11 behaviors strong women will never put up with in a friendship

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We all know that friendships can be one of the most rewarding aspects of life.

Friends fill our lives with laughter, love, and endless support, and serve as our personal fan club when life throws us a curveball. 

But not all friendships are created equal, right? 

And when you’re a strong, independent woman who knows her worth, there are some behaviors you simply won’t tolerate in a friendship. 

These are the non-negotiables, the deal-breakers, the “thanks-but-no-thanks” actions. 

Today, that’s what we’re talking about – the 11 behaviors strong women will never put up with in a friendship. 

Let’s dive in! 

1) Disrespect

First up, strong women know their worth. They understand the value they bring to any relationship, especially friendships. 

So, if there’s one thing they won’t tolerate, it’s disrespect. Whether it’s verbal, emotional, or otherwise, disrespect has no place in a healthy friendship. 

Strong women demand respect, not just for themselves, but for everyone in their circle. Because let’s face it, life’s too short for anything less!

2) Dishonesty

Truth and honesty are the cornerstones of any solid friendship. For strong women, there’s no room for lying or deceit. 

They believe in transparency and openness, even when the truth might be difficult to hear. 

If a friend constantly lies or hides things, it’s a major red flag. It’s a big deal for strong women, as they expect honesty from their friends. 

After all, a friendship based on lies isn’t a real friendship at all.

3) Negativity

As a strong woman myself, I’ve noticed that negativity is something I just can’t tolerate in my friendships. 

We all have our off days, sure. But when a friend constantly sees the glass as half empty and brings down the mood every time we meet, it’s draining. 

Once, I had a friend who was always complaining about everything – her job, her relationship, her family. It was exhausting. Eventually, I had to distance myself from her for my own mental health. 

Remember, it’s okay to protect your peace. Strong women don’t entertain constant negativity in their friendships. We choose to surround ourselves with positivity and good cheer instead!

4) Lack of support

Strong women are typically go-getters who are always striving to reach their goals. So, they need friends who will cheer them on every step of the way. 

However, a lack of support is something they just won’t stand for in a friendship. They believe that true friendships should uplift and empower both people involved. 

These women have worked hard to grow personally and know how important it is to have friends who genuinely care and provide encouragement.

They expect their friends to be there for them just as they are there for their friends, especially during tough times. 

If they don’t see this kind of support being reciprocated, they may feel that the relationship is more draining than beneficial.

As a result, they won’t hesitate to step back from friendships that don’t offer the support they need.

5) Unreciprocated effort

Speaking of one-sidedness brings me to this next point. Friendships, like any relationship, require effort from both sides. 

You can’t be the only one making plans, sending texts, and reaching out. It’s exhausting and frankly, it’s unfair. 

Strong women know their time and energy is precious. They won’t waste it on a one-sided friendship where they’re doing all the heavy lifting. 

If a friend can’t match their efforts or show the same level of interest in maintaining the friendship, it’s a deal-breaker.

6) Emotional unavailability

We all know that friendships aren’t just about shared interests or having a good time together. They’re about emotional connection. 

Strong women understand this deeply and that’s why they expect their friends to be emotionally available. 

It’s the heartfelt conversations at 2 AM, the shoulders to cry on during tough times, and the shared joy in times of celebration. 

These are the beautiful threads that weave together a true friendship. If a friend is emotionally distant or indifferent, it can be incredibly hurtful, and strong women simply won’t stand for it. 

Because at the end of the day, we all need someone who truly gets us, right?

7) Gossiping

True story – I once had a friend who loved gossiping. She would always have the latest scoop on everyone and anyone. 

At first, it seemed harmless, maybe even a bit exciting. 

But then, I began to wonder – if she talks about others to me, what does she say about me to others? 

That was a turning point. As a strong woman, I believe in the importance of trust and loyalty in friendships. 

Gossiping about others, especially friends, is something I just can’t tolerate. It erodes trust and creates unnecessary drama. 

So remember – strong women don’t entertain gossip, we focus on building each other up instead!

8) Jealousy

We all know that jealousy can be a friendship killer. Strong women want friends who celebrate their successes, not ones who turn green with envy. 

As we’ve established earlier, when a strong woman achieves something—like getting a promotion or reaching a personal goal—she expects her friends to be happy for her. 

This kind of support is important because it builds mutual respect and keeps the friendship healthy.

However, if a friend reacts with jealousy, it can damage the relationship. 

Strong women know that jealousy can be a sign of bigger problems in a friendship. They’d much prefer to be around people who are positive and supportive. 

So, if jealousy comes up, a strong woman might think about stepping back from that friendship to keep her environment positive and supportive.

Who needs that kind of negativity, right? 

9) Manipulation

I remember the day I realized one of my friends was manipulating me. 

Subtle guilt trips, always twisting things around to seem like they were my fault, using my kindness against me – it was a tough pill to swallow. 

But as a strong woman, I knew I couldn’t let this behavior slide. Manipulation is toxic and it eats away at the trust and love in a friendship. 

It’s something I vowed never to put up with again. 

So, be vigilant. If you notice signs of manipulation in your friendships, take a stand. You deserve to be treated with respect and kindness, always!

10) Unreliability

There’s nothing more annoying than a friend who constantly flakes on plans or is never there when you need them. 

Unreliability is a big no-no in any friendship, especially for strong women. 

After all, they are dependable, so it’s natural that they expect the same from their friends. 

We all need someone we can count on, someone who’s got our back no matter what. So, if a friend keeps dropping the ball, it might be time to reconsider that friendship.

11) Criticism

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking about constructive feedback here. We all need that to grow and become better people. 

We’re talking about harsh criticism, the kind that’s meant to belittle or hurt you. 

Strong women know their worth and they won’t let anyone diminish it with unnecessary criticism. 

A true friend will love you for who you are, imperfections and all. So don’t ever settle for friendships that make you feel otherwise!

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