

To help you make those much-desired and rewarding connections, here are 7 body language signs that someone genuinely enjoys your company. 

1) They laugh and smile with their eyes. 

I know that women tend to do this more often than men when they’re enjoying conversation and find you really funny. 

It’s a really good sign when you’re talking to someone, and they laugh so freely that they throw their heads back. According to experts, people feel relaxed and are willing to be vulnerable when they expose their throats and chests. 

Another important expression when reading body language is in the eyes. After all, the eyes are the windows to the soul. 

Have you heard the phrase: “Smizing?” 

It means “to smile with your eyes,” and it’s a good indicator of someone’s genuine interest in you. 

“Smizing” is a physical expression that can’t be faked. Between friends and colleagues, smiling eyes are a clear indication that the person feels positive about you. 

What about something more romantic?

Someone looking for an intimate connection or relationship will act sensually. So look for subtle changes like looking deeply into your eyes, licking their lips, or slowly parting their lips while listening to you.

2) They mirror your facial expressions.

Let’s talk attraction. Most of us want to know when someone is thinking of us romantically, especially if they haven’t made any obvious moves. 

Or maybe you’re thinking of asking them out first, but you need a little more to go on than a few smiles and friendly conversations. 

Ask yourself: 

When I talk to a “person of interest,” are they reflecting my expressions? When I become excited and animated, do they reciprocate by nodding their heads, widening their eyes, and moving closer to me?

Connections are made when someone can relate to what you’re feeling. When you notice a potential boyfriend or girlfriend almost mirroring your expressions, they’re paying close attention to you. 

Another indication of physical attraction is flaring nostrils. As strange as it sounds, we tend to breathe faster with excitement when we’re attracted to someone, which naturally causes our nostrils to widen. 

You don’t want what sounds like a dragon breathing next to you, though! A slight flare of the nostrils is one of the signs to look out for. 

3) They lean toward you.

When someone physically moves in closer and closer, they either like you or they’re being a bit of a creep! 

In all seriousness, research suggests that the shorter the distance between two people, the more comfortable they are with you. It’s not an instant move but something that happens gradually as you spend more time together. 

You can test this theory when you’re in a room or space with few physical barriers. If you’re sitting on a sofa, someone who likes you will sit next to you and lean in to talk to you or make subtle moves like touching your arm or shoulder. 

Just don’t make my mistake. 

I read the signals all wrong when I thought a long-lost friend was into me! We were at a party having a good conversation when I decided to take the lead and moved in towards them. They abruptly stepped back, which took me by surprise, and left us in awkward silence. 

Epic fail! 

If you have a romantic interest, take it slow and carefully observe their tendency to lean in or stand physically close to you. 

4) They maintain good eye contact. 

Eye contact is one of the best ways to tell whether someone genuinely enjoys being around you. This applies to both friends and somebody who could be more than a friend. 

Genuine interest is often communicated by locking one’s gaze. When someone stares into your eyes and looks at your face, they’re interested in what you are saying. 

Let’s put it this way. 

If a person is uninterested, they don’t maintain good eye contact. You’ll notice while talking to them that they’ll look into your eyes for a few seconds and then look away. They might stare at their hands or objects rather than look at you. 

On the other hand, a lack of eye contact could mean that the person is shy and struggles with maintaining this kind of gaze. 

You should also be aware of people who refuse to look into your eyes because they are being deceptive or dishonest. 

5) They turn their body toward you. 

Now, this is a major sign of interest. Someone who is receptive and interested will turn their head, chest, arms, and legs toward you. 

Let me tell you something. If you see crossed arms or a sideways stance, they’re probably closed off. A back turned towards you is a clear sign that they’re not paying attention to you, and it’s extremely rude. 

There’s also a difference in men’s and women’s body language. 

Men tend to turn their torsos in the direction of a love interest, even when in a group. It signifies their willingness to get to know you. 

Women tend to smile and blush a lot when engaging with someone they’re attracted to. They may reach out and connect with a physical touch, and they may turn their whole body in your direction. 

Remember that open posture means availability. Uncrossed arms, feet pointed toward you, and turning their body in your direction are great indicators that they want to get to know you on a personal level. 

These signs are particularly important when you’re out on a date. So, the next time you’re meeting someone, think of these body language signs to help you gauge whether they’re open and interested. 

6) They initiate physical contact. 

Perhaps you think that the object of your affection is interested in you, but there’s something that you aren’t sure about, and it’s holding you back. 

Well, one of the more obvious signs that someone enjoys your company is their willingness to be physically close to you. They find ways to touch you, but not in a creepy way, of course! 

Think about this. 

You’re standing next to someone having a good conversation, and you share a joke with them. They laugh while gently touching your arm. You don’t flinch because it’s a natural and relaxed engagement. 

Reaching out by touching you tells you that they want something more intimate. Your reaction to their touch will let them know whether you’re receptive to their affection and advances. 

But physical touch isn’t limited to romantic connections. 

When friends are comfortable around you, they tend to put their hand on your shoulder, particularly when they want to share words of encouragement or endearment. 

It’s a way of showing you that they’re attentive and interested. 

7) They frequently tend to their appearance. 

You know that feeling when you’re getting ready for an interview, and you start fidgeting with your sleeves or smoothing your hair? It’s a bit of a nervous reaction when we want to impress someone. 

Behaviors such as straightening sleeves, dusting fluff off clothes, and constantly checking oneself out in the mirror are called “preening.”

Someone who wants to create a positive impression will “preen” themselves because they want to look good! 

You might think that only someone who’s romantically interested will check themselves out, but even friends and colleagues who want to impress you will make an effort in terms of their appearance. 

We all communicate how we feel through our body language, whether consciously or subconsciously. So, if you want to know how somebody feels about you, look for physical signs that tell you they’re being authentic, trustworthy, and open. 

It’s important to remind yourself that people have unique personalities that influence how they express their feelings. 

For some, physical touch is a way of showing you they want something more than friendship, while others might prefer good eye contact and a relaxed posture. 

Either way, when you’re aware of the signs, you feel more confident to pursue those potential connections or strengthen existing friendships. 

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