7 unusual signs you’re becoming the person you were meant to be

signs you're becoming who you were meant to be

Feeling a little different lately? Like you’re still yourself, but your behavior and attitude are shifting?

Yes, some of these changes are uncomfortable, but I’ll bet that part of you is finding them liberating.

Because despite what you might think, these changes aren’t a bad thing.

I believe that they’re simply a sign that you’re becoming the person you were meant to be.

You’re breaking those chains society has handcuffed you in and you’re beginning to realize who you truly are.

Some people in your life won’t welcome these changes. Others will. But one thing is for certain:

You’re about to embark on a wild ride of beautiful self-discovery.

So if you think this sounds like you, here are 7 uncomfortable but liberating changes I believe a person goes through when they become the person they’re meant to be.

1) You Find Yourself Cut Off From Others and Spending A lot of Time on Your Own

I believe that in this stage, you’re beginning to realize what your goals in life are. As a result, you’re starting to spend more time by yourself working on that goal.

You’ll wake up and realize that your routine consists of spending a lot of time on the things that matter to you, and you’ll find you are spending less time on the things that don’t.

Some people are going to point out that you don’t do the things you used to do, but that’s okay, you are focusing on what is important to you now.

2) You Are Working on Your Issues

On your journey to discovery, I believe we all might find that we are coming to terms with some of our issues, and we are making a plan to deal with them.

Each day is a struggle, but you know that paying attention to the things that slow you down or make you weak is a good use of your time and effort.

By acknowledging your weaknesses, you are already ahead of the curve: many people will go to their deathbeds thinking they are perfect or, at the very least, never having the courage to look themselves in the eye and work on what bothers them about themselves.

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3) You Want to Let Go of the Toxic Relationships

Not only do you want to put negative people out of your life, I believe you feel that you must do it as part of becoming the new you.

In all of the soul searching you have been doing, you realize that certain people are not good for you, or your life’s goals.

When you realize that some people are just not meant to be in your life, you have an easier time letting them go and getting on with your life without guilt.

4) You’ll Find Yourself Bored Sometimes

One of the most unusual things that happen to people when they get their lives in order is that they find themselves bored and looking for things to do.

I think this happens because people have put drama out of their lives and have gotten themselves organized to the point that they have free time.

For some people, they will never know what “free time” feel like because they fill up their days with negativity and drama.

But when you are becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be, you’ll suddenly find yourself with some extra time, and you might not know what to do with it: setting goals is a good use of this time, so make a list of what you want in life and get it.

5) You Are Comfortable with Discomfort

As you become more aware of your demons and work toward managing them, I think you’ll become more comfortable with being uncomfortable. This means that you are more likely to achieve the things you want in life.

Some people – most of the human race – don’t want to feel uncomfortable, but if you have gotten to the point where discomfort doesn’t phase you, you’ll be able to do anything you want with your life.

6) You Recognize That Time is Finite

I believe that people who have started to evolve into the person they were meant to be will be acutely aware of the time they have on earth. They will recognize that using their time wisely is important.

Everyone says that they know time is short, but people who are coming into their own truly understand it and don’t leave any time on the table.

7) You Are Afraid of the Future, But Willing to Go Forth Anyway

Even the most successful person has their doubts about their ability to maintain a certain lifestyle for any length of time, but when you have become the person you were meant to be, you’ll be able to quieten those concerns and get on with your day.

You know that it isn’t always going to be easy to have confidence in yourself, but you are okay with that, and accept the challenge wholeheartedly.

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