Avoid Any “Awkward Silence” With This 1 Brilliant Trick

You can feel this excruciating moment coming on from a mile away.

The conversation with this great girl started off great. She’s smiling, laughing, clearly becoming more interested and more attracted as you continue.

Then… it happens.

Call it a brain fart, a blank mind, a loss for words.

The only thing that matters is, it brings the conversation to a complete halt and you can feel her attraction levels for you dropping faster than a drunk girl in stilettos.

So, what can you do to pull the conversational nose-dive back into the high flying interaction it was?

You dig into your toolbox. Your social toolbox, that is.

I’ll share with you my absolute favorite conversation-saving tools.

This is a guaranteed way to save any conversation with a girl, PLUS it’s so perfectly constructed, that it easily allows for sexual innuendo to get her mind “in the right place” while still being in the context of pure, NON-NEEDY and FUN banter.

It’s a little game I like to call “FMK” and it will be your new best friend.

When you deploy the FMK game, any drooping conversation will instantly be turned around.

You will leap beyond the average lame guys who approach her with the same old boring pickup lines and dull conversations.

So it goes like this:

When you start to run out of things to say, just as you can feel that her attraction is about to start dipping down…

You turn to her, and you say:

“Hey, let’s play a game real quick.”

Watch as her eyes sparkle with curiosity. This is a departure from the normal night-time drivel she’s used to dealing with. She will almost certainly invite you to proceed.

Start to glance around the room, assessing the other guys you see and start to point them out one by one, and asking her “ok, so would you fuck, marry or punch him?”

She’ll laugh at first. Then she’ll look over at your target and size him up.

Choose different types of guys representing the spectrum of personality types and behaviors.

A jock. A douchebag. A nerd. A handsome debonair type. A business guy.

This will do a few things:

1) Bantering and teasing are so crucial to the first stage of the interaction

You’re keeping the conversation light, non-needy (teasing her playfully) and fun!

Make fun and silly projections about who you guess she’d fuck, marry and punch.

It will be remarkably easy as she’s alternating between giggling at her own quirky tastes, cringing at the dopey guys, and switching to her “ooh la la” voice with the guys that turn her on.

2) Which brings me to my next point…SHE WILL GET TURNED ON.

Remember, you are asking her to bring the thought “who do I want to fuck?” into her mind, and all in the context of an experience that was generated by and shared with you…and only you.

3) Finally…she will see that you are 100% confident in your sexuality and your ability to attract women.

Playing this game with her means that you can confidently discuss the theoretical thought of her sleeping with other men, and that doesn’t threaten you.

99% of dudes would be terrified to even suggest that she even look at another guy when he’s talking to her!

Your confidence here will be very, very sexy to women.

After playing this game for even a few minutes, she will be extremely turned on by your creativity, your playfulness, and your confidence…

This sets you up PERFECTLY to transition into the next stage of interaction, build upon the sexual energy in this game, especially if you’ve been properly mixing in the right “sexual triggers” that all women have.

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Are you a nice guy or are a confident guy?

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The simple truth is that attractive girls don’t go for guys who are ‘nice’ to them or who it ‘makes sense’ to be with.

Attractive girls go for guys who they’re actually attracted to.

To stand any chance in the dating game these days, you need to have confidence. You need to have better body language. You need to tap into their primal instincts.

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