8 signs your partner loves you unconditionally, according to psychology

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Love is a complex and beautiful thing, isn’t it? But how can you be certain that your partner’s love is truly unconditional?

As Tina Fey, the founder of the Love Connection blog and a relationship expert, I’ve spent years studying love, and I can tell you that psychology has some pretty fascinating insights to offer.

Unconditional love is not just about grand gestures or extravagant presents; it’s often the little things that genuinely show how much your partner cares for you.

Are you ready to delve into these signs and perhaps discover that your significant other loves you more than you ever thought possible?

Here are eight signs your partner loves you unconditionally, according to psychology.

1) They listen

Listening might seem like a simple thing, but it’s honestly one of the most profound signs of unconditional love.

Psychology tells us that active listening is a key component in any strong relationship. It’s not just about hearing the words that your partner is saying, but truly understanding and empathizing with their feelings and perspectives.

When your partner listens to you, they’re not just waiting for their turn to speak, they’re with you in that moment, fully engaged and present. They value what you have to say and want to understand you better.

And isn’t that what love is all about? Being in tune with someone else’s emotions, respecting their thoughts, and genuinely caring about their experiences?

So if your partner really listens when you talk – not just hears, but actively listens – then this is a strong sign of their unconditional love for you.

But remember, active listening is a two-way street. Show them the same respect and love by being an active listener yourself.

2) They accept you, flaws and all

Unconditional love isn’t about finding a perfect person, it’s about seeing an imperfect person perfectly. I remember when I first met my husband. I was far from perfect; I had my quirks, my insecurities, and my own baggage. But instead of trying to change me, he accepted me for who I was – flaws and all.

This is a clear sign of unconditional love. When your partner loves you unconditionally, they accept you for who you are – the good, the bad, and the ugly. They don’t try to change you or mold you into their idea of a perfect partner.

Sam Keen once said, “We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” This quote perfectly encapsulates what unconditional love truly is – a complete acceptance of another person, despite their imperfections.

3) They support your dreams

I’ve always been a firm believer of the idea that when you love someone unconditionally, you support their dreams, even if they seem unreachable.

In my own relationship, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a partner who not only supports my dreams but encourages me to chase after them. When I was writing my book, Breaking The Attachment: How To Overcome Codependency in Your Relationship, there were times when I doubted myself. But my partner was there, cheering me on, believing in me when I struggled to believe in myself.

That’s what unconditional love looks like. It’s about being each other’s biggest fan and cheerleader. It’s about supporting each other’s dreams and aspirations, no matter how big or small they may be.

If your partner supports your dreams and encourages you to reach for the stars, then chances are, their love for you is unconditional. 

4) They argue with you

I know what you’re thinking, “Arguing is a sign of unconditional love? That doesn’t make sense.” But hear me out.

Healthy disagreements are a part of any relationship. In fact, they’re necessary. If your partner isn’t afraid to challenge you and express their own opinions, even when they differ from yours, that’s a good sign, as counterintuitive as it may seem.

When someone loves you unconditionally, they value your relationship enough to bring up difficult topics and work through disagreements. They don’t shy away from conflict because they know resolving it strengthens the bond you share.

In my experience, the couples who never argue aren’t the happiest ones; instead, it’s those who argue productively and respectfully, without letting their disagreements damage their relationship.

If your partner is willing to argue with you (respectfully), it’s not a sign that your relationship is in trouble. Quite the opposite – it shows that they value your relationship enough to keep working on it. And that is a clear sign of unconditional love.

5) They make sacrifices for you

Unconditional love often involves selflessness and the willingness to make sacrifices. This is something I have personally experienced in my own relationship.

There have been countless times when my partner has put my needs before his own, from staying up late to help me meet a deadline to moving across the country so I could pursue my dream job. These were not easy decisions, but he made them willingly out of love for me.

Sacrifices don’t always have to be grand gestures though. They can be as simple as compromising on a movie choice or giving up a night out with friends to take care of you when you’re sick.

If your partner is willing to make sacrifices for your happiness, even when it’s inconvenient for them, it’s a strong sign that their love for you is unconditional. It’s the small acts of kindness and sacrifice that often mean the most.

6) They forgive you

Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. And sometimes, those mistakes can hurt the people we love.

But here’s the raw, honest truth – unconditional love means forgiveness. It means being able to say “I forgive you” and really mean it, even when the hurt runs deep.

Unconditional love doesn’t hold grudges or bring up past mistakes in every argument. It understands that people are human, capable of making mistakes, and it chooses to forgive and move forward.

If your partner can forgive you for your mistakes, if they don’t hold onto resentment or let past wrongs poison your relationship, then their love for you is truly unconditional.

It’s not about forgetting what happened or pretending that it didn’t hurt. It’s about choosing love and forgiveness over anger and resentment, every single time. That’s what unconditional love looks like.

7) They are patient with you

Patience is a virtue that not everyone possesses, but it is crucial in a relationship. As the saying goes, “Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.”

In my own relationship, there have been times when I have tested my partner’s patience, and I’m sure I’m not the only one! Whether it’s my indecisiveness when it comes to picking a restaurant or my incessant need to triple-check everything before a trip, he has always been patient with me.

If your partner can show patience with you, even in moments of frustration, it’s a testament to their unconditional love for you. They understand that love isn’t always easy or convenient. It requires patience and perseverance.

As Mother Teresa once wisely said, “Love is patient, love is kind.” If your partner embodies this patience, even when it’s challenging, their love for you is undoubtedly unconditional.

8) They love you even when you’re not very lovable

Here’s the raw and honest truth: we all have our ‘not so great’ days. Days when we’re moody, grumpy, stressed out, or just not our best selves.

Unconditional love is about loving someone even during these difficult moments. It’s about standing by your side when you’re at your worst, not just when you’re at your best.

If your partner loves you even when you’re not very lovable, if they stick by your side through thick and thin, that’s a powerful sign of their unconditional love for you.

Remember, it’s easy to love someone at their best; the real test of unconditional love is loving someone at their worst. If your partner passes this test with flying colors, then their love for you is completely and utterly unconditional.


Unconditional love can be seen in various ways – from active listening and acceptance of flaws, to supporting dreams and making sacrifices. It’s about patience, forgiveness, and loving someone even at their worst.

Remember, love isn’t always about grand gestures and fairy-tale moments. Often, it’s the small, everyday actions that truly signify unconditional love.

If you want to delve deeper into the dynamics of a healthy relationship, feel free to check out my book, Breaking The Attachment: How To Overcome Codependency in Your Relationship.

In it, I share more insights on how to build a strong, fulfilling relationship where both partners feel loved and valued. Because everyone deserves to experience the beauty of unconditional love.

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