9 things likeable people never do (so you shouldn’t either!)

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Have you ever met someone who just rubs you the wrong way, even though you can’t quite put your finger on why?

Chances are, they’re doing one (or more) of the things that likeable people never do.

On the other hand, have you ever met someone who seems to charm everyone they meet effortlessly?

It’s likely that they’re avoiding the behaviors on this list.

In this article, we’ll explore 9 things that likeable people never do, and why you shouldn’t either if you want to be more likeable.

Whether you’re looking to improve your relationships at work or just want to be more popular in general, avoiding these habits is a good place to start.

1. Blame others

Everyone encounters problems and makes mistakes. It’s an inevitable part of being human.

But how we respond to these problems says a lot about who we are.

Some people take responsibility for their own mistakes and try to learn from them.

These people tend to be empowering to be around because they’re taking control of their life.

And then there are those who blame other people for their mistakes and problems in life.

While this protects their ego in the short term, they never learn anything new.

Worst of all? They make other people feel bad.

I think we can all agree that it’s never fun to be accused of causing someone else’s problems, but it’s also disempowering to spend time with people who blame others.

After all;

You don’t want to be influenced by a worldview where you are at the mercy of other people’s actions and decisions. That’s disempowering!

This is why likeable people take responsibility for their actions. They don’t blame others. they instead focus on finding solutions and making positive changes in their own lives.

2. Try to be perfect

Likeable people don’t try to be perfect.

They know that perfection doesn’t exist and that it’s okay to make mistakes. Instead of hiding their flaws or vulnerabilities, they’re honest and accepting of them.

This makes likeable people relatable and easy to connect with.

On the other hand, when someone is constantly trying to present themselves as perfect, not only is difficult to relate to them, but you can struggle to build a connection with them because you never get to know them for who they are.

3. Look down on other people

Likeable people don’t see themselves as above others…that’s usually a foolproof way to know they’re genuine and not putting on an act.

You see, there are plenty of people who claim to be good-doers but in reality, only do it for the likes and popularity they get from it. Behind closed doors, they enjoy the feeling of superiority.

A truly likeable person will rarely consider themselves as “better”. They just see themselves like everyone else; normal. Not better, not worse.

This attitude of humility and respect for others is one of the things that make likeable people so likeable and well-respected by others.

4. Gossip about people behind their back

“Did you see the way they were fighting the other night? They’re never going to last! I heard he’s already got another Tinder date lined up!”

“So, she told me last night that she’s going to quit. It’s meant to be a secret but obviously, I just had to tell you.”

Sentences such as the above are something you’ll NEVER hear from genuinely likeable people.

For one, they have no interest in spreading gossip or lies about people, especially those they care about.

And secondly, backbiting when someone isn’t there to defend themselves or has revealed a secret is a big no-no.

Likeable people understand that gossip can be harmful and hurtful, and they do not want to contribute to that.

Instead, they focus on building positive relationships and supporting others.

5. They don’t judge people based on their appearances

It’s all about the heart!

Genuinely likeable people never judge others based on their appearances because they know that it’s what’s inside that counts!

They couldn’t care less if you’re black, white, full of tattoos, got red hair, are fat or short or skinny.

All a likeable person wants to know is if you’ve got a kind heart and sincere intentions.

Likeable people tend to be more open-minded, they’ll hire the guy no one else likes the look of, and they’ll befriend the weird girl everyone else ignores…because that’s just how they are!

6. Manipulate or deceive others

I think we can all agree that it never feels good to be used or taken advantage of.

Likeable people never try to pull a fast one on others. They don’t play games or use sneaky tactics to get their way.

They’re honest, straightforward, and genuine, and they don’t try to deceive or manipulate others.

After all:

Likeable people know that trust and respect are essential in any relationship worth having, and they don’t risk those things by being dishonest or sneaky.

In short, likeable people don’t try to be something they’re not, and they don’t try to play others for fools. If you want to be likeable, that’s the bottom line.

7. Talk more than listen

Some people love talking because they’re trying to prove themselves to the people around them.

But the truth is, the more confident and self-assured someone is the less likely they feel like they have to prove themselves.

Classy people don’t try to dominate the conversation or steer the conversation in a particular direction, because they’re comfortable going with the flow.

They value listening to other people because they see it as an opportunity to learn.

Also, they are genuinely interested in other people and what they have to say.

They are patient and attentive when others are speaking, and they show that they value the person’s thoughts and opinions by giving them their full attention.

8. They don’t hold grudges

Likeable people don’t keep hold of past issues. They don’t hold arguments from 10 years ago against people.

They forgive.


Well, they recognize that life is too short to go around holding onto grudges. They also recognize that by forgiving people, they release themselves from holding anger in their hearts.

And finally, likeable people know that people deserve second chances. They’re not here to judge or hold people in mental prisons whenever they mess up.

If someone is willing to make the effort, a likeable person would much rather forgive and move on. And if they aren’t?

What if someone repeatedly hurts them>

They likely move on with their lives and leave the perpetrator in the past. But they’ll still forgive them, even if they want nothing to do with them ever again!

9. Make fun of other people

Putting other people down is a tactic used mainly by insecure people to make themselves
feel better and look better by comparison.

Likeable people tend to have inner strength and they use that strength to support the people around them.

When you’re comfortable with who you are and what you offer in the world, you don’t feel a need to artificially make yourself better in front of others.

Likeable people do not make fun of others because they are respectful and considerate of other people’s feelings.

They understand that making fun of someone else can be hurtful and damaging to that person’s self-esteem, and they do not want to contribute to that.

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