10 behaviors that signify a woman is deeply committed to her relationship, according to psychology

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In an ideal world, we would never have to wonder how we felt about each other. We would always know where we stood, and exactly how the people we cared about truly felt about us.

This is not that ideal world.

And even when someone tells you how they feel, we all know that sometimes, actions speak louder than words.

Sure, a woman can tell you that she loves you, that she’s 100% committed to your relationship. But it means so much more when she can demonstrate that commitment in a tangible way.

But here’s the thing: maybe she already is.

Keep an eye out for these behaviors that will show you a woman is deeply committed to a relationship. Once you know what to look for, you’ll never have to wonder again.

1) She communicates clearly

Relationships are built on good communication. So a woman who is deeply committed to maintaining and enhancing her relationship will make the effort to learn how to communicate with her partner.

Communication “can also involve other ways of transmitting information including tone of voice, body language, and other forms of nonverbal communication,” writes psychologist Kendra Cherry. “In many cases, what you don’t say can mean just as much if not more than what you do say.”

She goes on to argue that the hallmarks of effective communication in a relationship include:

  • Active listening;
  • Not taking things personally;
  • Using ‘I feel’ statements instead of accusing the other person;
  • Being kind;
  • Being present and appreciating your partner.

If a woman does this, it’s a good sign she is committed to making her relationship work.

2) She prioritizes the relationship

Life is complicated, and we all have lots of different demands on our time. Work, family, kids, and all kinds of other things occupy our thoughts throughout the day, and when you have a strong relationship, it’s easy to take that for granted.

However, a woman who is committed to a relationship will prioritize it, no matter how busy she gets.

“A good way of thinking about your relationships is that it is like a baby that you both created and are responsible for and tending to,” writes relationship counselor Robert Taibbi. “You both stay attentive and are committed to seeing it thrive and grow.”

That means making time for each other whenever possible. It could be something fun, like a regular date night, or it might just mean taking a moment to listen to each other during a hectic day.

Either way, a woman who is committed to her relationship knows how to prioritize it.

3) She thinks long-term

You can tell a lot about how a woman feels in her relationship by the things she says.

That’s especially true if she’s thinking long-term.

“One thing that successful relationships all have in common is that the couples in them make plans for the future, both near and long term,” writes psychologist Barton Goldsmith. “Making plans builds a bond and a stronger sense of security in our hearts.”

That means she may talk about things in the future like taking a trip together. She may talk about marriage, about kids, or about the retirement she hopes you’ll one day share.

These are all powerful signs that a woman is fully invested and totally committed. She can’t see a future without you.

4) She is proud of her relationship

No one likes a bragger. But I’m not talking about that. I’m just saying that a woman who is committed to a relationship will want to share that fact with the world.

That means she will talk about you to her friends and colleagues. She may want you to meet them, too. And she will talk about you to her family, too, introducing you to everyone important in her life.

That means she’s proud of you and the relationship you have built together. And because she expects it to last, she’s open with everyone around her about her relationship status.

5) She provides emotional support

Ultimately, relationships – at least long-term, committed ones – are about emotional support. Both partners in a relationship ought to be doing what they can to support one another wherever possible.

“When you directly express affection and concern or when you reassure someone that they are loved and important, you may help them cope with upset feelings or challenging situations,” explains psychologist Tchiki Davis.

“Receiving this emotional support helps us cope with daily problems, stress, disappointments, and pain and makes us feel happier and more capable of dealing with the troubles of life.”

A woman who is committed to her relationship will be there for her partner, offering emotional support to keep them going through the rough patches life throws at all of us from time to time.

It’s a sure sign she’s totally committed.

6) She trusts her partner

The nicest thing my partner ever said to me was after our dog got loose one night.

I scoured the neighborhood, driving all over town in the dark, looking for her beloved pet everywhere. Finally, I found him. When I brought him home, I said to her, “you must have been scared you’d lose him.”

“Not really,” she replied. “I knew you’d get him back for me.”

“Trust is one of the most crucial building blocks of becoming emotionally intimate with someone; it’s absolutely fundamental for a healthy, close relationship,” writes psychologist Andrea Bonior.

And when a woman is committed to her relationship, she will trust her partner, both physically and emotionally.

7) She is willing to compromise and make sacrifices

Relationships run on compromise the way cars run on gasoline. And sometimes, they even require us to sacrifice things we want to make the other person happy.

“In a relationship, compromise is an invitation to collaborate with your partner while solving problems,” says therapist and author Claudia de Llano.

“When we compromise, we validate our partner’s feelings, needs, desires, and aspirations. We are showing them that we respect them, their needs matter, and that their point of view is valuable—even though it’s different from our own,” she says.

That doesn’t mean you should always be giving up what you want or sacrificing your time, energy, or dreams to the other person. That’s not healthy.

Instead, the sacrifice and compromise should go both ways, so that both of you are willing to give up some things to make the best relationship you can.

8) She fights fair

Even the happiest relationships have their problems. And the longer you spend with someone, the more likely it is that one day, you’re going to disagree over something.

What’s important is not whether you fight or not. What matters most in determining how she really feels about your relationship is how the two of you fight.

“Couples can learn to fight skillfully,” says counselor Caitlin Cantor. “This means they don’t cause more damage to the relationship during a fight, they stay connected, fights don’t become explosive, and they feel heard even if they disagree with each other.”

This is a skill that takes time and effort to learn. So if a woman makes that effort, it’s a good sign that she is genuinely committed to your relationship.

9) She is affectionate

This one might seem obvious. But it can be surprising how easy it is to forget the simple things.

“Affection may be a “thermometer” that allows a person to gauge a partner’s interest,writes psychologist Sean M Horan.

Pointing to his research work, Horan argues, “we found that the amount of affection you express to your partner best predicts your commitment. Conversely, we found, the amount of affection you receive from your partner best predicts your satisfaction.”

In other words, if a woman is committed to you, she will express that with affection.

That affection can take many different forms. What’s important is that it is a clear sign of a woman who is deeply committed to a relationship.

10) She is consistent

Finally, a woman who is happy in her relationship will do the work to keep it running smoothly. Often, that means being consistent.

“Consistency can be viewed as the bedrock for trust, security, and understanding in a relationship, on all levels. Consistency helps love as it ebbs and flows through life’s challenges,writes Licensed Mental Health Counselor Grady Shumway.

That means she will do what she says she’s going to do. She will commit to being honest about her feelings, and consistent in how she treats her partner.

Signs of a committed woman

It’s nice to hear that your partner is committed to your relationship. But sometimes, it means even more if you can see for yourself.

Behaviors like this show you that a woman is deeply committed, so you can rest assured that you have a strong relationship that means the world to her.

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