21 signs it’s time to block him and move on

Should I block him on social media and his number as well? This disturbing question filled my mind after break-ups.

I know we’ve been through pretty much the same dilemmas when it comes to dealing with people who have been a huge part of our lives.

It’s devastating when a relationship ends as our entire life gets shaken up that we start to question if blocking the ex is the best thing to do.

So before doing anything that you might regret later on, here are some signs that can help you make up your mind.

Should I block him? 21 signs to help you decide

We all have that ex who doesn’t ever totally go away. The ones who contact us, the ones we want to stalk on social media, and those who even got stuck in the small corner of our hearts.

Is it worth removing the chance of rekindling the relationship or building a friendship? But then seeing them can trigger lots of emotions and limit your chances of meaningfully moving on.

Even if you try to put the pros and cons and all your reasons, you can’t seem to come up with what to do.

So go over these signs to know if it’s time to hit the block button.

1) Gives you time to heal

When we’re in pain, we need to find time to rest and focus on our recovery.

Taking care of ourselves makes perfect sense after a breakup so we can recover and heal.

Though healing takes time, it’s essential to acknowledge the pain that we feel. It is through taking ourselves away from the situation that we can move forward.

So distance yourself from your ex.

Try not to engage in Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok stalking. Better leave social media for a while and do things you want to help heal your broken heart.

You might want to do these:

So leave social media for a while. Don’t engage in Facebook stalking. Take time to do the things you want that will help to heal your broken heart.

  • Spend time with your family and hang out with friends
  • Resume a hobby you’ve neglected or find a new one
  • Start and follow a new fitness regime

Take this as your time to be a better you.

2) For your mental wellbeing

There are reasons in favor of blocking your ex but this one beats them all.

If you play your cards right, this can be your ticket to your mental health and future love life.

When you break up, there seems to be no sense to connect and reach out to them. As such, you wouldn’t expect to see them or know things about their life.

So why would you torture yourself from the pain when you can pull yourself out of the sadness that the breakup brings.

When you choose not to block your ex, you’ll keep opening old memories and wounds. The stitches of cuts will keep on opening.

It’s best to give yourself a break from all those and heal for the sake of your mental wellbeing.

You can’t make significant progress when you expect him to contact you and you keep following all of his social media accounts.

This isn’t easy but doing this will help you move on with your life.

3) So you can learn to be alone

Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what step to take next, and when it comes to blocking your ex, it can be a difficult decision to make.

But equally, one of the hardest bits of a breakup is feeling like you’re suddenly on your own after being part of a team.

And to let go of that codependent craving, the best thing you can do is to take a deep breath and believe that you’ll be okay. You’re wonderful and powerful and brave, after all.

Realizing those things is easier said than done, which is why I’d really recommend Rudá Iandê’s Love and Intimacy Masterclass.

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This, in turn, undoubtedly leads to healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

So whether you need time out from fixating on your ex and staring at your phone screen, or you want to start rebuilding your self-worth and moving on, I’d really suggest giving it a go. 

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4) Get the closure you want

This is one of the main reasons for blocking him from your life.

Does the memory of the relationship continue to haunt you and you keep wondering what went wrong?

If this is the case, blocking your ex is the way to obtain closure.

You don’t need to know who they’re seeing, what they’re doing, where they’re going, or what they feel. For when you do, you’ll only get upset and cling to the past.

It’s best to avoid seeing updates on their lives. This will prevent you from having that “what if” question.

Moving on from the past will be hard if you keep checking your ex’s social media accounts.  But by cutting all ties with your ex, you can mentally and emotionally move on from them.

Remember this,

You are important. Look after yourself and allow yourself to heal.

5) It gives him closure

Does your ex seem to struggle to let go?

Whether they keep on sending you messages, being sketchy on their social posts, or being devastated about the break-up, it’s best to block them.

If you can still be kind to them, firmly tell him that the relationship is over and there’s no chance to get back together.

Be clear that you’re blocking him for the relationship isn’t an option anymore. This sends a clear message of where you stand.

