12 things alpha women simply won’t tolerate

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In the past, the term “alpha” was often associated with the dominant male figure of a group. But today, it has taken on a whole new meaning.

Now, it refers to women who embody strong leadership qualities and serve as a source of inspiration in a society that’s traditionally male-dominated.

Some people might think of alpha women as being bossy, manipulative, or condescending.

However, these are just stereotypes that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In reality, an alpha female is someone who possesses an unyielding spirit and a deep sense of self-worth, conviction, and positivity.

She is a true role model, inspiring young girls to stand up for themselves and not tolerate any mistreatment from others.

If you aspire to become an alpha female, take note of their behavior and work on developing those same qualities within yourself.

With hard work and determination, you too can become a beacon of inspiration and leadership for those around you.

Here are 12 things an alpha woman simply won’t do or tolerate.

1) They Don’t Have a “Better-Than-Thou” Attitude

Contrary to popular belief, alpha women embody a spirit of humility and empathy, transcending the confines of a “better than thou” attitude.

They don’t think that they’re any better than a homeless person, a janitor, or a waiter.

They won’t tolerate a superiority complex since everyone should be treated with equal respect.

If you want to be an alpha female, it’s important to catch yourself whenever you have thoughts that make you feel superior.

This kind of thinking only feeds your ego and gives you a false sense of validation.

Instead, practice empathy and understanding towards others.

This is how you can spread kindness in the world and get closer to achieving your goal of being an alpha female.

2) They Don’t Allow Disrespect

Alpha females know how to stand up for themselves and others.

It doesn’t matter if the other party couldn’t keep their calm or were point-blank insensitive.

Alpha females challenge negative behaviors by not tolerating disrespect, creating a more respectful environment.

We can’t deny that alpha women can come off as intimidating at times. In a society where strength is often misconstrued as arrogance, alpha women stride through life with unwavering confidence.

They may seem too much, too strong, too bold – but we also have to acknowledge that these ideas are remnants of the patriarchy.

Alpha women know their worth. And no one can tell them otherwise.

3) They Never Want to Be Controlled

Alpha women value their autonomy. They’re confident in their ability to navigate life based on their personal experiences, knowledge, and gut feeling.

If anyone were to control them, they would only feel like their sense of independence is being undermined.

This might be the reason why I consider a lot of my bosses – from my past and current jobs – as alpha women (and even the positive connotation of a “girl boss”).

They don’t like the feeling of being controlled. They would much rather take charge, make decisions, and be in a position where they can seek to empower other people.

They also strive to create workplaces where they and their co-workers can thrive independently.

4) They Don’t Engage in Negative Self-Talk

Society likes to find flaws in people, especially alpha females. The thing is, you can never use it against them because they’re completely self-aware of their imperfections and shortcomings.

And they’re always putting in the work to overcome their issues.

They practice mindfulness; the moment they recognize a self-deprecating thought, they consciously redirect their focus in a more positive direction.

Alpha females are the epitome of one of my favorite quotes: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

They practice self-compassion and treat themselves kindly, just like they would treat their best friend.

Alpha women also choose to surround themselves with positive people, which significantly minimizes negative self-talk.

5) They Hate Pointless Excuses

Let’s be honest – we’ve all had at least one experience where a toxic person dusted us with their poison.

It can even feel drenching sometimes. More often than not, these types of people come up with pointless excuses that waste time and energy, especially that of other people.

They avoid responsibility and have a tendency to deceive. 

Make no mistake: Alpha women are one of the most understanding people you’ll ever meet.

She knows people make mistakes every now and then, as well as the difference between a valid reason and an excuse, but she won’t put up with someone who remains a liability.

An alpha woman believes that when you allow people to keep making pointless excuses, you’re inevitably creating a culture of complacency and lack of accountability.

6) They Don’t Appreciate Lying

Not to toot my own horn and claim that I’m an alpha female (I still have so much to learn), but if there’s one pet peeve that I can never forgive, it’s a person who lies.

Being true to your word should be a nonnegotiable trait for your personal and professional relationships.

When someone doesn’t keep their promise – no matter how small – it is difficult to build a relationship built on trust.

As solution-oriented individuals, alpha women understand that dishonesty creates more problems.

They have no time for sugarcoating and sweet talk. They prefer to face issues head-on and find effective workarounds, rather than rely on lies that serve as band-aid solutions.

7) They Will Never Tolerate Abuse

An alpha female is someone who absolutely does not tolerate abuse – be it physical, emotional, or psychological.

She believes in equality and fairness, both in relationships and in society. Trust me – she won’t accept anything less.

This characteristic reminds me of my girlfriends who found the strength to leave their toxic, unhealthy, and manipulative boyfriends. But don’t get me wrong – these were hard-fought battles.

It takes a lot of strength and a strong sense of self-worth to admit to yourself that you’re being treated badly, that you deserve better.

So expect a lot of back-and-forth situations before you can embody the mentality of “I’m an alpha female, why am I tolerating this?”

8) They Don’t Like Gaslighting

You might think of women as “sugar and spice and all things nice” until you get into an argument with them.

Alpha women often have high emotional intelligence – meaning they’re in tune with their feelings.

This makes it harder for someone to gaslight them and manipulate their reality.

Having this trait is crucial for a long-lasting relationship. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with someone who constantly makes you doubt yourself.

If you aspire to be an alpha female, make sure that you learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries. Surround yourself with people who can provide you with guidance and support.

9) Their Life Doesn’t Revolve Around Their Relationship

One of the most common misconceptions of alpha females is that they don’t have time for romantic relationships. This isn’t true.

While they may have their own dreams and ambitions that they’re passionate about, they know that a healthy, happy life requires balance.

They don’t focus exclusively on any one aspect, but rather give equal importance to all their life buckets like career, friendships, family, hobbies, and personal development.

This was definitely one of my biggest mistakes when I was younger. 

I realized too late that I had made my boyfriend, my world.

After the breakup, I didn’t recognize myself, as I had neglected my individuality outside of the relationship, leaving a void in my heart that took a while to fill.

10) They Don’t Need an Insecure Partner

Alpha women don’t settle – if they do, just give them time and they’ll realize the truth.

Given that these types of individuals are self-assured, they don’t want to spend their time constantly reassuring someone else.

They don’t want to feel like their partner is holding them back. To put it most simply, they want someone with a spine.

If you want to attract an alpha female, keep in mind that they are attracted to partners who share their level of confidence and self-assurance.

They desire a partner who can match their strong personality and also provide comfort and support when needed.

11) They Never Make Room for Manipulation

Alpha women are also characterized by their strong sense of assertiveness. They can spot manipulation from a mile away.

They’re well-informed about manipulative strategies and how to address each one proactively.

Alpha women prevent manipulation in their relationships and interactions by clearly communicating their needs, preferences, and opinions, which also helps to avoid ambiguity.

12) They Don’t Let Life Happen to Them

Alpha women have a strong sense of purpose and direction, which is why they don’t let life passively happen to them. Instead, they make things happen for them.

You might notice them being present and trying to make the most out of every moment.

As much as possible, they like to capitalize on every opportunity, may it be in terms of personal relationships, professional endeavours, or personal growth.

They maintain control over their life’s trajectory.

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