30 body language signs he’s totally into you

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How many times has this happened to you? A nice guy strikes up a conversation with you, and you nod along until he leaves.

Later, your friend turns to you and says, “he’s totally into you!”


You had no idea!

It’s more common than you’d think: women often miss the signs that guys are into them.

Here, we’ve listed 30 body language signs that a man is totally into you.

Read to find out if he’s totally into you.

Signs he’s into you

If you’re looking for a new relationship, it’s important that you know the critical signs that a guy is into you.

Read through our list to make sure you don’t miss anything!

1) He stumbles over his words

Some guys are just natural stutterers. If he’s normally the smoothest talker at the bar, but then turns into a jumble of word-spaghetti whenever you two get talking, it’s likely because he’s nervous.

Why’s he nervous? Because he likes you and wants to impress you.

Take his stumbling as an admission he’s into you!

2) His posture is open

What’s an open posture look like? Jaw relaxed, legs open, arms uncrossed, feet shoulder-width apart.

It signifies a relaxed body language. If a guy has an open posture around you, it means that your presence makes him feel comfortable. While it’s not a surefire sign he’s into you, it definitely means he’s not disinterested!

3) He slows his breathing

Whenever you’re around, his breathing takes a nice slowdown. More importantly, it’s not heavy. He doesn’t huff and puff like he just got out of the gym. Instead, his breath seems to simply slow down and become lighter.

Again, this is because his body is relaxing in your presence.

4) He raises his eyebrows when he sees you

Humans raise their eyebrows when they see someone as a universal way to communicate a welcoming and non-threatening greeting. If he raises his eyebrows quickly when he sees you enter the room, he’s subconsciously saying that he’s very happy to see you.

5) He cocks his head.

You know how puppies cock their heads toward a sound that they’ve just heard. Humans do this too! It’s a way to display a visual interest in whatever they’re hearing or seeing. If you start talking to him, and he cocks his head in response, he’s “leaning in” to what you’re saying, showing he’s interested!

6) You can see his hands

When his hands are out, it means he’s relaxed. If he has his hands in his pocket or crossed under his arms, there’s a good chance he’s feeling uncomfortable.

On the other hand (ha), if he’s waving and gesticulating (talking while gesturing) when around you, he’s feeling relaxed and happy to be around you. Take that as a good sign that he’s into you!

7) He fiddles with his neck and throat

Maybe he loosens his tie when you two talk. Or, if he’s not dressed for business, you find that he casually touches his own throat when talking.

The throat traditionally represents vulnerability. If a guy touches his throat while talking with you, he’s secretly letting you know that he’s letting his guard down.

8) His face flushes when you’re around

Sometimes, when a guy is really into a girl, he’ll actually cause his body to react to the stress he’s built up. This reaction comes in the form of a face flush, where blood rushes to the face, giving him a reddish tint.

It’s like a blush, except nothing embarrassing precipitated it.

Instead, it’s his attraction to you that caused him to turn a deeper shade of red.

9) His pupils get wide

He’s not concussed, so why are his pupils dilated?

Answer: he’s attracted to you.

If his pupils stay wide while he’s talking to you, it could be a subtle tell that he’s very into you.

10) He smiles with his mouth open

Smiling with a closed mouth is a form of closed-off body language. It’s aloof. It’s not inviting.

If, however, he smiles with an open mouth, he is subconsciously showing that he is opening himself up to you. He’s happy to see you, and you make him relaxed.

11) He walks beside you

If a man takes the time to match your stride and walk alongside you instead of ahead or behind you, he’s doing this to spend more time near you.

He’s doing this to be considerate, to increase the amount of time you all have to talk together, and so that he can look at you while you’re talking.

Plus, this allows him to get a little closer to you, physically. Close physical proximity is a key indicator of attraction.

12) He stands close to you.

Piggybacking off of the last sign, a man standing close to you signifies that he’s into you.

What does close mean?

It means being a little inside of your personal bubble.

We’re not talking like two inches from your nose (creepy), but we do mean within arms’ length. If you realize that the guy you’re speaking to keeps leaning in closer to you, that’s probably a strong sign that he’s seriously into you. Take that information and run with it!

13) He leans forward when you talk

Again, this is all about men leaning in. If a man leans in (literally) to your conversation, this is a visual cue that he is actively interested in what you have to say.

While what you have to say is seriously compelling, no doubt, he’s also interested in what you have to say because he’s interested in you. Just like women tend to laugh at the jokes of men they’re attracted to, men tend to pay close attention to what their crushes are saying.

