18 moments when a man realizes he lost a good woman

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Perhaps your man didn’t know how lucky he was. You are a superb partner, but he still went on and looked for a new one.

And, once all the intensity had died down, it began to hit him: he lost the best partner he could ever have.

And while it may not happen right away, he’s bound to experience any (or some of these) 18 moments when he realizes that he’s lost a good woman in his life.

1) He sees you dating other people

He’s dating girl after girl after you’ve broken up. He must be over you, right?

Well, it’s not always the case.

More often than not, he’ll realize that he’d lost a good woman – you – once you go out dating.

He knows how great you are, and how men will bend over backward for you. Heck, he did it himself not so long ago!

Eventually, he’ll realize how lucky he was now that a new guy is in the picture. Don’t be surprised if he gets jealous of this new man of yours!

2) He keeps on dating a slew of women

Is your ex dating simultaneously? More often than not, it’s because he’s NOT a hot commodity.

In fact, it may be his attempt to find someone as good as you.

He’s going through these ladies like pages in a book because no matter how hard he tries, no one comes close to you.

He’s trying, alright, but he’s failing. So don’t be surprised if, after all these dates, he comes crawling back to you.

He knows he’s lost a good woman, but he was too stubborn to admit it before.

3) A relationship coach has told you so

While this article explores the moments when a man realizes he has lost a good woman, it can be helpful to speak to a relationship coach about the situation.

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4) He should be having the time of his life, but…

He’s having the time of his life, and he’s made sure that it’s reflected on his social media. He’s with a bombshell – and his good pals – partying in an exotic country.

He should be happy, right? It’s all he ever wanted when he was with you.

But instead of feeling elation, he tells you how sad he feels – and how he actually misses you. (Okay, he might not say this directly, but his friends may end up blurting this quip to you.)

He may even go on to say how happier he’ll be with you – although he has this sexy woman beside him.

Heck, he knows he didn’t have to go to an out-of-the-country party to feel that kind of euphoria with you.

Simply put, if he longs to be with you- amidst all the physical delights he has right now – then he knows for a fact that he’s lost a diamond in the rough.

5) When all the ‘fun’ is over

There’s no denying that he has a great physical connection with his new girl. But now that it has died down, he slowly begins to realize that it’s the only connection he’s ever had with her.

He doesn’t jive with her mentally, emotionally, or even spiritually. In fact, they keep on butting heads with each other!

While opposite poles do attract, he begins to realize that having a ‘similar’ partner is better.

Slowly but surely, it begins to dawn on him how different your connection was.

You complimented each other like two pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.

You liked what each other liked.

You loved what each other loved.

But now that he’s let you go, he realizes that there’s nothing but bumps in the road (and screaming matches with his new beau in between.)

6) Being with friends is good, but…

Perhaps you went separate ways because he wanted to be ‘free.’

He wanted to go out and mingle, just like his good buddies do all the time. And while it was fun for a few months, he slowly begins to realize that it’s not the same.

Sure, he appreciates how you’ve always been there for him at the end of the day.

He knows he’s lost a good woman when he’d rather go home to your warm, cozy arms than be surrounded by his party-loving friends.

7) He’s still trying to act like a hero

Is your ex still doing favors for you – even though he’s got a new girl on the side?

It’s possible that you’ve managed to trigger his inner hero.

The hero instinct, coined by relationship expert James Bauer, is a truly fascinating concept. It talks about what really drives men in relationships – something that is ingrained in their DNA.

And it’s something most women (including his partner) don’t know anything about.

Once triggered, these drivers make men into the heroes of their own lives. They feel better, love harder, and commit stronger when they find someone who knows how to trigger it.

Now, you may be wondering why it’s called “the hero instinct”? Do guys really need to feel like superheroes to commit to a woman?

Not at all. Forget about Marvel. You won’t need to play the damsel in distress or buy your man a cape.

All you need to do is check out James Bauer’s excellent free video here. He shares some easy tips to get you started, such as sending him a 12-word text that will trigger his hero instinct.

Because that’s the beauty of the hero instinct.

It’s only a matter of knowing the right things to say to make him realize that he wants you and only you.

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8) His partner has begun to show her materialistic side

Perhaps his new beau is a Ms. ‘Buy me this or that.’

And although he may be capable of buying her everything she wants, he realizes how different you are from his new partner.

Unlike this new girl, you didn’t focus on how rich or successful he was. Sure, you enjoy being spoiled, but you’d rather have a quiet date night than a new Gucci bag.

Add to that, you can buy that purse on your own!

Now it has hit him: you are definitive proof that money doesn’t buy you happiness. You are a good woman, but he chose to let her go.

Call it karma, but now he’s stuck with Ms. Material Girl.

9) Deep conversations are out the window

Looks change, but meaningful conversations carry on forever.

So while his new partner is a looker, she knows she’s lost a good thing when he realizes she has zero conversation skills.

He’s even gone to tell you that it’s like talking to a board – where everything else just bounces off.

The deep conversations he once had with you are now out the window, and it’s become clear to him that he’s made a bad decision.

Now, the only thing he could do is be nostalgic about the time when he had no problem sharing his thoughts and opinions.

You’ve always listened to him. You even shared useful inputs that made him see things the other way.

Unfortunately, deep conversations are now a thing of the past for him.