It may sound cruel or you might feel guilty about it, but try not to.

It’s difficult, but in time, he will likely understand that everything is over – and in time, he too can start moving on.

Sometimes, blocking a broken-hearted ex is the moment where the healing process truly begins.

6) You miss him and still love him

You haven’t moved on yet and you miss your ex.

That’s okay especially if the breakup happened recently.  Everything takes time.

But then, you don’t want to be someone who sends messages that stays unanswered.

You also know that he doesn’t want to be friends with you. So why bother making an effort to connect. That’s painful as hell, so don’t fill your heart with hopes anymore.

And that could be one reason why you too broke up. Or maybe you don’t want him for anything other than sex.

No matter what the case may be, block them right now.

Banning him is one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life, but this is the way to create healthy boundaries for yourself and gain control of your life.

7) Jealousy hits you big time

Are you jealous of him or are you trying to make him jealous?

Even if you know that the breakup was the right decision, it can still be painful to discover that your ex has moved on so quickly, dating someone, or has a new girlfriend.

You haven’t moved on and you’ve constantly been following along with their life.

Knowing that they’re over you and have moved on with someone isn’t always an easy pill to swallow.  It’s normal to be a little overwhelmed at first, and in some cases, this is expected.

This makes you get in touch with your ex to show off.

You’re probably posting your killer selfies  – showing that you’re perfectly fine and happy. Or you could be going out with someone you don’t like just to know how your ex will react.

This isn’t necessary, so better stop faking it. It will only make you feel a lot worse.

The game is over – and you should block them.

8) To stop yourself from doing something stupid

You initially believe that you won’t get the urge to call or message him when you miss him. Or you thought that you could resist drunk texting him.

It’s exhausting to deal with things you’ll inevitably despise the next day.

You’ll contact him to know whether he still misses you or not. There will be instances where you’ll ask him to see you that night, and so on.

Or probably, you’ll say sorry (even though he’s the one who cheated on you) – only to make a fool of yourself.

When your willpower isn’t strong, blocking someone you love is a great way to prevent yourself from doing something stupid.

While blocking them isn’t a catch all-solution but that extra layer of effort makes a difference to keep your drunk self from ruining your sober self’s life.

9) To break away from the emotional misery

Does it become too easy for him to reach you when he’s bored? And do you also message him every time you watch sad movies and feel nostalgic?

You both can’t decide whether or not to call it quits for real.

Maybe he’s also constantly hitting you up trying to get you back, and then seeing him with another girl the next day.

Everything is becoming too exhausting! But you shouldn’t have to deal with that at all.

So it’s best to be in control and take matters into your own hands.

Because of that, do yourself a favor and block them. While it’s not easy when you’re used to having him in your life, it has to be done.

So how can you overcome the misery that’s been bugging you?

The most effective way is, to begin with yourself and tap into your personal power.

You see, most of us never tap into the incredible amount of power and potential within us. We get too bogged down in self-doubt and limiting beliefs. We search for happiness in the wrong places.

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His unique approach uses nothing but your inner strength – no gimmicks or fake claims of empowerment.

It’s because true empowerment needs to come from within.

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And it’s easier than you might think.

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10) Make out of sight, out of mind work for you

Wanting the past back is a completely natural thing.

You’ve spent lots of time and created memories together. You’re with each other when one gets scared of reaching out to anyone else

Whether the breakup was a mutual decision or not, you shared intimate moments and a part of your life with him.

But now he’s out of your life.

The thought of not spending the rest of your life with him is almost as gut-churning as seeing him happy on his social media accounts.

And having him on your social media accounts and phone contact list only makes the situation a lot tricky.

The man who used to be your everything is now a distant memory you’re desperately trying to rid yourself of.

The best way to go is to block him.

Your ex is meant to be your ex, nothing more.

11) To stop the breakup-back together cycle

Do you keep breaking up and getting back together? If you’re always in an on-and-off relationship with him, do something to stop the cycle.