14) He closes the gap when you’re talking

If you two strike up a conversation, don’t be surprised if he ends up a lot closer to you halfway through. Is he shuffling over to you while you’re speaking? Taking strides to make every word feel more intimate and connected than ever before? Definitely a sign he’s into you.

15) He puts his hands on his hips

He puts his hands on his hips and angles his elbows outward. It might not be the most graceful of poses, but it’s a male power stance. It’s meant to project confidence and superiority to other MEN in the room, meaning he wants to discourage other men from hitting on you while he’s putting on the charm.

16) He’s got sweaty palms

Sweaty palm is an indication he’s nervous. Not all men are super confident when it comes to dating. Instead, the thought of impressing you might make him a little anxious. As a result, his hands might get a little sweaty.

17) He inadvertently touches you

He just seems to always gently, innocently nudge you. Maybe it’s a light tap of the foot or an accidental graze of the fingertips. Whatever it is, he always seems to accidentally be making body contact.

18) He is mesmerized by your face

His eyes are never far from your face. But, instead of making eye contact with you, he seems to always be watching your lips. This is a subtle sign that he’s paying very close attention to what you’re saying, and that he’s become quite smitten with you in the process.

19) He touches your knee

When you two are seated next to each other, he may very casually place his hand on your leg (probably around the kneecap). This is a test to see how you feel about him initiating physical contact in a non-threatening manner.

Are you receptive? Or do you cross your legs quickly? He’s looking to gauge your response to his first move. Make sure that you respond properly to let him know your feelings!

20) He puts your hair behind your ear

This is exactly like the previous sign. He’s testing to see how you feel to intimate physical contact. What are your thoughts? You have subtle body language that communicates your desires to him as well. Are you blushing? Or are you a little creeped out?

21) He points his toes toward you

When your standing (or even sitting), you’ll notice that both of his toes happen to be pointed in your direction. If you move a little to the left, his toes will somehow find their way back to you. Move to the right, they move back. He’s most likely not even aware that he’s doing it!

22) He angles his pelvis to you

If he’s really into you, he’s not gonna stop with pointing his toes. His whole pelvis will be angled to you when you’re talking, standing, or sitting. It’s a very expressive sexual signal that he’s physically attracted to you.

23) He spreads his legs when he sits

We’re not talking about man-spreading on the subway, we’re talking about him having an open body posture when you’re both seated. If he uncrosses or spreads his legs when the two of you are sitting down, he’s showing that he’s both relaxed and attracted to you.

He’s subconsciously suggesting that he’s, ahem, open for business.

24) He brushes up against your arm

It’s all about that physical contact. It might be a slight brush of the fingertips against your forearm, or maybe a gentle hand on the shoulder. Again, he’s looking for openings to create moments of physical intimacy in order to build attraction. Pay attention!

25) He fiddles with his glass when you’re talking

This can be a sign that a guy is a little nervous and isn’t sure what to talk about. If he’s messing with his glass while the two of you are hitting it off, he’s probably trying hard to think of what to say to impress you!

26) He changes the tone of his voice

Whenever the two of you get to talking, his vocal tone seems to drop an octave. It’s a smoother, calmer, deeper voice.

To top it off, it also is a slower speech.

When a man slows and lowers his speech around you, it’s a sign that he’s interested!

27) He minimizes interruptions and distractions

Cell phone rings while you’re talking? He sends it straight to voicemail. Better yet, he puts it on silent.

When a man is interested in you, he eliminates any possible interruptions or distractions. He’ll keep conversations with others to a polite minimum in order to focus attention on you.

28) He makes time for you

This is a big one. If a guy is interested in you, he’ll make time. He’ll respond to your messages. In fact, he’ll reach out first.

His calendar will somehow magically be free for any potential dates.

If he’s not interested, expect him to be slow to respond to texts. He’ll likely always be “too busy” to ever meet up too.

29) He acts like a gentleman

Whenever you enter the room, he always stands up from his chair. He’ll be happy to take your coat when you come inside. If you have a slight chill, he’ll offer you his jacket nearly immediately.

Consideration of your feelings means that he cares about you.

30) He treats you with respect.

He never cuts you off when you speak. He always respects your boundaries. He finds interest in everything you have to say. He gets his guy-friends to knock off the crass talk when you’re around.

If he’s working overtime to show you how important you are, take it as a key sign he’s definitely into you.

Wrapping up

Men have a ton of subconscious and conscious signs and cues that they use to show that they’re interested in a woman.

When a man initiates a mild physical contact, seems to match your body language, and tries to create intimacy through a soothing voice and open body postures; you can be pretty sure that he’s into you.

If he’s serious about taking things to the next level, you’ll see that he starts making time for you. Men who are interested will make an effort to have space for you in their lives.


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