Who are we?

Let’s face it. Most relationship advice out there isn’t very helpful. It’s based on general, stereotypical advice that just doesn’t work.

At Hack Spirit, we take a no-fluff-based approach to relationships.

We base our advice on psychological research and genuine personal experience.

And that’s precisely why I created Hack Spirit in mid-2016.

Our goal is to provide you with straightforward, honest answers to your everyday questions about improving your relationships – not only with others but with yourself.

Our team is on the same journey as you in improving our relationships and we’re extremely passionate about sharing everything we learn.

We always try to back up our advice with research or our own battle-tested evidence. But we don’t know everything. We’re always learning. Our content is constantly evolving and we’re always working to improve.

Our content focuses on a diverse range of topics in the relationship space such as break-ups, social psychology, soulmates, twin flames, marriage advice, and dating tips.

These topics are fundamental to improving your relationships but are often hard to discuss. That’s why I decided to create Hack Spirit in mid-2016.

We believe that by sharing our stories, research, and experience, we can help improve the relationships of men and women worldwide.

Welcome to Hack Spirit. The no BS guide to improving your relationships with others and yourself.

Where to from here?

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Who Are We?

Lachlan Brown, BSc(Psych)

Chief Editor and Founder

Lachlan Brown is Hack Spirit’s Chief Editor and Founder. He has a psychology degree from Deakin University in Australia and for 15 years has deeply studied human psychology and practical ways to better our relationships. He is an expert in behavioral psychology and relationships.

After studying psychology and relationships in such depth, Lachlan became frustrated with the quality of relationships content available to the public. He set about changing this by creating Hack Spirit and putting together a team of professional writers who share their expertise and everyday experience to provide the most practical, useful and up-to-date relationship and self-improvement advice.

Hack Spirit is now one of the world’s largest content sites on relationships and self-improvement. Lachlan credits Hack Spirit’s high quality and integrity to its editorial process and the expertise and experience of its writers. He is also humbled by the incredible support he has received along the way from the Hack Spirit community.

You can get in touch with Lachlan on Facebook, Twitter, or by using the Hack Spirit contact page.

Justin Brown is a senior editor with Hack Spirit. He is also the founder and chief publisher of Ideapod, a large media website focusing on self-development.

Justin is a former lecturer in international politics and psychoanalytic philosophy. He has a Master of Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a Master of Arts (First Class Honours) from the Australian National University.

Justin’s research interests span the intersection of politics, behavioral psychology, and political economy.

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