13 things only incredibly honest and blunt people would understand

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Even though being straightforward is about keeping it simple, sometimes it isn’t easy.

People often mistake such an attitude for being offensive and negative — it’s understandable, though.

Others have grown used to not making a scene, and being polite. But blunt people understand that honesty is more important than that.

Being blunt is a unique trait because not many people have it in them to be so honest.

They don’t understand that it comes from a place of genuine care.

Being misunderstood is the first of many experiences that honest people share.

Here are 13 more ways to understand the reasons why someone can be so honest and blunt.

1. People Mistake Being Honest With Being Mean

Honest people aren’t the most well-liked.

When they speak their mind, they don’t hold back. While some people see it as being rude, a blunt person would see it as being helpful, honest, or even kind.

When someone asks an honest person what they think of someone’s painting, they won’t shy away from saying that the colors don’t match and it looks nothing like the reference material.

Others wouldn’t dare to say something like that — let alone in front of the artist’s face!

They’re afraid that it would be too discouraging and even soul-crushing — but a blunt and honest person would disagree.

When they give their honest critiques — no matter how scathing — it’s from a place of care. They need to hear the truth to improve, and you’re going to be the one to tell them.

2. Small Talk Feels Unnecessary

Small talk is a common social lubricant; it helps people feel at ease with someone new.

Topics are intentionally about simple things like the weather or food so that others can easily stay on the same page.

While there’s no harm in small talk, honest people see the activity as far too shallow.

In a social gathering, an blunt person would go straight to asking personal questions.

They’ll ask “Why are you still single?” or “What’s your political stance?” These are often questions that are saved until after people have warmed up to each other, not upfront while meeting for the first time.

Honest people don’t need small talk because they care more about getting to know someone instead.

3. Filters Are Optional

People will often filter themselves when talking to others; they don’t spout every thought that pops up in their minds.

When a friend walks in with a less-than-appealing attire, an blunt person will be the first to tell them.

They might say that the fit of the pants is too baggy, or that the shoes do not match the shirt at all.

Other friends would most likely not even mention it and give half-hearted support.

Blunt people, however, see that as being dishonest.

It’s this lack of filter that makes people want to avoid being around honest people.

4. There’s No Need To Complicate Things

Romantic relationships tend to feel confusing and frustrating when either of the partners isn’t being clear about what they feel.

Instead of being upfront about wanting to break up, they skirt around the issues in the relationship — or even avoid it altogether.

They don’t want to make it seem like a big deal, which is what further complicates it.

Honest and blunt people are straight to the point.

They’ll often find the words to articulate their feelings much faster than anyone else.

Others might be too afraid of hurting the other person, so they intentionally try to find a way to express themselves in a respectful way.

But if they want to break up with someone, the more merciful thing to do is to not complicate it.

5. Advice Shouldn’t Be Sugar Coated

When someone asks for advice, others would usually be too shy to voice their true opinion.

The other person is already feeling down enough to even be looking for help, so there’s no need to make them feel worse.

Sometimes, however, they need to hear the truth.

When a friend’s business isn’t doing well, an honest person isn’t going to say, “Stay strong! Your time will come!” (although that may be part of their message).

They might instead point out how their friend is being a terrible manager to their employees and that they don’t know how to effectively handle their finances.

The person is looking for help, so might as well give them the truth.

6. Being Around Sensitive People Is Tiring

At a formal gathering, people are expected to be on their best behavior.

No one wants to create a scene so they roll with the niceties and tell the host they’re having a lovely time (even though they aren’t).

Putting on this mask and having to be polite for its own sake is a tiring job.

It takes a blunt person’s significant effort to shut their own mouth lest they say something truly offensive, especially to those people who aren’t used to talking to someone so honest.

7. Thick Skin Is Developed Over Time

Some people aren’t born honest or blunt. Some were born as just another person that tries to be polite to fit in like everyone else.

But they might’ve been the butt of too many jokes, or have been called too many names. At first, it might’ve been painful — but not anymore.

To have thick skin means that the opinions of others matter less and less. Just like every ability, developing thicker skin takes practice over time.

8. The Best Way To Deal With Someone Is Through Confrontation

When someone has a problem with someone else, they would usually rather avoid the other than confront them.

This habit only cultivates the annoyance someone has, allowing it to fester into hatred.

That’s why when a blunt person has a problem with someone, they let them know right away.

They don’t want that kind of behavior to be perpetuated any longer, so they try to put a stop to it as soon as they can.

9. You Have To Apologize Often

It’s the life of an honest person to speak what’s on their mind and then have to apologize for it a few moments after.

Although they might feel like they’re right, they still make sure to apologize.

Even though they value being honest, they also value their relationships with others, especially those that they’re close to.

10. Jokes Are Good Ways To Cover Up The Truth

They say that jokes are half-meant.

To honest people, they mostly are. Since it’s so often that an honest person offends someone, they’ve learned to fold their honest opinion inside of a joke.

They use laughter as a quick escape route when the other person doesn’t seem to be taking the comment so positively. They’re used to saying, “It was just a joke! I didn’t really mean it.”

11. Life Is Too Short To Linger On Problems

There are going to be financial, romantic, and professional problems in life.

While it can be stressful, honest people don’t keep thinking about them. They push forward despite experiencing such stress.

They don’t think about “What if” they asked their crush out on a date or “If only” they picked a different career. Asking these questions only encourages unhappiness and regret.

Blunt people, however, always make the best use of the moment.

They know that we don’t have long to live, so why hold back on living life? We’re all going to die at some point anyway.

12. Rules Are Guidelines

There are usually a set of unspoken social rules that people follow when interacting with others.

You don’t ask about how someone they loved died so soon after the funeral, or if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

While others might be following such rules, honest people only see these as guidelines.

The only true rules that honest people follow are the virtues that they hold, whether it be honesty, kindness, kindness, or anything else they believe to be important.

13. You’re Blunt and Honest Because You Care

Most blunt people are the way that they are because they stick to one of their core values: being honest.

They’re honest with themselves and with other people. What can look like rudeness and disrespect are actually coming from a place of care.

There are hard truths that we have to face in life.

We aren’t as good at our jobs as we want to be. We can’t reach all our dreams because we’re only human — we only have a limited time.

Without the truth, people live in a delusional state. They become selective with what they want to hear, which skews their perspective of the world.

Honest people are able to see the world for what it is, and they want to share that with others.

They can definitely get into more trouble than those that would rather keep quiet and just keep minding their own business.

But that doesn’t deter honest people. They’re only living their life and speaking their mind. If you meet an honest person, they might be the most genuine person that you’ll ever meet.

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