Many people spend their entire lives trying to get their act together and feel like they’ve accomplished something meaningful.

As more people work toward being better versions of themselves, they realize that their happiness and the life they always wanted to live is right in front of them.

While most people are looking for external validation of their lives, people who have got their acts together know that the only thing that matters is their own opinion of themselves.

Want to know how to do that?

Here are 9 signs you finally have your act together and won’t take shit from anyone. Try doing some of these things in your life and see how it feels not to need anyone to tell you how great your life really is.

1) You Take Responsibility for Your Choices

Sure, there was a time when you would have posted your problems all over the internet looking for a breadcrumb of advice from anyone who would listen.

Now you know that the choices you make are your own and that no one is responsible for them except you.

When you can stand behind your own choices and not worry about what others will think of them, you find the freedom you never knew was possible.

2) You Don’t Compete with Friends

Rather than trying to one-up everyone around you, like maybe you were doing in your early 20s, you realize that it is far easier and much more satisfying to build people up instead of trying to break them down.

Everyone is at different points in their lives, and you recognize that it’s okay to be ahead or behind the curve. You’re happy for everyone just the same.

3) You Think, Then Act

Gone are the days when you would max out your credit card for the sake of a good time. Now you plan for the things you want in life, and you work hard to get them.

You know that good things come to those who wait, and are willing to bust their asses to get it.

4) You Can Walk Away From Your Smartphone

Because your life revolves around you these days, you don’t spend as much time on your smartphone scrolling through Facebook to see what everyone else is doing with their time.

Your time is better spent kicking ass and taking names than seeing what others are up to – plus, you are far too busy to be checking social media every 15 minutes to see what is happening in the world when everything you need is already in your world.

5) You Pass on Your Parents’ Advice

You finally recognize the value of what your parents told you and you have started to pass that advice on to others.

While the idea of becoming your mother or father might not be on your to-do list, you recognize that with age comes experience and a maturity that the rest of us need to grow into.

While we don’t listen to our parents at the moment it gets passed along to us; there will come a time when we see that they were right all along.

6) You Don’t Need Anyone to Validate You

There was a time when you had to have a man or woman on your arm to feel like you were worth something, but now you know that your own meaning and value comes from inside you.

And it’s made you a whole lot happier in your life. No one is responsible for making you happy and when you realized that, you gained a lot more control over your own life.

7) You Realize That Nothing is Black or White

Sure, there are two sides to every coin, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t shake things up once in awhile to make change.

You used to hold onto your truths like they were made of gold, and now you realize that there is power in questioning what you think you know about life, yourself, love, the world, and the people who share this world with you. It’s made life a lot more interesting.

8) Gossip is so Passe

Because you don’t bother yourself with what others are doing, you do not need to engage in gossip. In fact, it makes you cringe just a bit when someone strikes up a conversation talking about other people.

You’ve got better things to do than talk smack behind someone’s back.

9) You Don’t Need to Worry About the Future; You are Happy Right Now

Rather than look to the future for any source of happiness and promise of things to come, you know that life is never going to be better than it is right now.

You know that you could wake up dead tomorrow, so you better enjoy what today brings your way. You know that being grateful and happy today means you’ll be grateful and happier tomorrow

And that’s why you continue to be present in your own life, and don’t take shit from anyone.

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