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  • types of Buddhism

    What I wish everyone knew about the 5 main types of Buddhism

    Buddhism is a path of practice where one changes himself in order to develop the qualities of awareness, kindness, and wisdom. Its essence is the attainment of enlightenment. Its goal of enlightenment continues to attract followers all over the globe. But one thing that interests or confuses a beginner of Buddhism is that there are […] More

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    8 happy thoughts to let go of negativity

    Have you felt like insults stick more than compliments? The answer is that it is just how our brains work. Nastiness makes a bigger impact on our brains than happy thoughts. It is due to our brains “negativity bias“, a phenomenon by which we have a greater sensitivity to unpleasant news and bad experiences. When […] More

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    Good morning messages: 46 cute messages to make your lover smile

    When you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, chances are you will remain in a bad mood throughout the day. But when you start your day with a positive mindset, it increases your chances of remaining happy as the day progresses. A good sleep or a great dream can contribute to waking […] More

  • how to stop worrying
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    How to stop worrying and start living: 9 science-backed methods

    Sometimes, worrying is helpful especially if it spurs you to take action and solve a problem. Small doses of worry make us stay focused and alert. But if you’re already becoming preoccupied with “what ifs” and worst-case scenarios, then you have a problem. Your unrelenting anxious thoughts and fears can paralyze and affect how you live your […] More

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    52 Brené Brown quotes that will inspire, encourage and empower you

    Brené Brown studies vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and shame. But why should we really listen to her? She is not only a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work but her groundbreaking research on the impact of shame on our lives led her to give one of the most popular TED talks […] More

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    Dating a chubby girl: 4 things to know and why they are the best

    All is fair in love and war, they say. It doesn’t matter if you’re fat or thin when you love. Because love doesn’t focus on the outward appearance but on the beauty of your soul inside. For those who scorn chubby girls, it may be a surprise for them that someone can actually simultaneously be […] More

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    89 super sweet things to say to your girlfriend

    For a woman, it will make her so happy if she hears her boyfriend say something sweet to them. When you put your feelings into words, it will bring the two of you closer.  One of the most common ways of expressing love is by telling your woman “I love you”. But sometimes, these three words already […] More

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    17 simple ways to make him miss you like crazy

    Why do we miss someone? Why do we feel the emptiness when we are not with that particular person? Maybe because we are not destined to be alone. We are created to be with a companion. “No man is an island.” – John Donne When it comes to romantic love, missing each other is one key […] More

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