Though these achievements may seem impossible for the average person to achieve, I was able to do them by using an ancient Japanese strategy called Kaizen. The main crux of this method is to start small and be consistent. I believe in working smart and not hard and I believe in making my work more efficient. To do this I came up with four principles that I always apply when learning something new, thanks to Kaizen. These are:

Start small and be consistent

By just starting with five minutes of practicing French every day and reading one page, I have come to know basic French in a year and have read countless books.

Before this, I always tried to turn myself into a reader by trying to read as much as I could but this morale didn’t last for long.

There was a huge bridge between where I was and where I wanted to be and I was mistaken to think I could just jump over once. Now I have come to appreciate that habits are all about routines. Begin small and never stop.

One habit at a time

I used to make resolutions of the things I wanted to get better at and start working towards them all but in the end, I was failing in all of them and none of the new habits could stick.

Now I have a new rule that requires me to do one or at most two habits at a time ad succeed in them before adding more.

Remove barriers and have everything you need ready

After establishing the habits that I wanted to develop, I have learnt to have the tools I need ready and do way with the possible distractions. For example to practice French I had to make sure I have my phone on hand while drinking coffee and my book on the side of my bed.

Build your new habits into the existing ones

You already have many habits that you probably don’t realize such as brushing your teeth and taking a shower. By stacking your new habits onto these ones, they will act as a trigger and therefore you will never miss any of them.

For example, I would learn 10 French words after I brushed my teeth. Because it was stacked with brushing my teeth, I would never miss doing it.

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