Are you a young soul? 7 signs you have a carefree and energetic personality

Some of us are old souls, here to teach wisdom. Others are young souls, here to share joy and enthusiasm. 

Do you feel like a young soul? Or maybe a mix?

Here are signs that you are young at heart and just love to have fun.

1) You like to play games

Chess? Uno? Human Jenga? Or maybe a board game like Catan, or something funny like Cards Against Humanity. If you’re like me and my friends, then maybe you like some of those games. 

Young souls love to play and express their inner child, and tend to attract others like them.

You might also be a fan of video games. Do you love playing consoles or your phone? Maybe you’re into virtual reality or computer roleplaying games like Final Fantasy.

If you’re the more active type, then perhaps you just love something like theatre games. If you’ve never tried this, think Whose Line is it Anyway? A hilarious 90s comedy improv show.

Or maybe you like to get imaginative. 

For my friend’s birthday, I arranged a sneak attack water fight down our beach. 

I made it so that we started at his bungalow; he didn’t know the plan. As we walked, friends ambushed us with water guns. After that, they joined us to fight against the new attackers. It all ended in a giant play fight with different water toys and was a lot of fun!

Any of this sound familiar? Maybe you too have a young soul!

2) You play DnD or other roleplay stuff

So if you’re into improv or theater games, you might also enjoy Dungeons and Dragons. For the unitintiated – it’s a kind of interactive storytelling game with adventures and battles along the way. A real-life version of something like the magical Zelda series!

One of the most important things about playing DnD is to allow yourself to be childlike and have fun. Let that inner creativity flow and sense of play go free. 

You play a fantasy role and can be and do whatever you want! 

Turning into a Giant Tiger? Check. Summoning a cheeky monkey called Bananito? Check. Saving the day by playing an amazing concert in our rock band? Check? You get the idea. 

(I was a druid human with blue and pink hair raised by blue dragons by the way!)

If you want to experience it, look for a local or online group, or get some friends together and give it a go. 

Maybe you, like me, will choose to lead the story and become the “Dungeon Master. For me, I found it to be an intense but amazingly fun and rewarding experience. Needing to be that creative and spontaneous brought me back to childlike levels of creativity again. Wonderful!

Other unusual things you might like include Cosplay, which, for the uninitiated, is dressing up like cartoon or anime characters, interacting with others in costume. It’s lots of fun and very playful!

3) You’re always up to try something new

Are you the first one that people call when they want to do this new and unusual thing? If so, you probably love the novelty of doing new things. Having fresh eyes, feeling just like a child again!

Maybe you’re always checking out new bars, venues or restaurants around you. Or traveling to various places and even countries around the world.

The childlike soul loves to explore and try new things with enthusiasm!

Whether it’s a new museum, a new band or underground club, an interactive theatre event, or a terrifying new ride in a theme park, you wanna go check it out!

4) You do things (sometimes!) without thinking about the consequences

Childlike doesn’t have to mean childish, but sometimes your carefree side may come out a bit too strongly. As a tarot reader, I think of the optimistic child, The Sun in this article.

But this part also makes me think of the Fool, at once carefree and trusting. 

As he should be, because he has a long journey ahead. If he’s always worried he’ll never discover anything of value. But at the same time he is sometimes a just perilous step away from dangerous ground.

When I think of The Fool this phrase comes to mind:

“You go where angels fear to tread.”

This can be good and bad! It leads you to try new things and go whether others dare not. You might find that you have a tendency to blurt things out without thinking.

Just make sure to get that safety equipment checked and that insurance booked!

5) People light up when you come into the room

If people just seem to warm up when you turn up at a gathering or party, then this is a good sign that you are a young soul. 

Maybe you even instinctively know how to make people smile no matter their mood.

Children often have a way of enlivening any situation (mostly!), and your fresh, sunny and optimistic personality seems to bring cheer wherever you go.

Before you walk in everyone is huddled in different corners, a couple are snarking at each other, the energy is disconnected. But then you arrive and with your glowly charm and happy energy. you bring everyone closer together. Soon there’s laughter and fun and a warm vibe.

Your sunny youthlike energy has prevailed!

6) You’re always active

Young souls often like to stay on the move, like the Fool in the tarot deck, always going somewhere new with his bag on his back.

Perhaps you love hiking and camping in national parks and playing in nature. Maybe you love to do yoga or tai chi or go to the gym. Perhaps you’re an avid birdwatcher or just love to walk your dog in the park.

When others think it’s a good day for redecorating or having a spring clean, your mind is on active adventures that you can have.

7) You’re a social butterfly

Studies show that many of us get more introverted with age, while others just have less time or energy. But if you’re a young and energetic soul, then the chances are that you always find time to mix with a wide range of people.

You’re likely to have a diverse set of friends, with companions in the various activities you do in your life. You may have a core group or a particular best friend, but you’re the sort of person that really enjoys socializing with lots of people.

Young Souls – The key points

The young soul is a beautiful thing. 

If you see yourself in the signs above, embrace your energetic, adventurous side. Stay curious, keep exploring, nurture your relationships. The world needs your vibrancy.

Yet balance is key. Consider when to indulge your spontaneity and when to exercise caution. Seek wisdom where you lack it. Our goal in life is not eternal youth but eternal growth – of the soul. Each season has its gifts; each phase makes us more whole.

You may be a young soul now, but know that you are eternal. Even the oldest soul sees glimmers of its youth. We are not defined by our age but by our choices. 

So play on – and learn. Love abundantly – and wisely. Stay young in spirit as you grow in wisdom. In this way, you can honor the fullness of your soul!

Louisa Lopez

Louisa is writer, wellbeing coach, and world traveler, with a Masters in Social Anthropology. She is fascinated by people, psychology, spirituality and exploring psychedelics for personal growth and healing. She’s passionate about helping people and has been giving empowering advice professionally for over 10 years using the tarot. Louisa loves magical adventures and can often be found on a remote jungle island with her dogs. You can connect with her on Twitter: @StormJewel

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