This is unhealthy and can cause a lot of emotional distress.

It could be that as you navigate the breakup, you’re still trying to make things work.

This on-and-off relationship usually happens when,

  • You rarely agree on anything, but your attraction keeps pulling you back
  • You get back together when things get easier
  • The relationship doesn’t provide everything you need but decides to give it a chance
  • You think you’re better off together when dating others never work
  • You never wanted to waste the years you’ve spent together

Even if you have extraordinary physical chemistry, being together only brings out each other’s worst, instead of the best.

The whole drama and emotional rollercoaster can be a total burn-out.

The best solution here is to block the ex – simply because the relationship has become too toxic.

12) Seeing him upsets you

Do you check his posts (or even his friends’ photos) and see him having so much fun? But does it drive you crazy every time you find yourself checking him out on social media?

That’s because when we still love someone, we tend to go out of our way to stalk them.

You’ll see him doing good after the breakup, but you’ll feel awful about yourself. Probably you’re always dying to know if he’s seeing someone new already.

Stay away from upsetting yourself and block him.

Seeing him move on with someone will cause you to break down as you might not expect that this will happen soon.

While these things will cause you pain, you can handle it with just a few clicks and swipes of your fingers on your phone.

You need to hit that block button because this will get toxic over time.

And even if you’ve already blocked him, you’ll soon realize that you want your ex to be happy – even if that means they’re happy with someone else.

13) For calmness and peace

You’ve been so attached to him that it’s difficult to cope with a broken heart and move on.

If keeping your past disturbs your inner peace, block them.

Your inner peace is important and your happiness is the first thing you should be concerned about.

When you block someone, it doesn’t mean you despise them. More often, it’s because you love yourself more and need to take care of your wellbeing

You need to clear your mind and stop those negative feelings from overpowering you. And this means you’re prioritizing your recovery.

The best way to improve your emotional regulation skills so that you can better self-soothe is by learning what works for you – by trial and error.

If breathwork isn’t something you’ve tried out before, give Rudá’s free Breathwork Session a go!

As I mentioned above, he’s worked for decades in helping people improve their relationships and control their emotions.

And as an anxious person myself, I know how consuming the aftermath of a breakup can be. 

I didn’t leave my house for weeks initially.

It was only when I decided that I was watching life pass me by and wanted back in, and began incorporating practices such as meditation and breathwork, that I was able to calm myself enough to start processing how to move on.

So why not give the breathwork session a go?

And remember – as long as it makes you feel better, what he thinks or what others perceive it to be doesn’t matter. You don’t need to fret over how other people might interpret you blocking an ex!

Put your own needs first.

So don’t overthink blocking him – it’s completely fine for you to block him.

14) He cheated on you

Cheating is the worst thing one can do to their partner. When a person cheats, we hear melodramatic apologies, same-old excuses, promises of betterment, and so on.

But does that remove the pain they have put you through?

Whether he keeps messaging you, like your social media updates, or anything else – every thought of them will cause those feelings of betrayal and foolishness to reemerge.

Block him as he’s been unfaithful to you and the relationship –  and dismiss all feelings of guilt. Don’t let it eat away your inner peace and stability.

The breakup has already been a heartbreaking process; you don’t need the added stress of dealing with a cheater.

15) He’s charming, but things get gaslit

If you’ve been manipulated or gaslit in a relationship, you know how toxic exes can be.

You only get to see their charming and innocent side in the first phase of the relationship. But sooner or later, you realize that they are indifferent, controlling, jealous, possessive, demeaning, and even abusive.

This only makes you question your feelings, thoughts, and sanity.

But he has this irresistible charm that makes you feel like you’re the one to be blamed!

You’ve had enough trauma after a breakup, right? So why put yourself into the same situation again?

If you know that your ex is like this, block him.

Don’t give them the opportunity to sweet talk you. Those empty promises, guilt trips, or gaslighting won’t do you any good.

For when you keep it open, he will only manipulate you under the guise of romance and play the victim.

