9 subtle behaviors of someone who is highly attracted to you, according to psychology

Attraction can be a tricky thing to decipher. Especially when it’s not about the grand gestures, but rather, the subtle behaviors that can indicate someone is highly attracted to you.

According to psychology, there are certain telltale signs that someone might be more into you than you think. Signs that are not always obvious but are there, lurking just beneath the surface.

In this article, I’m going to reveal nine of these subtle behaviors. So sit back, relax, and prepare to gain some insight into the mysterious world of attraction. Let’s dive in!

1) Uninterrupted eye contact

Eye contact is one of the most powerful forms of non-verbal communication. It’s how we connect with others, show interest, and build rapport.

According to psychology, when someone is attracted to you, they’ll hold your gaze longer and more often. It might seem subtle, but it’s a definite sign that they’re interested.

This uninterrupted eye contact isn’t about being creepy or invasive; it’s about showing a deep level of interest.

They’re not just looking at you; they’re seeing you. There’s a difference. They’re taking in your expressions, your words, your vibes. They’re trying to get a better understanding of who you are.

So next time someone holds your gaze for just a bit longer than usual, pay attention. It could be a sign of attraction.

2) They mirror your actions

Have you ever noticed that when you’re talking to someone you’re really into, you start to pick up their habits? It’s not just you. It’s a psychological phenomenon called mirroring, and it’s a subtle sign of attraction.

I remember when I first started dating my partner. We were sitting at a coffee shop and I noticed that every time I took a sip of my coffee, he did too. When I leaned back in my chair, he mirrored my action almost instantly. At the time, I found it amusing but didn’t think much of it.

Looking back now, I realize that was his subconscious way of showing he was attracted to me. By mirroring my actions, he was signaling his interest and trying to establish a connection.

So, if you notice someone subtly mirroring your body language or speech patterns, chances are they’re more attracted to you than you might think.

3) Their feet point towards you

You might not think feet have much to do with attraction, but they can actually reveal a lot about someone’s feelings towards you.

In the field of body language, it’s understood that our feet often point towards where our interest lies. So if you’re talking to someone and their feet are pointed directly at you, it’s a good sign they’re attracted to you.

This is because, subconsciously, we want to move towards what we desire. Our feet act as indicators of this desire even when we try to hide it.

4) They remember the small details

When someone is attracted to you, they tend to pay more attention to you and remember the small details about your interactions.

It’s not just about remembering your birthday or your favorite color. It goes deeper than that. They might remember the exact words you used in a conversation a week ago, or recall a story you mentioned in passing about your childhood.

This is their way of showing that they value your conversations and are interested in you on a deeper level. It’s a subtle sign, but it’s a clear indication of attraction.

5) They initiate contact

When someone is attracted to you, they’ll often find excuses to initiate contact. It could be a light touch on the arm during a conversation, a pat on the back, or a warm hug hello or goodbye.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re invading your personal space. It’s usually subtle and respectful, but it’s their way of establishing a physical connection with you.

Initiating contact is a classic sign of attraction. It shows they’re comfortable around you and are seeking more intimacy.

So if you notice someone consistently finding reasons to initiate physical contact, it’s likely they’re attracted to you.

6) They show genuine concern for your well-being

When someone is attracted to you, your happiness and well-being become important to them. They’ll check in on you, ask about your day, and show interest in your feelings and experiences.

They’ll be there for you when you’re down, offering comfort and support. And when you’re up, they’ll be the first to celebrate your successes.

It’s not just about being nice; it’s about showing genuine care and concern. This heartfelt behavior is a powerful sign of attraction.

7) They open up to you

When I was navigating the early stages of a past relationship, I noticed something interesting. This person would share things with me that they admitted they hadn’t shared with others. It wasn’t just about their favorite movies or childhood memories; it was deeper, more personal stuff.

They would talk about their fears, dreams, and even their insecurities. It was as if they trusted me with a part of themselves that they usually kept hidden.

Opening up to someone in this way is a clear sign of attraction. It shows trust, vulnerability, and a desire for emotional intimacy.

8) They tease you gently

Gentle teasing is a classic sign of attraction. It’s a playful way to create a bond and share a laugh.

They might playfully make fun of your quirks, or joke about something you did. The key here is that it’s gentle and good-natured. It’s not meant to hurt or embarrass, but to bring you closer together.

This light-hearted teasing is their way of showing they’re comfortable with you and enjoy your company.

So if someone consistently teases you in a friendly, playful manner, it’s a strong sign they’re attracted to you.

9) They make an effort to be around you

The most telling sign of attraction is quite simple: they want to be around you.

If someone consistently goes out of their way to spend time with you, it’s because they enjoy your company. They’re drawn to you. They might attend events they know you’ll be at, or suggest activities that allow them to spend more time with you.

This effort to be around you is a clear indication of attraction. It’s their way of saying, without words, that they’re interested in you.

So if someone seems to always find a way to be in your presence, it’s the strongest indication that they’re attracted to you.

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