10 ‘annoying’ traits in your partner that you find weirdly endearing

My partner and I have been together for two years. 

I could say she’s my ideal woman, but I’d be lying. 

The truth is she can be kind of annoying. 

But the strangest thing of all is that some of her annoying habits and behaviors are actually growing on me and making me fall deeper in love. 

1) She makes jokes at the expense of my friends 

OK first of all, my girlfriend thinks a couple of my friends are idiots.

She isn’t shy about saying it, either. 

I actually kind of agree with her, at least about one of them, but I find it repetitive how she’s always cracking jokes about my “dumb*ss buddies.”

It’s like, OK, I get it…

At the same time I have to admit that a couple of her imitations of my buddies have gotten really good, like good enough that I myself laugh at them. 

I can’t help but admire her skill at impressions. 

2) She has annoying nicknames for me 

Then we get to my girlfriend’s nicknames for me

There are like ten of them by my count, last time I counted. 

Each one is pretty much more annoying and ridiculous than the next. 

Cliffie, Cliff Boy, Clifford, Kop man, Kopper, Pop Kop, Clifton Clowers (from a corny 1960s popular song, don’t ask).

There are more but they don’t come to mind right now. 

At any moment she drops more. 

I find it annoying but I also find it cute. Plus we’ve branched out into some roleplaying as a result and the naughtiness was actually pretty hot. 

3) Pulling the sink soak stunt

The sink soak stunt is something men are more well-known for. 

We’ve all done it. 

You clean up after a meal, run the hot water and soap, put those dishes and cutlery in there and then…walk away. 

You let ‘em soak. 

Maybe the next day, or a couple days later you drain that sink and actually wash them, or you just wait until somebody else does. 

My girlfriend constantly does this, which is super annoying.

However I find it endearing because it reminds me how much she rejects traditional girlfriend-y and wifely roles, and it makes me feel even luckier that she loves me and is committed to me

Eventually I’ll just buy a dishwasher, finances pending.

4) She’s super indecisive 

My girlfriend doesn’t just sit on the fence with when to do the dishes. 

She’s also really indecisive in general. 

When we met I didn’t quite pick up on it, but she eventually told me that part of what she liked about being a waitress had been that she didn’t have to make the choices, the patrons did. 

Her dislike of making decisions goes all the way from deciding what type of food to order when we go out to spending months waffling back and forth on a decision to buy a used car. 

Eventually we got there because I put my food down and made the decision for the both of us. 

Her indecisiveness is a kind of annoying trait, but at the same time it has brought out my more masculine and decisive side and I find that attractive

5) Speaking really vaguely

I swear if my girlfriend were any more vague in how she speaks they’d have to invent a new sign language just for her. 

She usually just says “uh huh,” or “I wanna go to that thing, remember?”

I usually have no idea what she’s talking about. 

It’s super irritating at times, but it’s also grown on me. 

Plus it’s allowed me to move more into a dominant typically masculine relationship role which I have enjoyed. 

So I basically make a lot of the decisions and if she says “yep” or “sounds good” then I know I’m in the clear. 

6) She drives like a clown with ADHD

On the subject of making decisions and buying a car, I would have also appreciated knowing more about my partner’s driving history. 

It’s like the history of Genghis Khan in eastern Europe as I found out.

Not just parking tickets, but a couple of bumper buster dust ups. Thankfully nobody was hurt but I’m a little worried I could be the first. 

She drives like a clown with ADHD, because she listens to music that’s really wacky and loud. 

I find it annoying, but I also love watching her face when she’s jamming out. 

It’s a bit of a dilemma. But when the traffic gets bad I sometimes have to reach over and just turn that dial all the way down. 

Sorry, honey. 

7) Sending me dirty texts in public 

I never knew my girlfriend was into sexting and dirty talk until a few months into the relationship. 

I found out she was during a dinner with her work colleagues at the restaurant where she used to work (more on that below).

Instead of that classic foot under the table stunt, I got a vibration in my pocket and a very naughty photo she’d taken earlier in the day. 

I admit I was turned on. 

But we were in public! I was literally in the middle of a conversation with her former boss, a man in his mid 70s with a British accent. 

It was so annoying, her timing. But I also find it hot and attractive to know that my girlfriend is thinking of me that way even at the oddest times. 

8) Posting weird things from her day

It’s not just cleavage shots and my girlfriend in red stockings that ping up on my phone when I’m at work or playing squash. 

It’s also her social media in presence. 

This woman posts the oddest things, I swear. 

It’s like she will post some inside joke based on an obscure 1980s show that nobody’s ever seen or apply these weird-ass effects to a photo of her eating. 

Stuff like that. 

At first I didn’t know what to make of it.

Now I find it classic and endearing, even if I admit it’s a bit immature. 

9) Random playful slaps and touches 

I met my girlfriend in a restaurant. 

Yes, she was a waitress. I know, cliche. 

She gave me a couple little arm touches at that time which I found brilliant. 

Over time once we started dating, however, I started finding them kind of annoying, especially when they morphed into slaps. 

Now I just find it cute and kind of sexy. 

Plus when she thwacks my butt it has a specific meaning that takes place behind closed bedroom doors


10) She finishes my sentences 

My girlfriend finishes my sentences, like all the time. 

It’s actually ridiculous. 

At first I’d get really ticked off but now I just kind of roll my eyes. 

Plus I honestly find it cute. 

It’s like she’s my own professional interpreter, jumping in to tell me what I’m trying to say. 

It’s kind of endearing in a really annoying way. 

My sassy girl 

My girlfriend is sassy. 

That’s the word I’d use, anyway. 

Others might call her less complimentary names, and that’s fine, as long as they don’t do it in front of me. 

Thinking of how annoying she is only increases my love for her. I hope there are things she finds annoying and lovable about me, too. 

Love is strange, to say the least. 

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