11 behaviors that show you’re starting to value yourself more

If you’ve spent your whole life putting yourself down and thinking everyone else was so much better than you, then it’s high time to turn things around.

When you don’t value yourself, when you see yourself as unworthy, chances are you’re missing out on life and happiness.

So, if you want to improve your well-being and work on living your best life, you definitely need to start by learning to value yourself more.

To help you out, I’ve made a list of 11 behaviors that show you’re starting to value yourself more.

Let’s get straight to it:

1) Setting boundaries

You’ve finally realized the importance of setting boundaries in your relationships, good for you!

Whether it’s in your personal relationships or at work, you’re finally able to draw the line and tell people what kind of behavior you find unacceptable.

What’s more, you’re no longer scared to say “no” when something doesn’t feel right or align with your values or needs.

And do you know what?

Setting boundaries is a surefire sign you’re starting to value yourself more.

2) Self-care

If you’ve spent your whole life worrying about everybody else’s needs and putting yourself last, you’re probably exhausted.

That’s why it’s great that you’re finally putting yourself first and prioritizing self-care.

Making time for activities that nourish your physical, mental, and emotional well-being is what it’s all about.

Self-care includes things like exercise, meditation, going to the spa, making time for your hobbies, or even just taking a break when you need one and getting a good night’s sleep.

3) Positive affirmations

If you’ve gone from telling yourself, “Nobody likes you” and “You’re not good enough” to “I’m an amazing person worth getting to know” then you’re finally starting to value yourself.

Practicing self-compassion and replacing negative self-talk with positive affirmations is a great way to boost your self-esteem.

Plus, it gives you a chance to acknowledge your strengths and accomplishments rather than dwell on your shortcomings – which is what you’ve been doing up until now.

4) Healthy relationships

Another sign that you’re starting to value yourself more is the fact that you’re re-evaluating your relationships.

You’re finally able to take a look at the people in your life and ask yourself, “How do they make me feel?” and “What do I get out of this relationship?”

And the result?

You’ve spotted the toxic relationships that drain your energy and make you feel bad about yourself and you’ve decided to distance yourself from those people.

Now you only surround yourself with positive people who uplift and support you.

5) Pursuing goals

Have you finally set some goals?

Well done if you answered “yes”!

And even if you’re a long way away from achieving them, trust me, the very fact that you’ve got something to work toward is a big step forward.

I mean, the old you didn’t think you could get anything done so didn’t even bother with goals.

The fact that you’ve set some achievable goals that align with your values and aspirations demonstrates a commitment to your personal growth and development.

6) Saying “no” to toxic situations

Here’s the thing about people who think little of themselves – they let themselves be treated poorly.

They say “yes” to toxic situations because they don’t think they deserve better.

If you’ve finally realized that you don’t need all that crap and you can finally say “no” to toxic and unhealthy situations, it’s because you’re starting to love yourself and value yourself more.

So whether it’s toxic relationships, a negative work environment, or other harmful circumstances, you’re finally giving yourself the choice to step back!

I hope you realize what a huge step in your progress that is!

7) Seeking support

Listen up: It’s okay to ask for help.

I mean, we can’t do it all by ourselves, that’s what friends, family, therapists, and support groups are for.

It’s human to need other people’s support, after all, we’re social creatures (even the introverts among us).

All in all, when you find yourself in a tough spot, such as thinking you have no value, getting help is definitely a sign of valuing your mental and emotional well-being.

8) Healthy lifestyle choices

Believe it or not, how you live your life reflects whether or not you have self-worth.

Think of your body as a temple.

Now ask yourself, are you treating it as such?

If you’ve given up smoking and drinking, if you’re finally getting your 8 hours of sleep, if you’re exercising and eating healthy, if you’re finally making healthy lifestyle choices, then the answer is “yes”.

And when you treat your body like a temple, it means you value it.

9) Gratitude

Turns out that practicing gratitude regularly is a great way to shift your perspective and improve your overall sense of self-worth.

Instead of thinking, “My life sucks”, you choose to focus on the positive aspects of your life.

No matter how bad things are, you can always find something to be grateful for, even if it’s as simple as having food in your fridge.

And when you start to practice gratitude, you start to see your life in a whole new light.

10) Forgiveness

Now, forgiving someone can be hard.

Forgiving yourself is even harder.

But being angry and holding onto grudges can be very self-destructive.

That’s why being able to forgive others as well as yourself for past mistakes is a pretty big deal.

It means that you’re letting go of all the negativity that comes with being angry.

It means that you’re working toward being a happier version of yourself and that definitely means you’re finally valuing yourself more.

11) Accepting compliments

Turns out that some people have a hard time accepting compliments.

They don’t know how to react and worse yet, they don’t believe they’re sincere because deep down they don’t think they deserve them.

The good news is that if you’ve finally learned to accept compliments, it means that you can finally see your own value!

It means that you recognize that the compliment comes from a good place and that it reflects positively on your worth.

Final thoughts

Adopting the behaviors I list in this article is a great start.

Just remember to be patient and kind to yourself because learning to value yourself is a process.

Your worth is unquestionable and valuing yourself more will lead to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Jelena Dincic

Jelena has a background in photography and film-making and has spent the last few years as a content editor and copywriter. Jelena is a citizen of the world who is passionate about travel and learning about new cultures. She’s a foodie who loves to cook. And, as an art lover, she is always experimenting with new art mediums. When she’s not at her computer, she’s usually out and about in some forest with her dogs.

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