9 signs you’re a genuine introvert, according to psychology

Have you ever felt like you’d rather spend a quiet evening at home than hang out at a crowded party? Or perhaps you need some alone time to recharge after being in a social setting?

Guess what, you might just be an introvert. And that’s totally okay!

Today, we’re going to dive into some telltale signs that you’re a genuine introvert. And this isn’t just us making guesses. This stuff is backed by psychology!

So, get comfortable and let’s explore these 9 signs that show you’re probably an introvert.

1. You enjoy your own company

The first sign we’re looking at is the love of solitude.

Now, don’t get this twisted. It’s not about being antisocial or shy. It’s all about feeling at peace and energized when you’re alone.

As an introvert, you’ll often find yourself craving time on your own, and guess what? That’s okay! Whether it’s reading a good book, watching your favorite movie, or simply doing nothing, these moments of solitude are precious to you.

Psychologists believe this is because introverts recharge their energy levels by spending time alone. It’s not that they don’t like people; they just need a balance between social time and alone time.

2. Deep conversations are your thing

Next up on our list – you prefer deep, meaningful conversations over small talk.

If you’re an introvert, idle chit-chat might feel like a chore to you. You’d much rather dive into an in-depth conversation about life, dreams, thoughts, and ideas.

Introverts are known for their reflective and thoughtful nature. You love to dig deep, get to the heart of the matter, discuss theories, and share your inner thoughts. Small talk can often feel superficial and draining, leaving you longing for a more substantial conversation.

If you find yourself often steering conversations away from the weather or the latest gossip and toward more profound subjects, you might just be a genuine introvert.

3. You’re selective about your social circle

Let’s move on to the third sign – being selective about who you spend time with.

As an introvert myself, I can tell you that we tend to keep our social circles small and intimate.

For example, instead of having a bunch of acquaintances, I have a few close friends that I deeply value. I’d much rather invest my time and energy in a few meaningful relationships than spread myself thin across many surface-level friendships.

Introverts, like me, enjoy depth in our relationships. We prefer to connect on a deeper level, understanding and being understood.

Superficial or one-sided relationships just don’t cut it for us.

4. You’re a great listener

The fourth sign that you might be an introvert is if you’re often complimented for being a good listener.

Now, this isn’t just about keeping quiet while others talk. It’s about actively listening, understanding, and making the other person feel heard and valued.

According to research, introverts are often better listeners because they spend more time processing information than their extroverted counterparts. They’re less likely to interrupt and more likely to fully take in what’s being said before responding.

As an introvert, you may find yourself offering a thoughtful response or advice, showing genuine interest in the conversation.

If this resonates with you, it’s another strong sign of introversion.

5. You often feel drained after social events

The fifth sign that you may be an introvert hits a little closer to the heart. It’s about feeling drained after attending social events.

Imagine this: You’re at a party or a big gathering. You’re enjoying the music, the food, laughing with friends, but as the hours tick by, you start to feel tired. Not just physically tired, but emotionally and mentally drained too.

Once you get home, all you want to do is curl up in your bed or sit quietly with your thoughts. You need this alone time to recharge your ‘batteries’ and regain your energy.

This happens because, as an introvert, socializing can be exhausting for you. While extroverts draw energy from social interactions, introverts use up energy in these situations.

If this feels close to your heart and sounds familiar, then you’re showing another sign of being an introvert

6. You’re often lost in your thoughts

Here’s another sign – you often find yourself lost in your thoughts.

My mind is my favorite place to be. Whether I’m daydreaming about future plans, mulling over past conversations, or just contemplating life, I often find myself in a world of my own.

You see, introverts are typically introspective. We thrive on self-reflection and gain a lot of insights from it. This is why we might seem quiet or distant to others sometimes.

It’s not that we’re disconnected from the world; it’s just that our inner world is equally fascinating to us.

7. Crowded places aren’t your favorite

If there’s one thing that introverts aren’t particularly fond of, it’s crowded places.

Malls on weekends, busy restaurants, packed concerts – these are places that can make an introvert feel overwhelmed or anxious.

Why, you ask? It’s because these environments are usually loud, chaotic, and filled with a lot of people.

For introverts, this can be sensory overload. You might find it hard to concentrate or even feel a bit stressed in such settings. The sheer amount of social interaction required can be tiring for us introverts.

So, if you often find yourself avoiding crowded places or feeling relieved when you leave them, it’s another sign that you might just be an introvert.

8. You’re careful with your words

The eighth sign of being an introvert is a thoughtful and careful approach to speech.

Introverts tend to think before they speak, choosing their words carefully to accurately express their thoughts.

According to studies, this careful nature of speech is linked to introverts’ preference for internal processing. They often rehearse what they’re going to say or how they’ll respond in their minds before actually verbalizing it.

This trait can sometimes make introverts come across as quiet or reserved.

However, when they do speak, their words often carry weight and substance because they’ve thought them through.

9. You need time to make decisions

As an introvert, I take my time to make decisions. Whether it’s picking a new book to read, deciding on a restaurant for dinner, or making major life choices, I don’t rush it.

As introverts, we like to explore every option, evaluate all possible outcomes, and then make a decision.

We’re not big fans of being put on the spot or pressured into making hasty decisions.

This might mean that we take longer than others to decide, but when we do, we’re confident and comfortable with our choice. We believe in doing it right rather than doing it fast.

So, if you also prefer taking your time over making snap decisions, you’re showing the final sign of being a genuine introvert


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