Block him now and save yourself a truckload of trouble.

16) Save yourself from psychological abuse

Sometimes no matter how you love the person, relationships end badly.

But it’s good that you’ve managed to break free from your coercive relationship. The last thing you need is someone who will continue to control and dictate to you.

Never give him a chance to guilt-trip you and don’t let him manipulate you with his sweet-talking lies anymore.

Block him if these situations are happening or if you want to stop them to happen:

  • They belittle everything about you
  • They spread nasty gossip about you
  • They are posting private photos of you

You shouldn’t have to endure any form of abuse or bullying just because you love someone. You are not obligated to deal with any form of toxic behavior.

It’s a completely valid reason to block someone you love to prevent them from tormenting you. I will stand behind you on this!

17) He’s trying to pull your heartstrings

Some people continue to engage in toxic behavior even after a breakup.

Your ex knows you and your weaknesses. He probably knows which heartstrings to pull to get under your skin.

He could be texting you to know how you’re doing.

At some point, he might post photos surrounded by girls or a new photo of a girl he’s dating after the two of you have broken up.

He’s showing off that he’s over you and he’s happy with his life. Probably, he’s trying to make you feel jealous too.

But never fall prey to these situations as it will only pull you back.

Instead, remind yourself why you broke up and then hit that block button.

18) Close all tabs to move on

We’re naturally curious and sometimes we can’t help but wonder how our part flame is doing.

But it will be tough to get over them when you keep stalking their online status, their followers, and their stories.

Being involved in their life even if you’re not together won’t bring you any good.

Certainly, it helps if you’re not stumbling upon their photos, not knowing what they’re up to, or not seeing their number on your phone.

It isn’t wise to give ourselves false hopes and live in the past. When we do, we’re only becoming instruments to our pain and misery.

It’s time to leave the past behind.

Here’s the thing,

When we constantly revisit our memories we make no space for any new ones.

It’s best to move forward using the experiences of the past to be a person and partner.

Hit the block button and give yourself a fresh start.

When blocking him helps

Blocking the person who once became part of your life is scary stuff. Sometimes, we choose not to go through it – but we must, to grow and move on.

If blocking him will give you closure and solace, by all means, do it.

The thing is, blocking someone is not as big of a deal as you might think – and it’s not permanent too. Even if you both decide to be friends decades from now, you can unblock him if you want to.

Well, some people manage to heal after a break-up without deleting or blocking their exes. Do this when you’re not being triggered by any form of negativity towards him.

But then, some cause themselves more grief and pain and wallow in their misery.

Or if you choose to keep some form of contact open and available, make sure you can handle it.

No matter what you decide to do moving forward, make sure to take a breather.

Take steps to become a better version of yourself instead of constantly checking out your ex.

19) The key here is to focus on yourself.

After experiencing heartbreak, some of us tend to focus on what to do with the ex that we forgot to take care of ourselves.

20) Take this situation as a wake-up call.

When you feel overwhelmed with the situation, take a step back and focus on yourself. Listen to your gut feeling – and not on your ex or his social media.

21) A well-thought-out decision will pave the path toward a happier future.

If you’re still unsure, better think things through. I’m rooting for you and I know you can make the right call.

Wrapping up

Who would have thought that blocking the ex would be complicated?

I gave you reasons and directions that I hope helped you realize where you stand and what to do next.

Still, the decision lies in you. You can hit that block button right now or live with the fact that he can reach out to you if heels like it.

But even if blocking an ex seems excessive and inevitable, things aren’t always as they seem.

For in most instances, blocking a person is a good thing. When someone no longer loves and cares for us the way we do for them, then it’s time to let go.

Ultimately, it boils down to doing what gives us inner peace and happiness.

Czaroma Roman

Czaroma is a content strategist and copywriter with a purposeful mindset. She finds fulfillment in crafting content for entrepreneurs and life coaches. In a place of love and growth, she's raising a tribe of three with her husband - and writes to inspire people to create impactful relationships.

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