10) He doesn’t feel as ‘loved’ as he was before

Sure, his new beau loves him. He’s told him – and showed him – multiple times.

And even though she loves him in the best way she knows how – it feels off.

He feels that the way his partner hugs him, takes care of him, and loves him isn’t quite the same.

For example, she doesn’t laugh at his corny jokes like you do.

What can I say? Men don’t know what they have until it’s gone.

As you see, this circles back to the fascinating concept earlier: the hero instinct. When a man’s inner hero is triggered, he’s more likely to commit to the woman who has set this instinct off (in this case, you.)
So by knowing the right things to say to him, you’ll open a part of him that no woman – even his current partner – has ever reached before.
And, if you ask me, the best way to do this is to watch this free video by James Bauer. In it, he’ll reveal simple phrases and texts you can use to make your man realize that he’s lost a good woman.

Here’s a link to the excellent video again.

11) He’s no longer afraid to show his feelings

Some guys can be stubborn. They may be hurting over losing their partners – but they won’t be ‘man’ enough to show it.

On the other hand, a man who’s realized he’s lost a good woman will not be afraid to show his feelings.

He will communicate with you – and show you his remorse for what happened.

But how do you really know if what he’s saying is true? For one, if he does the thing below…

12) He’s actively trying to get you back

Men don’t always realize how much of a good thing they’ve got until it’s gone. But if your guy has truly acknowledged this back, he’ll actively get you back.

If you parted ways because of his work, then he’ll try to minimize his load and focus on you instead.

If you broke up with him because of his vices, then he’ll try to cut them out (or attend rehab, for that matter.)

In other words, it won’t just be empty promises. He’ll do whatever it takes to get you back, for he knows that no other woman will come close to you.

13) He’ll try to be your friend

They say exes can’t be friends.

As to why, here’s what author Jen Kim had to say:

“If you’re still hung up on your past, it’s going to be difficult to move on to your future, especially when the person you’re hung up on is still a regular fixture in your life.”

So if your ex is trying to be your friend – even after what happened – it’s possible that he’s realized how much of a good woman you are.

Although you’re no longer willing to be his partner, he won’t pass up on the opportunity of being a good friend.

And – who knows? You just might change your mind in the future.

14) His family and friends have gone against him…

You’ve been with him for God knows how long. Unsurprisingly, his family and friends treat you like one of them.

And, to their horror, they hear that he broke up with you – and it’s all his fault.

They’ll be quick to show their disapproval, that’s for sure. And once he realizes his family and friends have gone against him – he’ll come to grips with the fact that he’s lost a good woman.

See, if you weren’t a good partner, his family and friends wouldn’t show displeasure towards his actions.

At the end of the day, these people will help him realize how bad his decisions were.

15) …They even tell you about his realizations

Although his family and friends may disapprove of him breaking up with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t listen to him or comfort him.

In some cases, they may even relay what he told them to you.

And it’s not because they’re snitches, no. They know how regretful he was of losing you, although he doesn’t have the guts to say so.

Simply put, they want to help make things ‘right’ again.

Of course, the only way you’ll know for sure is if you talk to him about this.

16) He keeps on doing vices (and it’s worsening)

It’s no secret that many men – and women – turn to alcohol and drugs after a breakup. They can help you forget – and calm your anxiety – even for a while.

They can make you think and realize that you’ve let go of a good partner, too.

His vice may be worsening because it’s the only escape he knows. For example, you have a new boyfriend now and he’s drinking/shooting up drugs to forget about it.

In any case, don’t be surprised if his family and friends reach out to you about this. And please, don’t hesitate to help him!

17) He begins to have ‘dark’ thoughts…

He’s realized he’s lost a good woman. He feels like there’s no turning back, so he begins to do the unthinkable: think about dark, suicidal thoughts.

The bad news is this isn’t always obvious. Your ex can act all giddy, although he’s hurting deep inside.

Just think about the ‘happy’ celebrities who’ve taken their lives.

See, you know him well – especially if you’ve been together for quite a while. Although you may have parted on bad terms, it’ll be good to check up on him – especially if he’s been acting peculiar lately.

You just may end up saving a life!

18) …Or he’s suddenly turned his life around

Perhaps you’ve broken up with him because he has no desire or ambition in life.

He knows it was wrong of him.

More so, he knows how good of a woman you are, that’s why he’s trying to make a 365-degree change in his life.

He feels that by improving his ways, you may realize that he’s a good man too. And even though he’s lost his way for a while, he’s trying to get everything right back on track.

If he shows that he’s sincere enough to turn his life around, I say give him another chance! Who knows? This time, your relationship may last for good.

Final thoughts

By now you should have a better idea of the moments when a man realizes he lost a good woman.
And, if you want to get him back, then you need to get through to your man in a way that empowers both him and you.

I mentioned the concept of the hero instinct earlier. By appealing directly to his primal instincts, you won’t only solve this issue, but you’ll take your relationship further than ever before.

And since this free video reveals exactly how to trigger your man’s hero instinct, you could make this change as early as today.

With James Bauer’s incredible concept, he’ll realize that you’re a good woman – and that you’re the only one for him. So if you’re ready to take that plunge, make sure to check out the video now.

Here’s a link to his excellent free video again.


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