7 unexpected benefits to being in a relationship with a highly sensitive person

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Are you dating a highly sensitive person?

Highly sensitive people are the best people to love, that’s for sure. 

Being with them can be quite an emotional rollercoaster, especially when you witness how deeply they feel everything.

But it’s not really a disadvantage as most would be inclined to believe.

In fact, a highly sensitive person is probably the best person you could be with.

Want to know why? Read more below to find out.

1) They are highly empathic

Highly sensitive people don’t only feel their own emotions intensely—they feel that of others too. 

When you’re in a relationship with them, the highs are high, and the lows are definitely low. They will feel your joy just as much, and feel your pain just as horribly.

You will never feel alone in your successes, or lonely when you’re in pain, because of how much they are attuned to your emotions.

Their high empathy means they’re not only concerned with their own feelings, and will always take yours into consideration.

2) They take your feelings into consideration

One of the biggest mistakes you can commit in a relationship is to be selfish—to always look after yourself and yourself alone, even if you’ve chosen to commit to another person.

The tendency to make selfish decisions in a relationship is what often causes fights, and in the worst case scenarios, spells the end of it.

But this is a mistake a highly sensitive person will never make.

When they’re making an important decision, they will always ask you what you think about it and how it makes you feel.

While other people think making “small” decisions without consulting their partner first is not a big deal, a highly sensitive person knows that it is. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about this if you’re dating a highly sensitive person, because even when you fight, they will always respond with compassion.

3) They always respond with compassion

When a couple fights, they usually treat each other as enemies. Because of their pride, they set their hearts on winning the argument instead of reaching a compromise.

But a highly sensitive person knows you can’t “win” an argument in a relationship. Even if you’re proven right, you still lose, because you chose to “win” than to understand the other person.

Because they’re highly attuned to your feelings, they will always respond with compassion, and will carefully choose their words to avoid hurting you.

Their deep caring for you is a constant reminder for them that it’s better to lose the fight than lose the person.

And even in the heat of an argument, they never forget to be attentive.

4) They are attentive

Ever wonder why your highly sensitive partner’s gifts are always thoughtful, and why they never fail to give sound advice?

That’s because they’re very attentive.

This ability will never make you feel lonely or neglected in the relationship. They will always listen to your most mundane stories, the same tangents over and over again, and your rants about the most trivial things with absolutely no judgment.

In fact, it’s this level of attentiveness that helps them anticipate your needs effortlessly.

5) They anticipate your needs effortlessly

Everyone wants a partner who knows what they need without being told. 

Because a highly sensitive person can anticipate your needs, this makes them the perfect partner.

While they’re certainly not mind-readers, their ability to easily determine your needs and read your emotions helps them anticipate exactly what you need.

They will hand you the tissue box before you even sneeze, have your clothes all ironed out and ready to wear when you’re running late for work, or pack you lunch when you’re too short on money to eat outside.

Their sensitivity to the needs, emotions, and even intentions of other people also makes them excellent judges of character.

6) They’re excellent judges of character

Highly sensitive people can sense liars and opportunists from a mile away. 

They can easily guess which person has pure intentions and which has ulterior motives.

So if a highly sensitive person tells you they don’t like your friends, don’t get offended. In fact, you should probably find some new ones.

If you don’t listen, don’t be surprised when these friends end up hurting you, lying to you, or taking advantage of you. While your highly sensitive partner will not judge you, expect the dreaded “I told you so!”

7) Their love and caring for you is unmatched

Everyone wants a love straight out of a romance novel—one where the main character finds a person who would climb mountains and swim oceans just to be with them.

While a highly sensitive person can’t give you this fantasy, they will never make you feel unloved. 

Because when a highly sensitive person loves, they love without inhibitions

They will tell you they love you without hesitation, in front of a crowd, on top of the tallest building they could find—and they will mean every single word.

The hidden dangers to being with a highly sensitive person

As with everything, there are also disadvantages that come with dating a highly sensitive person—you just have to determine if the pros are worth the cons.

Here are the hidden dangers to being with a highly sensitive person:

You can easily hurt their feelings

A highly sensitive person feels everything profoundly. Whether it’s joy or sadness, fondness or disdain.

This means when you find yourself saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, they will get incredibly hurt.

It’s important for you to learn that it’s not their fault they have strong feelings. You did wrong—even if it’s a small mistake, you have to apologize

Nothing else will soothe the pain of a highly sensitive person more than a sincere apology and a promise not to do the same mistake again.

They’re easily overwhelmed

Highly sensitive people are scientifically proven to be extremely sensitive to outside stimuli.

When they’re in a room full of people with different emotions, they will feel easily overwhelmed to be sensing everyone’s feelings all at once.

When this happens, they can be quite irritable. Remember to be patient with them when they feel that way.

They’re highly anxious

Being able to feel everything very deeply means highly sensitive people are also highly anxious.

Feeling things deeper than everyone else means they’re scared of being hurt, as even the simplest things can cause them the deepest pain. 

They avoid taking risks, even if the expected benefit is greater than the cost—because if the cost is their feelings getting wounded, it would be a huge price to pay.

They’re world-class lie-detectors

People often make white lies—those lies believed to be harmless, but can make life more convenient.

But a highly sensitive person can detect even the tiniest, most harmless white lie.

So if you’re used to lying your way out of every inconvenience, you probably wouldn’t want to date a highly sensitive person.

How to embrace being in a relationship with a highly sensitive person

Be there for them when they need you

A highly sensitive person will never have trouble being there for you when you need them, and they won’t ask for anything back.

However, every relationship is a two-way street. Even if they don’t ask for it, you need to be there for them to make them feel loved and cared for.

Validate their feelings

The worst thing you could tell a highly sensitive person is that they’re “too sensitive.”

All their lives, they’ve already been told the very same thing too many times. 

So instead of telling them that, you need to validate their intense feelings

The best comfort you can give is to tell them it’s okay that they feel that way, and that you understand. 

What highly sensitive people are looking for in a relationship

A calm in their chaos

The world is already too chaotic for most of us—what more to a highly sensitive person?

Highly sensitive people have so much more burden because they strongly feel the feelings of others, too.

That’s why they need someone who could be the calm in their chaos, a pair of warm arms they could come home to after a day of battling with the world. 

If you’re with a highly sensitive person, be the person that provides them peace amidst the pandemonium. 

A shoulder to cry on

A highly sensitive person is probably exhausted by being constantly told they’re “too sensitive,” or that they’re a “crybaby.” 

It’s natural for them to cry all the time because their emotions are so intense. 

Instead of someone who will tell them to toughen up every time they cry, they need a shoulder to cry on. 

So how can you effectively handle being in a relationship with a highly sensitive person?

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