A woman with integrity will never tolerate these 10 things in a relationship

A woman with integrity is someone who tries to do the right thing—always.

And of course, she wants a like-minded partner.

That’s why she won’t just stay quiet and pretend to be okay when her partner does something that’s against her values—especially when their actions directly affect her!

Want to know what  a woman with integrity will never tolerate in a relationship?

Here are 10 of them.

1) Cheating

A woman with integrity simply cannot stay in a relationship if she knows her partner is cheating on her.

Sure, she knows that there are so many legit reasons why someone cheats and so she will try to forgive her partner if they promise not to do it again.

But she will only do it ONCE.

If it happens again, they’d ditch them in a heartbeat no matter how much they love them.

Trust is incredibly important for a woman with integrity.

If she can’t trust her partner to be loyal to her, she’d really rather find someone else who could.

They know their life would be a living hell if they stay committed to someone who can’t commit!

2) Lying in any way, style, or manner

Whether it’s a white lie or a red lie, a little lie or a big fat lie —a woman with integrity won’t have any of it!

She’d rather be with a partner who finds it extremely difficult to lie, because she’s exactly like that.

She’s the type of person who values honesty and it’s probably the number one thing she looks for in a partner.

That way, she can sleep in peace knowing that she and her partner are honest with each other about everything (or at least, on the things that truly matter).

3) Inability to honor a promise

A woman with integrity keeps her promises, and she expects the same thing from her partner.

So if her partner promises to give $1000/month for their holiday fund, and they “forget” to do it, she’d not be shy to remind them.

And if their partner comes home at midnight when they promised they would at 10pm, she won’t just let things slide—she’d talk to them about it even if they both have to get up at 4am!

A woman with integrity puts value in words—especially promises. And she wants a partner who’s the same.

4) Physical, verbal, or emotional abuse

A woman with integrity has self-respect.

She knows her worth and she won’t put up with people who treat her—or anyone else— like dirt.

That’s why she keeps her eyes open for any signs of abuse. The moment she notices them, she’d run.

After all, she’d rather be happily single than be stuck in an abusive relationship!

So when her partner shouts “You’re a filthy pig!”, she won’t take it lightly.

And when her partner attempts to slap or punch her, she’d take it as a sign that they could indeed be physically abusive. 

She’d talk to them about it. And if things won’t change, she’d pack her bags and leave.

She also won’t hesitate to call the police when she receives any kind of physical abuse.

5) Body shaming 

Some women might be able to fake a laugh when their partner jokes about how ugly their nose is or how they’re as fat as a whale.

But not the woman with integrity!

While she’s confident in her looks and their comments don’t affect her self-esteem at all, she’d still get pissed—or more like, turned off.

It’s just against her principles.

She believes that no one should shame anyone for how they look—especially if they have no control over them.

And so when her partner jokes about her hairy arms or their neighbor’s obese kid, she’d tell them off even if she sounds like a “killjoy” for doing so.

6) Threats and intimidation

“If you’re not going to make love with me, we might as well break up.”

“Try to push my limits and you’ll regret it!”

A woman with integrity will see these phrases as red flags, and she’d make sure that she and her partner will have a serious discussion about it.

She won’t let anyone be comfortable intimidating her—especially not her partner!

Threats and intimidation are things controlling and disrespectful people do…and she doesn’t want any of that.

7) Machismo

If her partner acts all superior simply because he’s a man, she’d raise her eyebrows and laugh out loud.

A woman with integrity can’t stand men who think a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

She’d give him a long lecture about equality and respect so he’ll realize how annoying and dangerous his views are.

But if she thinks he’s a hopeless case, she’d ditch him.

Why would she stay with someone who doesn’t see her as an equal? 

She loves and respects herself and her partner should do the same.

8) Manipulation

A woman with integrity isn’t scheming. 

She doesn’t guilt-trip anyone to get favors. She doesn’t use triangulation to get ahead of others.

It’s just not in her DNA!

That’s why the moment she notices that her partner uses manipulative techniques on her (or others), she’d pause and reflect.

She’d ask herself if she can actually live with someone like this. 

If their partner uses manipulation for small things—like guilt-tripping her so they decide on what TV show to watch—she might just let it slide.

But if it’s for big things—like them playing the victim so she’ll let them borrow $10,000—she’d call them out on their behavior.

9) Overreliance

If she feels like she’s carrying the weight of two people, she’d put that heavy weight down and go “Wait a minute, something’s not right!.”

She’d be understanding if her partner has been jobless for a couple of months…

But if it’s been over a year, and he’s become comfortable getting freebies from her? 


She wants a partner who knows how to carry their own weight—from finances to household chores.

She won’t hesitate to have a serious talk with them even if it’s a touchy subject because she knows she deserves to be with a partner, not a child.

10) Repeated bad behavior

While a woman with integrity has high standards, she’s also very patient.

She knows that a good relationship takes a lot of work—and that includes talking about differences and the behaviors you won’t tolerate.

So if their partner commits any of the things in this list, she’d communicate about it directly. 

She’d be very patient in guiding them so they would know how to treat them better. And they’d ask them how they can be better partners, too.

They’re not perfect, after all!

But if their partner keeps repeating the same offenses?

She’d dash to the door before they can even say “I won’t do it again!”

Final thoughts

So what does a woman with integrity want in a partner?

Well…integrity. That’s what!

For her, roses and six-o-clock kisses are nice and all.

But the most important thing is that her partner is a genuinely good person who knows how to treat her (and others) right.

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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